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Supreme Week 18 // Bangers, Sleepers & Duds

Supreme is wrapping up a few collections but not a few banknotes this week. As the F/W season dies down Supreme is finally giving us the polarizing Scarface Embroidered Leather Jacket, that many expected to drop with the rest of the collaboration in Week 8. The jacket is rumored to be extremely limited with quantity predictions in the hundreds. The scarcity of items in this week’s drop means that everything is going to fly off the shelf.  Other than the screams of joy from bombing it down a hypebeast hill with the Supreme Sled, this week is pretty quiet.

Let’s get it…


As the final piece from this season’s Arabic Logo collection, the Neoprene Facemask is this week’s most anticipated item. In the windy parts of the world, this multi-cultural protection from the elements will complete any ninja winter fit you have at the ready. We haven’t received a neoprene face mask from Preme since F/W ’14, and since then this piece has been bootlegged like alcohol in the prohibition. Estimated retail to look as badass as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises is a modest $ 32.   


Not much to sleep on this week as the drop is nearly dead without the Cash Paperweight. Resellers will be clamouring to get their hands on whatever they can.  The Embossed Logo Hooded Sweatshirt is a nice subtle piece to round out your winter wardrobe. The branded hood is the only portion of the piece that might make a jealous onlooker feel some type of way, but the clean solid colors make this an easy garment to layer during the cooler months. Go true to size for a snug fit that will allow for shirts and jackets to be worn over the hoodie and size up for a baggie look that will make this your everyday outerwear. Estimated retail is $ 158.


The Supreme Cash Paperweight is NOT  dropping this week. “Technical Difficulties” have delayed this much-anticipated accessory for yet another week. The question still remains, will this lucite feature a stack of blue notes that will prove that Supreme is the true OG reseller that can sell your money back to you, or will the “paper-weight” have some assembly required? Either way, seeing products like the Scarface Leather Jacket, sled and now the paperweight being delayed is not a good look for a brand trying to justify a Billion dollar evaluation.

How to Cop

Have your Twitter fingers ready before your local Supreme drop time for online acquisition.

If you’re going for an in-store drop you’re probably reading this in line already.

Happy Hunting.


Supreme Week 17 // Bangers, Sleepers & Duds

Week 17! Time flies when you’re flipping and tumbling Supreme. It seems like yesterday that we were all trying to get our hands on the Nas Photo Tee. This week, accessories take center stage in place of the high profile collaborations that we’ve become accustomed to this season as controversial Christmas Tees hit the market in perfect timing, box logo beenies drop to curve your salt from last week, and a slew of unrelated lookbook items find their way into the drop list like Santa’s lost toys. Find out what will keep you lit and what will leave you in brick city below.

Let’s Get It!!


The moment the Supreme x Fender Stratocaster hit the Twittersphere Premeheads went mad. The Iconic guitar is constructed the same as any Stratocaster is with a maple neck, three pickups and your standard dials. However, the devil is definitely in the details on this instrument. The Axe comes equipped with a custom white strap with “Supreme” embroidered in silver from end to end, a beautiful custom case that is essentially a giant black box logo with velvet guts, and custom guitar picks that I personally hope are red with white “Sup” text on each side.

The only downside to this guitar is that the gorgeous box logo between the pickups will get destroyed by the pick, depending on how hard you shred. Let’s be honest no one is going to play this Stratocaster much like no one punches the Everlast Heavy Bag as these are legendary moments in Supreme’s history. Still, it would be rad to see (insert famous musician) play this guitar in MSG. This piece will be extremely limited, and due to that, you can expect retail to land well above the price tag of a normal Stratocaster ($ 599) at an estimated $ 1998.

Several heavy duty winter jackets have already dropped this season but none have been as well equipped for everyday use like the 700-Fill Down Taped Seam Parka. The Parka has a waterproof and breathable nylon 3 layer shell with taped seams that will surely keep you dry in any condition. The full zip closure with velcro placket makes this jacket easy to shed at the coat check as opposed to the pullover and half zip iterations that we saw earlier in the season. Finally, from a practicality standpoint, the hood is removable for those cold but sunny days. Ordered from left to right are the most wearable to least wearable colorways of this jacket. The Navajo print (on the right) is still a jacket that you can get away with on most occasions as it combines a near 50/50 combo of tan and brown that pairs well with black pants. This styled practicality comes at a cost… estimated retail for this piece is $ 470.


As we are nearing the end of the season there are not many items that are flying under the radar. One solid piece in the drop list that doesn’t have everyone’s eye is the Gonz Ramm Zip Up Sweatshirt. This piece is mainly without hype because we have seen the Ramm head on everything from polos to skate decks this season, but that’s not a bad thing. Mark Gonzales has been a contributor to the Supreme brand for a decade and his pieces will always be relevant in the skate and streetwear communities. This hoodie comes in a multitude of colorways and will fill the void for whatever color your winter wardrobe needs. It’s worth noting that this piece is cotton cross-grain fleece and not the heavyweight cotton fleece found on the thermal zip-ups, making this sweatshirt easy to wear year-round. Estimated retail for this Ramm patch hoodie is $ 168.


Supreme has a history of making the uncool cool, but frankly, they strike out just as many times as they get on base. The Vertical Striped Pique Crewneck is one of those strikeouts. The quality on Supreme’s crewnecks are always A1 and the Classic logo is a crowd favorite, but the color blocking on this piece is reminiscent of a dusty sweater sitting at your local Salvation Army. It’s hard to justify paying an estimated $ 128 to be ironically uncool when you can find the same for $ 2 across the highway.

How to Cop

The United States and Europe will drop tomorrow Decemeber 14th

Japan will drop December 16th

Check out the plug @dropsbyj for the full week’s drop list.

Good luck!


Supreme Week 12 // Bangers, Sleepers & Duds

The Gmail was looking grim Monday morning because this week’s Supreme newsletter entailed a mere two skate decks. The collaboration streak of fire had simmered down to hot coals, but like a phoenix from the ashes, the streak erupted again in flames. Lo and Behold! The ‘Preme gods have showered us with blessings of lookbook collaborations as well as a collab from the trusted Levi Strauss & Co., in order to sanctify them from their lackluster skateboards.

Or… in lamens terms…

The decks are wack but Supreme gave us some hot fire to keep their collaboration streak alive.

Let’s Get It!



Supreme has teamed up with the authentic boxing brand, “The Choice of Champions,” Everlast to bring us an iconic boxing robe of epic proportions. The boxing robe is constructed entirely of satin, including satin patches and a cut and sewn Supreme spell out on the back. This isn’t a piece that can be worn out and about unless you are just that wavy, but it is a great addition to the collection for any fan of both boxing and Supreme. It may be hard to justify the estimated retail of $ 170 (over twice the amount of a regular Everlast boxing robe) however its worth noting that the Everlast Punching bag that retailed at $ 550 now sells for around five times its value, which justifies the hype.

The wearable banger this week is the perfect staple for the “Saved By The Bell” fit you’ve been waiting to get off this fall. The Supreme x Champion Color Blocked Jacket comes equipped with nearly every essential fall color, making it very adaptable to your wardrobe this season.

The jacket is constructed primarily of nylon with ribbed cuffs, waist and a quilted silk lining sure to keep you warm as we get into the winter months.

On the back, this piece is finished with a nylon appliqué “Supreme” spell out just so everyone knows this wasn’t a jacket you found at the Rose Bowl Flea Market. This jacket will retail at an estimated $ 190.


While we have seen several puffy jackets release already this season — and they have carried both a heavy price tag and a ton of hype along with them — this Fuck Jacquard Puffy Jacket brings the same level of oddity as the Stone Island jacket from week 7 with it’s all over print, and wearable colorways as The North Face puffy jacket did without the mountain of hype as the aforementioned collabs. This week’s puffer is constructed of a jacquard polyester blend with the same quilted down fill found in nearly all puffy jackets. Retail will be around $ 350 which is a third of the price of the previous puffy jackets pieces this season.

The Cozy Boy sleeper of the week is the Polartec Deep Pile Sweatpant. Made entirely of Polartec 300 Fleece these sweatpants will be by far the most comfortable sweats you purchase this season. Not only will these keep you warm and comfortable the textured fleece adds a level of fashion not found in your everyday sweatpants. Coming in a plethora of colors, the pants can be paired with whatever hoodie you currently have in your closet, as well as the Jaquard Puffy Jacket mentioned above. These minimally branded pants will retail at an estimated $ 130.


Where the Supreme x Champion Color Blocked Jacket does an excellent job of being unique, the rest of this week’s Champions collaboration doesn’t do much to separate it from being a piece that you can find at your local Urban Outfitters. The Supreme branding on the neck just doesn’t do enough to warrant the $ 170 price tag that the Supreme x Champion Stacked C Hooded Sweatshirt is estimated to have. The Stacked C 5 Panel sat earlier this season (by Supreme standards) so expect the rest of the collaboration to flop as well.

Art can be created and interpreted in an infinite amount of ways, but at times it doesn’t seem to make sense or serve a purpose. The art found on Supreme’s skate decks this week was created by Cindy Sherman, a New Jersey woman who uses her self-portraits to create pieces that explore female stereotypes.

The art featured on the decks are fractions taken from larger works from Sherman. While the subject matter of each piece is subjective there is one fact about the artist that brings a negative mood to the work. Sherman has used blackface in some of her previous works, making this collaboration a dud. Retail for the decks will be around $ 60 if that’s where you decide to spend your money.

How to Cop

Same as it ever was.

EU, US, and Online drops tomorrow Novemeber 9th.

Japan drops Saturday November 11th.

Good Luck!


Supreme Week 10 // Bangers, Sleepers & Duds

As mentioned in last week’s post, the high caliber collaborations for this season are never-ending. After plenty of hype, typical for most releases between these two mega-brands, the Supreme x Nike Humara collaboration is finally upon us. This is the second Nike collaboration of the season (and possibly not the last as the Supreme x Nike Shooting Sleeve from the lookbook has yet to drop), but the first to feature a full apparel line. This collection will lace you with enough hiking heat to warrant a visit from Smokey the Bear.

Shh, the fireman comin’.


Subtle from afar, the Trail Running Hat encapsulates this collaboration perfectly. The hat is constructed primarily of nylon with a mesh overlay on the crown. The two-tone paneling adds a great balance of color and highlights the structure of the cap. The final detail to this piece is the crowd favorite 3M reflective branding found on the front panel and strap, with the Swoosh and “Air” on the former and Supreme (featured twice) on the latter. The hat will retail at a modest $ 45.

The standout piece of the collection is the Trail Running Jacket. The jacket comes in the same 4 colors (Black, Lime, Cyan, and Magenta) as the rest of the collection. This piece is cut in the same windbreaker shape that was popularized in the 90s with an elastic drawstring to adjust the tapering of the jacket to your liking. The only flaw of this pieces is found in the zippered pockets as they sacrifice function for fashion. The tricot mesh defeats the purpose of a water-resistant shell as all of your items will get soaked in the rain. However, the mesh overlay adds a dimension that has rarely been seen over the iconic Supreme branding giving life to the piece as a whole. The 3M details on the zippers, swoosh, and of course Supreme Logo finishes off this as the best aesthetically designed garment of the year. Retail for the Trail Running Jacket is a reasonable $ 130.

The Trail Running Pants use the same mesh pocket aesthetic as the jacket but highlights the Swoosh with prime real estate. The water-resistant nylon pants come strapped with a built-in belt, elastic ankle cuffs, and zippered sides. This garment can easily be styled with a neutral hoodie and your favorite (Nike) kicks. The Trail Running Pants will retail at $ 90.

Rounding out the head to toe trail collection is the Air Humara. Supreme and Nike’s desire to feature the Air Humara is the reason for the hiking theme of their collaboration this week. The Air Humara utilizes the most 3M out of the collection, using the material on; the perforated body of the upper, toe box, heel, lacing system, as well as the Supreme and “World Famous” branding on the toe and heal respectively. This is easily enough reflective material to overexpose a photo of you and the homies, as well as keeping you visible on the trails. The Air Humara isn’t only equipped to help you shine but also to keep you comfortable with its Zoom Air forefront unit and Air Sole heel unit. This is a polarizing piece to the collaboration, due in part to its aggressive hiking silhouette. We are entering the winter months and these Air Humaras will pair nicely with quality denim and a flannel that incorporates subtle hints of whichever colorway you decide to rock, adding a nice pop of color to the normally mundane winter palette. Dads like to hike. What’s cool right now? Dad Shoes. So at a retail of $ 170, these kicks are a solid alternative to the pricey high end take at the dad shoe.

Sleepers & Duds

As you may be thinking, all of the items in this weeks collaboration have already been covered. You are correct. This weeks installment of Bangers, Sleepers, and Duds has shamelessly omitted the rest of the column. I have to come clean, this entire collaboration is pure fuego. Whether you plan to style each piece individually or shut it down in the full black tracksuit, this week’s drop has something for you.

How to Cop

It has been rumored that this collaboration will have a Nike drop at some point. I’ll go out on a limb to say that the leaked images of the collection last week were from a Nike campaign as they were not featured in the offical news release from Supreme and didn’t have the same subtle flex aesthetic that Preme lookbooks do. If Nike was creating an ad campaign for this release then its safe to assume that they will also drop the collaboration at some point.

Until then…

The full collection will release at Supreme online tomorrow, October 26th, in Europe and the States, with brick and mortar locations only receiving the apparel portion of the drop.  Followed by the Japan release of the entire collection online and in stores on Saturday the 28th of October.

Good luck!


Supreme x Nike Track Suit // Preview

Following their ACG onslaught of tonal takes on the Humara ’17, matching track suits follow from Supreme and the Swoosh.

Taking on magenta, turquoise, mint and black bases, these mesh made track jackets and pants see big branding and racer steeze adding appeal to the otherwise outdoor offering from Supreme x Nike.

Preview the ‘fits below and keep it locked to Nice Kicks for release information.

Source: @j23app


Supreme x Nike Air More Uptempo “Suptempo” Coming This Year

2017 just got a lot more interesting. Following a major comeback last year, Scottie Pippen’s big branded basketball shoes are set to get a makeover from the most popular brand in streetwear. How so? The Supreme x Nike Air More Uptempo “Suptempo” is set to release this year though official images still remain under wraps.

Sneaker News reports that the shoe will see ‘Sup’ replace that of ‘Air’ on the side-paneling, making for a bold wear and easy DM slide. Colorway information is yet to be revealed, but they also suggest that these will follow suit of previous Supreme x Nike collabs with multiple makeups on the way.

Is this one of the more exciting releases slated for 2017? Let us know in the comments and on social.


Supreme unveils new Morrissey campaign

Supreme unveils new Morrissey campaign


Supreme x Nike SB ‘94 Fall/Winter 2011

Just want to buy a pair right now? Click Amazon

supreme nike sb 94 fallwinter11 Supreme x Nike SB ‘94 Fall/Winter 2011

Supreme and Nike SB have collaborated once again for Fall/Winter 2011. Once again, They’ve chosen their New York brand, The Nike SB ’94 mid top sneaker as their source of inspiration. The original SB was more athletic in design. The new model appears more premium with beige and black uppers.

A release date hasn’t been announced yet but keep an eye out for these upgraded, stylish shoes.

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Nike Sportswear Premium Leather Pack – Hachi Supreme, Toki Supreme, Aina Chukka Supreme

Just want to buy a pair right now? Click Amazon

nike premium leather pack 0 Nike Sportswear Premium Leather Pack   Hachi Supreme, Toki Supreme, Aina Chukka Supreme

Nike shows off their fine craftsmanship with another shoe far from the athletic category for this Holiday 2011. The Premium Leather Pack includes Hachi Supreme QS, Toki Supreme QS and Aina Chukka Supreme QS. All three show elegant leather uppers and midsoles with no lining. A chic collection with three choices of finely crafted shoes to choose from.

This pack is now available online at Mita.

nike premium leather pack 0 150x150 Nike Sportswear Premium Leather Pack   Hachi Supreme, Toki Supreme, Aina Chukka Supreme
nike premium leather pack 1 150x150 Nike Sportswear Premium Leather Pack   Hachi Supreme, Toki Supreme, Aina Chukka Supreme
nike premium leather pack 2 150x150 Nike Sportswear Premium Leather Pack   Hachi Supreme, Toki Supreme, Aina Chukka Supreme
nike premium leather pack 3 150x150 Nike Sportswear Premium Leather Pack   Hachi Supreme, Toki Supreme, Aina Chukka Supreme

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An Official First Look at the Supreme x Air Jordan 5

As the upcoming Supreme x Air Jordan 5 collaboration continues to raise curiosity and anticipation, SHOES MASTER has provided images that’ll only raise those feelings to new heights. With an expected release for sometime in October, each colorway of white, camouflage and black speak with its own personality with Supreme branding on the laterals, “94″ embroidered for Supreme’s inagural year, 3M hits and a modified keychain/hangtag. Retailing at an estimate of $ 190 USD you can expect the line at Supreme to be hectic, and that’s an understatement.


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