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Fat Joe Has “Thousands” of Sneakers and Is Still Collecting

Depending on who’s telling the story, the 1990s are considered the Golden Era of Hip Hop. There were various artists birthed during this period, each authentic in their own delivery and all hungry to prove themselves through their lyrics.

Making his way onto the scene in 1993 with his debut single “Flow Joe,” Fat Joe remembers the ’90s vividly. While he can tell a story from those times like no one else, in never fully holding onto the past, he’s allowed himself the ability to be able to reinvent himself time and time again to continue to deliver hit records still to this day. Along with his dedication to his first love of music, Joe has always been committed to staying fresh and is one of the most prolific sneakerheads in the world. His November 2004 appearance on MTV Cribs, in which he licked the soles of a deadstock pair of “Olympic” Air Jordan 7s, spawned a generation of copycats.

He essentially took sneaker culture viral before that was a thing.

With his ties to both hip-hop and sneaker culture, it was a perfect pairing when Foot Locker decided to team up with Joe to continue with their “Discover Your Air” campaign. In the spots, the Don challenges select taxi cab riders, which includes the likes of rappers LGP Qua, Sheck Wes, and comedian Haha Davis to join a ’90s hip-hop inspired karaoke session. The digital spot is launching in celebration of the Foot Locker Nike Air “Frequency” Pack, which salutes ’90s iconic hip-hop.

We caught up with Joe to speak about some of his most memorable moments and sneakers from the ’90s, his thoughts on the current state of the sneaker culture, his upcoming role in Night School and what five sneakers he would wear for the rest of his life.

Nice Kicks: How much fun did you have with this project with Foot Locker? Being in the cab and getting these unknowing people to karaoke…

Fat Joe: Some of them are modern-day superstars, like HaHa Davis and Sheck Wes. It’s a different flow in the ’90s, you know what I mean? If they didn’t know the record, it’s hard as hell to recite it. I can’t even do Naughty By Nature in 2018. That boy Treach was flowing so crazy. It wasn’t an easy task at all.

Nice Kicks: I was disappointed that there wasn’t any “Watch the Sound” or “Bet Your Man Can’t Triz.”

Fat Joe: [Laughs] Nah, but we have “Flow Joe” in there. That’s my first track ever. We also had “Mass Appeal” by Gang Starr. It was a great time. It’s authentic. It’s New York City. We’re in the yellow cab, listening to ’90s hip-hop and it’s all a celebration of the three Air Max that came out with the collaboration with Nike and Foot Locker and that’s why there’s that yellow and black. It was really dope and really authentic.

Nice Kicks: Your career started in the ’90s. What are some of the most memorable moments for you from that time?

Fat Joe: Man, I have seen so much. They use to have these seminars, these DJ battle seminars. Rap Radar, Clark Kent and I saw everyone come up. I saw Nas when he first came out with his album. I seen Jay when he first came out, Cam’ron when he first came out and obviously Pun. So all those iconic figures — including Biggie. This is when me and him first started as kids.

Nice Kicks: As far as sneakers go, I know this is a tough one but what were some of your favorite sneakers from the ’90s?

Fat Joe: Speaking of this collab, the Air Max 95 is one of my favorite sneakers to go to. I love the Air Force 1. Barkleys, Bo Jacksons and that’s the top four I can think of right now.

Nice Kicks: You were one of the figures that I think helped with the commercialization of the culture because I remember watching you lick the bottoms of all these clean Air Force 1s on Bobbito’s show. When you look at what the culture has become, what are your thoughts on how it’s grown?

Fat Joe: I think it’s better but I just never thought it would get so big and expand and be such a phenomenon. I just did it because I love sneakers. I never knew there would be trade shows, Sneaker Cons, Complex shows and all the things going on in the sneaker game. I didn’t know it would get that big.

Nice Kicks: How many pairs of shoes would you guess you have in your current collection?

Fat Joe: Man, I have a whole bunch. I don’t know how many but I can tell you it’s in the thousands.

Nice Kicks: At this point, they have to have to be going to your sons now.

Fat Joe: [Laughs] Yeah, or I’ll donate them to a museum or something like that. You know, what’s crazy is, we had a premier for Night School and I peeped Kevin Hart peeping for my sneakers, even though he was earring a suit. I was like, “Yo?” and he was like, “I know you always kill ‘em with the sneakers.” I was like, “Damn.” Even Kevin Hart is on point about the sneaker game.

Nice Kicks: I see on your IG, from time to time, you’ll still flex but are you still heavy into collecting?

Fat Joe: Yeah, I am. I’m just more spoiled and subtle about it. Right now, I have on the Jordan 3 “Georgetown” joints on like it’s regular and it really ain’t. I’m just spoiled right now. I’m really spoiled.

Nice Kicks: Night School releases this week. What role do you play and how did you get involved with the project?

Fat Joe: The role I play is a guy named Bobby. He’s an inmate, who is locked up and he’s taking night school classes via Skype to get out of jail earlier. It’s a whole lotta jail stuff going on in the background on the computer screen while everyone else is in the class. Everyone is looking for a second, third or fourth chance at life. It’s a bunch of challenged individuals who are trying to get their GED and it’s hilarious Tiffany Haddish is the teacher and she’s like the girl you grew up with and she became the teacher. That releases September 28 and I’m excited about that one.

Nice Kicks: How was it working with Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish?

Fat Joe: Ah man, two people who are at the top of their game and in their prime. Kevin Hart is probably one of the top three international superstars in the world. Tiffany is the most lit female actress in the game right now. I’m blessed, bro. I’m blessed.

Nice Kicks: We talk about the ’90s and that time and you’re one of the guys that have managed to thrive as the times and hip-hop have changed while other peers of yours haven’t made as seamless of a transition to the times. How have you managed to adapt and still progress?

Fat Joe: Music is my life and it’s my first love. I signed a contract with the music gods and I promised myself to never fall asleep on the job, always stay on my toes and always know who the next people coming up are, always know what the new sound is, always stay relevant and current. I come from the ’90s era and I feel like I’m one of those guys waving the flag of the ’90s era, like, “Hey, we’re not gone.” Don’t count us all out. We still know how to make hit records and incredible music.

Nice Kicks: I’m going to put you on the spot for the last question — If you had five pairs of sneakers to wear for the rest of your life, which would those be and why?

Fat Joe: Man… It would be the Air Force 1 “Linen,” the Jordan 3s, Jordan 4s, the Air Max 95… Ugh, I’m trying to think of something ill.

Nice Kicks: You gotta add the Terror Squad “Eminem” Jordan 4s.

Fat Joe: [Laughs] Yeah, yeah. You gotta have the holy grail in there. That would be the fifth one and I’m all good.


Nicki Minaj Says Meek Mill Is Still In The DMs On ‘Barbie Dreams’

Nicki Minaj’s Queen is finally here, and the album’s third song, “Barbie Dreams,” is a doozy.

The scathing track samples and interpolates 1994′s ”Just Playing (Dreams)” by The Notorious B.I.G., which infamously saw Biggie going after numerous actresses and singers. The content of the song was wildly misogynistic 24 years ago, and it still is in 2018 — which makes Nicki’s remake all the more welcome. Biggie’s hook, “Dreams of fucking an R&B bitch,” is replaced with Nicki’s, ”Dreams of fucking with any these little rappers.”

Meek Mill, Minaj’s ex-boyfriend, catches the song’s most significant swipe. In the first verse, she spits, “Meek still be in my DMs, I be having to duck him / I used to pray for times like this / Face ass when I fuck him.”

Nicki and Meek haven’t seen eye to eye in quite a while. In a May interview on “The Breakfast Club,” Mill opened up about how he felt when the Queen rapper commented on his incarceration.

“I wasn’t feeling that,” Mill said. “She shouldn’t have said nothing. And we leave it at that. I don’t feel no way. She know I wasn’t feeling that.”

The Philadelphia MC isn’t the only rapper Nicki mentions in the new song. Another high-profile lyric is about her YMCMB labelmate, Drake. “Drake worth a hundred milli, always buying me shit / But I don’t know, the pussy wet or if he crying and shit,” Nicki declares. She also claims that she caught Young Thug in her dressing room, “stealing dresses and shit,” and jokingly admits Karruenche thinks, “I’m tryna give the coochie to Quavo.”

Listen to “Barbie Dreams” here.


Drake Still Isn’t Over That Girl Who Said He Couldn’t Sing On 2 Chainz’s New Song

Drake has an excellent memory. On 2 Chainz’s “Bigger Than You” featuring Quavo, the Canadian rapper references a time when people weren’t as excited to hear him break the melodies out — “‘Member shorty told me she thought the raps good, but the singing’s off.’”

Considering the previous bar mentions a time when he had a pre-paid phone it is safe to assume this was probably anywhere between 2007 – 2009, where Drake was first coming into his singing voice on projects like So Far Gone. What is the chance this is the same girl who told Drake he’d never be “as big as Trey Songz” on “From Time?”

Thankfully, “Bigger Than You” isn’t all about women who said Drake needed to work on hitting the correct notes. Quavo handles the hook, which is about warning fans he’s on “baller alert,” while the fine ladies are on “caller alert.” 2 Chainz also blesses us with the punchline, “Chain so big, should have came with a kickstand,” which same.

In February, Chainz announced the release of his next album, Rap Or Go To The League, in front of a blimp. On Instagram, the Atlanta rapper described the theme of his fifth studio album would center on race relations and the stereotypes he faced growing up.

“With the height of racial tensions across America I felt I should do my part in explaining some of the brain washing formulas used in my community,” Chainz wrote. “This album not only touches on those who did succeed thru entertainment but those who didn’t! Welcome to Rap or Go TO THE LEAGUE!”


Exclusive // Nick Young’s “Still Swaggy” Adidas Pro Model PE

words & images // Nick DePaula:

At the start of the 2000s, the Adidas Pro Model 2G was perhaps one of the more widespread worn sneakers in the country, as the no frills $ 75 team shoe graced the feet of everyone from middle school hopeful hoopers to suburban high school squads to #1 ranked AAU players and ABCD campers like LeBron James and Lenny Cooke.

The shoe enjoyed a dominant run through the first half of the decade, showing up in simple home white colorways with team color accents, and later exploding in bold full patent leather looks. Then, they simply went away for more than a decade, as the brand tried unsuccessfully to modernize the 2G’s design a few times over, before switching gears and launching a new batch of Team Signature models towards the end of the 2000s.

After breaking out his own player exclusive pair of the Top Ten 2000 earlier in the season, the ever-stylish Nick Young became the perfect player to debut the re-make nearly twenty years after its original run and add the Pro Model 2G to his Adidas sneaker rotation.

In a clean white upper with alternating blue and yellow stripe logo hits, his size 14 pair also features his “Swaggy P” pyramid logo along the tongue, as “STILL SWAGGY” text replaces the commonly found “PRO MODEL” phrasing along the side of the shoe.

“Haven’t seen or hooped in a pair of Pro Models since AAU and high school in 2003-2004,” Young captioned on Instagram after first debuting them. “So many memories.”

Check out Swaggy P’s latest player exclusive from Adidas below, and stay tuned for more detailed looks at his batch of custom pairs for this season.



Will Smith Impersonating Jaden Rapping Proves Parents Still Don’t Understand

Who better to imitate Jaden Smith’s unique rapping than the man who helped birth him? Yesterday (February 7), Will Smith proved he still has the rapping spirit as he remade his son’s “Icon” video. Decked out in bleached hair, what looks like a gold spray painted chain, and some grills that are reminiscent of the aluminum foil ones made in school cafeterias, Will Smith does his best imitation of his son.

Adorable, hilarious, and slightly cringe-worthy, Will Smith’s video is embarrassing his son for a good reason. Jaden’s “Icon” reached 100,000 million streams on Spotify.

By the end of the video, Will gives a special shout-out to his son and his huge accomplishment.

“I’m proud of you, baby,” said Smith. “100,000 million streams, congratulations man. 100 million, congrats I love you.”

In December, the former Fresh Prince revealed in an interview the pride he has for Jaden and how his son inspires him.

“It is unadulterated freedom that I’m actually jealous of,” said Smith. “He is so absolutely [and] thoroughly comfortable being him in a way that I had 20 years ago. But what happens when you start to get successful [is that] you get worked into a lane [and] your lane starts to feel comfortable and it gets a little scary to come out when you’re not going to ring the bell, necessarily, that people want rung. When I’m watching Jaden and it’s like I just love that freedom. He’s inspiring me in a really unique and special way. As a parent, it makes me really proud.”

Now can we finally get an official collaboration between the rapping father and son?


Klay Thompson Has Massive Anta Extension On The Table — Still Deciding

words // Nick DePaula:

Golden State Warriors sharpshooter Klay Thompson is under contract with Chinese brand Anta through the end of the 2019-2020 NBA season, and the brand has made him a new multi-year shoe deal extension offer that would place him among the highest earning footwear endorsers in the league, sources tell Nice Kicks.

As Thompson’s profile in the league has risen each of the past two seasons, his representatives at BDA Sports Management and Anta had opened endorsement renegotiation talks earlier this fall, which would drastically amplify the value of his current shoe deal. The multi-year renegotiation is similar to the structure that his fellow Splash Brother Stephen Curry agreed to with Under Armour after his MVP season.

Thompson initially left Nike and signed a signature shoe deal with Anta in 2014, which pays him over $ 3 Million annually after base compensation, bonus incentives and sales royalties are all added together. The deal was considered by several industry sources to be above market value at the time, signed just before the Warriors’ consecutive trips to the NBA Finals and Thompson’s two All-Star Game appearances. He’s since launched two “KT” signature shoes, and is heavily featured in commercials and in the brand’s 8,000+ stores throughout China.

Talks on a multi-year renegotiation and extension have landed Thompson a massive new offer from Anta, said to be worth up to $ 9 Million per year, if all performance incentive bonuses and sales goals royalties are met. His existing terms would be replaced altogether, with the new deal “effective immediately.” That figure would make Thompson the highest paid NBA player with a Chinese shoe deal, topping the deals of Dwyane Wade, Kevin Garnett, Tony Parker and Rajon Rondo, and place him just behind LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, James Harden and Derrick Rose, among all players.

klay-6-game-950One major factor in the current waiting period from Thompson’s side is the fact that he just switched his marketing representation, opting this past Thursday to hire Wasserman Media Group to handle all of his off-court endorsement opportunities. The shift was first reported by USA Today’s Sam Amick. The longtime BDA Sports client will still retain BDA to negotiate his NBA team contracts. His brother, Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Trayce Thompson, along with close friend and professional skateboarder Ryan Skeckler, are both also represented by Wasserman and said to have influenced Klay’s decision.

While with BDA, Thompson signed a 4-year max extension with the Warriors through the 2018-19 season, and the move comes at a time when his existing off-court portfolio is jam packed. He has over a dozen endorsement deals, including national and regional deals with companies such as Stance Socks, Body Armour, BMW, ShotTracker, EA Sports, Panini, Gillette, Fanatics, Tempurpedic mattresses and more. Like most NBA players, though, the heart of Thompson’s marketing is his sneaker deal.

From the brand’s standpoint, Thompson has been an awesome endorser to this point, starring in commercials, traveling to China for an annual summer promotional tour and offering Anta great visibility while playing a key role on the league’s most followed team. The brand recently hired a design and athlete services firm in Santa Monica, California to work even more closely with Klay stateside.

Thompson has had the Anta extension offer on the table now for several weeks, and to this point has yet to sign the renegotiation contract. As Wasserman takes over his marketing rights ahead, it’d be extremely unlikely for Thompson to get out of the remaining three seasons of his sneaker contract with Anta and begin talks with a new brand. Navigating through those shoe deal negotiations will now be the key priority for Thompson and his new representation at Wasserman, who is expected to meet with Anta this upcoming week.

San Antonio Spurs v Golden State Warriors


Fashion Girl of Today:That boho vibe is still on

That boho vibe is still on
by RuxandraIoana


Johnny Rotten: Still a Punk at 60Read the whole interview here. 

Johnny Rotten: Still a Punk at 60

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Why Naomi Campbell Is Still Our Supermodel Obsession 

Why Naomi Campbell Is Still Our Supermodel Obsession 


Still Good x Spring Court Spring/Summer 2012 ‘Triptyque’ Collection

Just want to buy a pair right now? Click Amazon

Still Good x Spring Court 2012 Triptyque Collection Still Good x Spring Court Spring/Summer 2012 Triptyque Collection

French brands Still Good and Spring Court have collaborated and produced a new low top sneaker variant for the Spring/Summer 2012 season. Part of a bigger collection called “Triptyque”, the low top sneaker’s upper is mostly made up of Japanese chambray with leather leather trim accenting the collar and eyelets. The limited edition low top sneaker will be available through Colette in Paris.

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