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Nike Air Challenge Huarache // Throwback Thursday

Astounding Andre.

Bold, brash, and bigger than life, Agassi dominated his opponents in neon-colored sneakers and brights. On this day in 1992, Agassi rose up as a 12th seeded underdog from Las Vegas and defeated the higher-seeded Ivanicevic to claim his first career Single’s Title at the holy grail of tennis, Wimbledon.

In light of this memorable career milestone, today’s Nice Kicks’ Throwback Thursday honors the undisputed king of tennis flamboyancy, the face of Challenge Court and Rock-N-Roll tennis – Andre Agassi – and his 1992 Nike Air Challenge Huarache.

Early in his career, Andre embodied and embraced the role of villain. A rebel with a cause, Agassi signified and stood for everything the tennis establishment was not. Loud, bold, brash, arrogant and proudly unapologetic, Andre was undoubtedly, undisputedly, anti-country club. Furthermore, his bright, avant-garde apparel and kicks were a reflection of his style, flare, and personality.

After experiencing multiple failures early in his career, Andre completely re-dedicated himself to the game. Andre finally realized his full potential and, in the process, captivated the tennis world and ushered the game of tennis into the limelight and regular sport discourse.

Featuring an inner-boot, visible heel with encapsulated forefoot air sole units, and Durathane outsole, the silhouette embodied the very best in Nike sneaker technology, an iconoclastic early 90s tennis sneaker and Huarache model that literally hugged your foot, providing ample protection with a lightweight, comfortable ride for a variety of court surfaces.

Myriad of colorways released which spanned the entire color spectrum including white-black-bright goldenrod, white-lapis-viridian, white/bright spruce-black, and white/true royal-neutral grey. Of note, Andre’s custom PE version featured a modified outsole made for Wimbledon’s grass courts.

Agassi wore a plethora of other models throughout his legendary career; however, the Air Challenge Huarache has great historical and personal significance for Agassi and his long-lasting legacy in the game of tennis.

Be irreverent and make noise on the court like Andre. It’s completely, totally, and understandably justifiable.


Nike Air Max CW // Throwback Thursday

Discreet. Quiet. On the DL.

Unlike any other basketball shoe at the time, these came from out of nowhere and were made for Chris Webber, a man whose game was anything but quiet. Welcome to today’s Nice Kicks Throwback Thursday special Chris Webber edition, where we pay tribute to CWebb’s original signature sneaker: the 1995 Nike Air Max CW.

Donned for only a short stay, the Nike Air Max CW was worn by Webber during his tenure with the Washington Bullets. Featuring a high-quality leather upper, visible, thick Max2 heel air sole unit with 25PSI+5PSI chambers, a visible forefoot air sole unit, and iconic “Air Max” logo on the tongue, the Air Max CW was one of the most groundbreaking and forward-thinking silhouettes of its time, truly pressing the design envelope and bubble, both literally and figuratively.

The sneaker’s stunning and appealing provenance was also attributed to the use of the now defunct “CW” and #2 logos. From a greater historical standpoint, the CW served as the first Nike Air Max sneaker to feature visible forefoot Air Max technology, a revolutionary and groundbreaking achievement in its own right.

The Air Max CW released in three original colorways: white/midnight navy-neon yellow, black/white-varsity royal, and a white/black-true red Bullets colorway at an original retail price point of $ 140.

In the late 90s, a retro version called the Air Max Sensation released sans the trademark CW and #2 logos, which were removed most likely due to copyright issues. Over the past several years, updated versions of the Air Max Sensation released which incorporated a plethora of colorways and exotic materials, including crocodile.

An OG-correct retro complete with two-tone OG-style Air Max box is long overdue but remains highly unlikely in the foreseeable future for myriad reasons. A truly pioneering and trendsetting silhouette, the Air Max CW remains as timeless today as compared to back in the day.

The 1995 Nike Air Max CW: Air Max box, CW and # 2 logos included. Blown timeouts, torn ligaments, and dates with Tyra Banks are not.


Nike Air Metal Force // Throwback Thursday

More Air. More Attitude.

Welcome to this newest edition of Nice Kicks’ Throwback Thursday. Today’s post is inspired by the NCAA basketball tournament and another underrated Nike basketball sneaker from the classic 90s era which made an appearance both on the NBA hardwood and the NCAA tournament: the 1997 Nike Air Metal Force.

Weighing 18.2 ounces offered at an original retail price of $ 130, the Air Metal Force was made to withstand the punishment in the paint, not inflict pain or punishment on your wallet. Successor to the Air Adjust Force and Air Modify Force, the Air Metal Force stayed true to its Air Max and Force basketball heritage.

An aggressive-looking model, the Air Metal Force provided a secure, tight, lock-down fit around the heel and ankle tighter than a vault door at Fort Knox. Featuring a dual-pressure visible Max2 heel and encapsulated forefoot air sole units, a thick, full-grain leather upper, Phylon midsole, and removable FitWrap technology, the Metal Force offered maximum protection, comfort, and durability.

Worn by NBA players Patrick Ewing, Charles Oakley, and Arvydas Sabonis, as well as college players Vince Carter during his playing days at UNC and Raef LaFrentz at Kansas, the Air Metal Force released in both TB (mid) and high versions to meet individual player and team needs, the latter version which featured custom player sample tagging.

Along with the help of marketing firm Wieden and Kennedy, and creative designer Kevin Drew Davis, Nike launched an aggressive and successful ad campaign called Product Assault where select models including the Air Metal Force were depicted along with a URL on print ads which were then mailed to customers for an interactive experience with the product. Each product used in the ad campaign had a crazy domain name and referenced the sponsoring athlete’s unique ability. One ad featured the Metal Force Mid in the black/white-metallic silver colorway along with a tribute to Alonzo Mourning.

The ad campaign was truly innovative and revolutionary as it redefined and changed consumerism from a passive to active interaction. Now, over 20 years after its original release, this late 90s silhouette has remained locked within the Nike archives, likely never to see a retro release as most basketball sneakers today have shifted to lighter materials and construction, and employ lower-profile Zoom Air cushioning.

So, be like VC, Ewing, Oakley, Raef, and Sabonis aka The Original Unicorn, and lace up your pair of the Air Metal Force.

Try not to let Zo bang on you.


Morning Bop: All Hail Ashanti On This Holy Throwback Thursday

Welcome to Morning Bop: each AM, we’ll be providing you with a blast of the latest music news headlines along with the perfect song you need to start your day. Thursday’s #MorningBop is “Rock With U (Awww Baby)” by Ashanti because it’s a classic that deserves all the respect that this world has to offer.

While you crank that up, here are seven trending news stories to keep tabs on today:

  1. Let’s Eat Grandma’s “Hot Pink” video is like a mini episode of Black Mirror

    The SOPHIE and Faris Badwan-produced banger gets a glitchy visual to match. Maybe put down your phone every once in a while?

  2. Pale Waves has released their ALL THE THINGS I NEVER SAID EP

    Let the synth pop band dazzle you with all four of these tasty tunes.

  3. Charlotte Day Wilson shares a beautiful visual for “Stone Woman”

    The Devon Little-directed video is for the title track of her new album coming out on February 23.

  4. CupcakKe shares her video for “Fullest”

    I suddenly have an urge to go out with my friends and be a social butterfly.

  5. Lil Uzi Vert & Playboi Carti team up on “Bankroll”

    Please play this at precisely the moment when my direct deposit hits, thanks!

  6. I want to live inside Kitten’s “I Did It!” music video

  7. Speedy Ortiz returns with “Lucky 88″

    The single is included on the band’s forthcoming album Twerp Verse due out on April 27 via Carpark Records.


Nike Air Garnett // Throwback Thursday

KG. KGEE. KGEE21. KG21. The Big Ticket. Da Kid. KG PICK 5.

No matter the acronym, they’re all synonymous with the man for whom they were coined: Kevin Garnett.

Welcome to today’s Nice Kicks Throwback Thursday. Here, we continue with our NBA All-Star Game theme and pay tribute to yet another mid-90s basketball model worn on court during the annual February basketball classic: the 1998 Nike Air Garnett.

KG took the NBA by storm when, as a tall, skinny kid from Mauldin, South Carolina by way of Chicago’s Farragut Academy, he single-handedly transformed a struggling Minnesota Timberwolves basketball franchise in desperate need of a new identity and leader.

Minnesota’s mid-90s mighty underdog, KG’s career is equally extensive and noteworthy as his Nike kicksology. The 2008 NBA Champion, 2004 NBA MVP, 2008 Defensive Player of the Year, 15x NBA-All Star, 2003 NBA ASG MVP, and 2000 Olympic Gold medalist was properly laced by Nike during the earlier part of his legendary career including models such as the Air Jordan 11, Air Zoom Flight, Air Max Uptempo, Air Max Uptempo 3, Air Way Up, Jumpman Pro, Air Flight Max, Air Max Uptempo 3.0, Air Vis Zoom Uptempo, and Jumpman Team.

It wasn’t until 1998, however, when KG finally received his very own Nike signature line with the debut of the Air Garnett, his footwear of choice at the 1998 NBA All-Star Game in NYC, his All-Star Game debut. In the showcase, KG scored 12 points and handed out 2 assists in the game including a gorgeous alley-oop pass to Kobe who finished with an emphatic slam dunk, much to the delight of NBA on NBC commentators Bob Costas and Isiah Thomas.

The Air Garnett truly embodied and captured KG’s spirit, essence, and style vis-a-vis excellent aesthetics and the use of high-quality materials and construction. Featuring the words “Kevin Garnett” on the heel tab, the shoe incorporated a thick tumbled leather upper, phylon midsole, jewel technology, and visible heel with encapsulated forefoot air sole units.

Multiple colorways released including black/varsity royal-metallic silver, white/midnight navy-field green (emerald) colorway, and a rare all-black PE colorway as well. Of note, KG’s PE version featured his number 21 on the tongue in place of the word “Air.”

Unfortunately, due to legal issues pertaining to the use of his name on the heel tab, the Air Garnett has not been given the retro treatment and likely never will.

Perhaps one day, Nike will produce a quality retro and return this pair to the hardwood where it so rightfully belongs.

Remember: anything is possible, and always keep it fly as hell.

lead image via SI


Nike Air Tuned Max // Throwback Thursday

words by Seth Berke

Air is what makes it good. Welcome to this edition of @nicekicks vintage sneaker history retrospective. In honor of the upcoming Skepta x Nike Air Max 97 collaborative sneaker set to debut this weekend, today’s article pays special tribute to a sneaker which serves as the impetus and motivation for their project – the 1999 Nike Air Tuned Max in the original Dark Charcoal/Celery-Saturn Red colorway.

Let’s set the stage for the era as the late 1990s were an amazing time in sports, sneakers and culture. You simply had it all. In pop culture you had great music, political gossip and scandal. In sports you had the NBA on NBC and legendary rivalries across the map including Agassi and Sampras in tennis, McGwire and Sosa in baseball, among many others.

Regarding sneakers and sneaker culture at the time, the late ’90s saw Jordan Retro releases beginning with the AJ4 Retro at reasonable price points with high quality construction and original branding, the creation of the Alpha Project by Nike and the development of Tuned Air, touted as the next generation of Nike Air technology.

Designed for the competitive runner, Tuned Air took the Air Max concept and modified it further, creating air bags with different pressures and strategically placing them throughout the length of the midsole.

Nike Air Tuned Max

Rather than offering a single-pressure air sole unit, the Tuned Max employed a total of 15 different, finely-tuned air bags for maximum responsiveness and comfort during foot strike. Interestingly, depending on shoe size, the air bags would be tuned to different pressures.

At an original retail price of $ 140 and weighing just 11.9 ounces, this model was hailed as the lightest Air Max ever produced by Nike. Also of note, the Tuned Max used other innovative technology as well including a seamless, one-piece upper composed of a synthetic leather and mesh, Phylon midsole with full-length Tuned Air and a BRS 1000 carbon rubber outsole.

Nike Air Tuned Max

The Nike Alpha Project’s five dots can be seen at the heel symbolizing innovation, imagination and technology. While some consider the Tuned Max to be a classic by virtue of its game-changing and highly innovative technology, this silhouette has yet to receive the retro treatment and possesses a sort of love/hate relationship among Nike running enthusiasts, collectors and the sneaker community in general which further adds to its allure and place in Nike running history.

The OG Tuned Max. Was it good for you?


Throwback Thursday: Michael Jordan Scores 51 at Age 38

It was literally just weeks after I started working retail at Athletes World in the spring of 2001 that there were rumors and rumblings of another Michael Jordan return to the NBA.  Working commission sales at a shoe store, the rumor was gold for an ice breaker to spark up a conversation with customers – especially basketball fans.

I distinctly remember many who said that he shouldn’t come back and that leaving the game in 1998 was so poetic that any return couldn’t possibly top it. But as a kid who only knew of the game of basketball during Jordan years, any extra extension of time seeing him on-court was worth it to me no matter what.

Michael Jordan had already accomplished anything and everything an NBA player ever could.  He was the greatest of all time – there was nothing he needed to prove, but he wasn’t done.

After announcing his return and donating his entire 2001-02 salary to September 11 relief efforts, Michael Jordan had fans lined up for tickets hoping for one more glimpse of the game’s greatest player.

Working day in and day out through high school at Athlete’s World, the once echoed questions of “why are Air Jordans colored in white and navy” all of a sudden were laid to rest and I distinctly remember “Wizards” colored Air Jordan 16s and the “Gingers” he wore in his first preseason game getting looks despite their $ 239.99CA price tag.

As a fan of Michael Jordan, I of course wanted to see him shine and prove every naysayer wrong, but I was realistic with my expectations.  At 38 years of old, MJ was double the age of many of the NBA’s rookies who came straight out of high school.  Father time was not on his side.  But every chance that I got to catch one of his games on TV, I watched in hopes that I would witness history like I had so many times since I was a kid.

Only 9 games into the season, Jordan recorded 44 points against the Utah Jazz. Despite the Wizards losing that game, it was great to watch MJ do damage against a team he had some history with during the second three-peat.  That game was a wake-up call to many – Michael Jordan has still got it.  While it was not quite the double-nickel like return we saw at Madison Square Garden, 44 points for a man less than two years from his 40th birthday was quite an amazing accomplishment.

Struggles hit the team in the first month of the season, but Michael Jordan helped right the ship and lead the Wizards to match a franchise record winning-streak of nine games in December.  Unfortunately, the streak stopped short falling to the Charlotte Hornets in his home state of North Carolina followed by Michael Jordan’s worst performance in more than a decade and a half.  Six points was all the MJ put up while visiting the Indiana Pacers ending a consecutive run of 866 games with double figures in points scored.

After the game, Michael Jordan spoke about his poor performance where he went just 2 for 10 in shooting and didn’t score a single point in the second half in the Wizards’ 27-point loss.

”I’m not here chasing any individual accolades.”

With just a travel day of rest, Michael Jordan took the court in DC and was ready – and he made history again.

Michael Jordan took the first shot of the contest against the Charlotte Hornets when they faced off in DC and put up a franchise record  24 points in the first quarter and 34 points by the end of the first half.  He would go on to cross the 50 point mark for the first time as a Wizard and at the age of 38 ended the contest with 51 points.

Wearing the Air Jordan 17 just shy of two months ahead of its February 2002 release, Michael Jordan once again proved he was the greatest even when we already knew he was.

It was on this day, fifteen years ago, that Michael Jordan would score his last 50+ point game.  At age 38 and more than fifteen years after his first, it was one that helped define his legacy even further as the greatest of all time.


Throwback Thursday // Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe”

This coming Saturday, the Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe” will make its celebrated return to retailers. A shoe that screams history at every turn, re-emerges in remastered form for the very first time.

This release, and the monumental history behind the shoe, serves as the focus of our latest edition of Nice Kicks Throwback Thursday. Follow along as we chronicle the history of the “Black Toe” 1’s ahead of its first retro release since 2013 on November 5.

Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Black Toe”

Colorway: Black/White-Gym Red
Style #: 555088-125
Release Date: November 5, 2016
Price: $ 160

Air Jordan 1 "Black Toe"
Air Jordan 1 “Black Toe”


Fashion Girl of Today:Neon Pink Thursday

Neon Pink Thursday
by braNYaudreY


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