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Fat Joe Has “Thousands” of Sneakers and Is Still Collecting

Depending on who’s telling the story, the 1990s are considered the Golden Era of Hip Hop. There were various artists birthed during this period, each authentic in their own delivery and all hungry to prove themselves through their lyrics.

Making his way onto the scene in 1993 with his debut single “Flow Joe,” Fat Joe remembers the ’90s vividly. While he can tell a story from those times like no one else, in never fully holding onto the past, he’s allowed himself the ability to be able to reinvent himself time and time again to continue to deliver hit records still to this day. Along with his dedication to his first love of music, Joe has always been committed to staying fresh and is one of the most prolific sneakerheads in the world. His November 2004 appearance on MTV Cribs, in which he licked the soles of a deadstock pair of “Olympic” Air Jordan 7s, spawned a generation of copycats.

He essentially took sneaker culture viral before that was a thing.

With his ties to both hip-hop and sneaker culture, it was a perfect pairing when Foot Locker decided to team up with Joe to continue with their “Discover Your Air” campaign. In the spots, the Don challenges select taxi cab riders, which includes the likes of rappers LGP Qua, Sheck Wes, and comedian Haha Davis to join a ’90s hip-hop inspired karaoke session. The digital spot is launching in celebration of the Foot Locker Nike Air “Frequency” Pack, which salutes ’90s iconic hip-hop.

We caught up with Joe to speak about some of his most memorable moments and sneakers from the ’90s, his thoughts on the current state of the sneaker culture, his upcoming role in Night School and what five sneakers he would wear for the rest of his life.

Nice Kicks: How much fun did you have with this project with Foot Locker? Being in the cab and getting these unknowing people to karaoke…

Fat Joe: Some of them are modern-day superstars, like HaHa Davis and Sheck Wes. It’s a different flow in the ’90s, you know what I mean? If they didn’t know the record, it’s hard as hell to recite it. I can’t even do Naughty By Nature in 2018. That boy Treach was flowing so crazy. It wasn’t an easy task at all.

Nice Kicks: I was disappointed that there wasn’t any “Watch the Sound” or “Bet Your Man Can’t Triz.”

Fat Joe: [Laughs] Nah, but we have “Flow Joe” in there. That’s my first track ever. We also had “Mass Appeal” by Gang Starr. It was a great time. It’s authentic. It’s New York City. We’re in the yellow cab, listening to ’90s hip-hop and it’s all a celebration of the three Air Max that came out with the collaboration with Nike and Foot Locker and that’s why there’s that yellow and black. It was really dope and really authentic.

Nice Kicks: Your career started in the ’90s. What are some of the most memorable moments for you from that time?

Fat Joe: Man, I have seen so much. They use to have these seminars, these DJ battle seminars. Rap Radar, Clark Kent and I saw everyone come up. I saw Nas when he first came out with his album. I seen Jay when he first came out, Cam’ron when he first came out and obviously Pun. So all those iconic figures — including Biggie. This is when me and him first started as kids.

Nice Kicks: As far as sneakers go, I know this is a tough one but what were some of your favorite sneakers from the ’90s?

Fat Joe: Speaking of this collab, the Air Max 95 is one of my favorite sneakers to go to. I love the Air Force 1. Barkleys, Bo Jacksons and that’s the top four I can think of right now.

Nice Kicks: You were one of the figures that I think helped with the commercialization of the culture because I remember watching you lick the bottoms of all these clean Air Force 1s on Bobbito’s show. When you look at what the culture has become, what are your thoughts on how it’s grown?

Fat Joe: I think it’s better but I just never thought it would get so big and expand and be such a phenomenon. I just did it because I love sneakers. I never knew there would be trade shows, Sneaker Cons, Complex shows and all the things going on in the sneaker game. I didn’t know it would get that big.

Nice Kicks: How many pairs of shoes would you guess you have in your current collection?

Fat Joe: Man, I have a whole bunch. I don’t know how many but I can tell you it’s in the thousands.

Nice Kicks: At this point, they have to have to be going to your sons now.

Fat Joe: [Laughs] Yeah, or I’ll donate them to a museum or something like that. You know, what’s crazy is, we had a premier for Night School and I peeped Kevin Hart peeping for my sneakers, even though he was earring a suit. I was like, “Yo?” and he was like, “I know you always kill ‘em with the sneakers.” I was like, “Damn.” Even Kevin Hart is on point about the sneaker game.

Nice Kicks: I see on your IG, from time to time, you’ll still flex but are you still heavy into collecting?

Fat Joe: Yeah, I am. I’m just more spoiled and subtle about it. Right now, I have on the Jordan 3 “Georgetown” joints on like it’s regular and it really ain’t. I’m just spoiled right now. I’m really spoiled.

Nice Kicks: Night School releases this week. What role do you play and how did you get involved with the project?

Fat Joe: The role I play is a guy named Bobby. He’s an inmate, who is locked up and he’s taking night school classes via Skype to get out of jail earlier. It’s a whole lotta jail stuff going on in the background on the computer screen while everyone else is in the class. Everyone is looking for a second, third or fourth chance at life. It’s a bunch of challenged individuals who are trying to get their GED and it’s hilarious Tiffany Haddish is the teacher and she’s like the girl you grew up with and she became the teacher. That releases September 28 and I’m excited about that one.

Nice Kicks: How was it working with Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish?

Fat Joe: Ah man, two people who are at the top of their game and in their prime. Kevin Hart is probably one of the top three international superstars in the world. Tiffany is the most lit female actress in the game right now. I’m blessed, bro. I’m blessed.

Nice Kicks: We talk about the ’90s and that time and you’re one of the guys that have managed to thrive as the times and hip-hop have changed while other peers of yours haven’t made as seamless of a transition to the times. How have you managed to adapt and still progress?

Fat Joe: Music is my life and it’s my first love. I signed a contract with the music gods and I promised myself to never fall asleep on the job, always stay on my toes and always know who the next people coming up are, always know what the new sound is, always stay relevant and current. I come from the ’90s era and I feel like I’m one of those guys waving the flag of the ’90s era, like, “Hey, we’re not gone.” Don’t count us all out. We still know how to make hit records and incredible music.

Nice Kicks: I’m going to put you on the spot for the last question — If you had five pairs of sneakers to wear for the rest of your life, which would those be and why?

Fat Joe: Man… It would be the Air Force 1 “Linen,” the Jordan 3s, Jordan 4s, the Air Max 95… Ugh, I’m trying to think of something ill.

Nice Kicks: You gotta add the Terror Squad “Eminem” Jordan 4s.

Fat Joe: [Laughs] Yeah, yeah. You gotta have the holy grail in there. That would be the fifth one and I’m all good.


Chicago Law Enforcement Reportedly Attempts to Bait Local Youth Into Stealing Nike Sneakers

Chicago law enforcement officials are being accused of placing bait trunks filled with Nike sneakers in the underprivileged neighborhood of Englewood on the city’s southwest side. Its alleged intent was to invite would-be thieves — all inner city youth — to steal its contents. Accusations were reported earlier this week when videos of a partially opened truck filled with sneakers was located near a basketball court inhabited by kids. The large majority of them being black.

The truck was said to be overflowing with Nike Air Force 1s and Christian Louboutin sneakers of all sorts. After being recorded by Charles Mckenzie near the basketball court in the largely black community, the unmarked truck was again seen at another nearby location by another local activist, Martin G. Johnson. Community members are accusing Chicago PD of not protecting and serving its community, but praying on vulnerable youth in lieu of chasing down career criminals.

When they ask you why arrest and crime is so highly in black communities. Remind them they do set ups and baits in white communities. They don’t try and criminalize the people in white communities. ————————————————–@realnegus_wakenup3 ??? August 2, 2018 The Chicago Police parked a truck filled with boxes of Nike Shoes in front of kids in a predominantly Black Community, opened it and when they hop in, the Police jump out on them and arrest them (The same way they give us unequal opportunities, put guns & and drugs in our communities but lock us up for it)…thoughts? “Dirty Muthafuckaz”! ————————————————–#therealremyredd #Blackmedia #BotherVex #blackinamerica #BlackLivesMatter #blackhistoryiseveryday #BlackHistory #blackhistorymonth #StephCurry #Lebron #Nas #Beyonce #beyoncé #KimKardashian #cardib #nickiminaj #justiceforchikeshaclemons #MarkeisMcGlockton #JusticeForMarkeisMcGlockton #JusticeForDesmond #NFL #justiceforjunior #JusticeforAntwonRose #getthestrap #inmyfeelingschalleng #ThisisAmerical

A post shared by Remy Redd (@therealremyredd) on

The correlation of baiting black kids with “basketball sneakers” as they play basketball in a city that praises both sneaker and hoops culture isn’t lost on Chicagoans or anyone else intimately informed or intertwined with black culture. The racial element of these alleged activities are vastly apparent. In part, such enforcement practices in any community are wrong. Yet, from a wider lens, enacting such deeds in an underprivileged community where means are lesser thus desperation greater, registers as an even weightier offense.

As Vox reports, the poverty rate in Englewood is at least 40 percent, with varying reports that indicate it could be even higher, tallying upwards to 60 percent. Given the staggering poverty rates, and the fact that Illinois is a state where theft crimes in excess of $ 500 are charged as a felony, this alleged honey trap for youths who’d immediately be thrust into a criminal justice system that has long been slanted against blacks, is emphatically predatory.

Chicago PD has a history of bait operations. In plain view of Americans in 2008 when they used bait cars to cut down on auto-theft in high-crime areas, Chicago was the foremost city when others like Dallas and Philadelphia followed with sting operations of a similar volition. San Francisco even implemented bait bikes to slash theft activity.

In most circles, bait operations raise huge civil liberties red flags as they can create crime where it otherwise wouldn’t be. Again, terms like predatory and entrapment come to mind. This, too, could have lifelong ramifications on someone without a criminal record. As in Chicago, even at the age of 18, stealing a pair of Louboutins valued at $ 500 or more would be considered a felony. The offender could face upwards to five years in prison.

Chicago PD and FBI officials would not comment on the alleged Englewood bait truck. Community members are demanding answers, emphatic that such an act would add further strife to an already tense relationship between Chicago’s inner city and local law enforcement.


mita sneakers x WHIZ LIMITED x Reebok InstaPump Fury Sandal // Available Now

As the summer heats up, so do the sneaker collabs. Drawing inspiration from the iconic Reebok InstaPump Fury, mainstays mita sneakers and WHIZ LIMITED team up with Reebok by transforming the InstaPump Fury into a sandal.

Just in time for the summer, this InstaPump Fury Sandal is a combination of nostalgia, comfort and breathability. The pair is composed of a black and grey upper with orange accents to ensure you catch all the attention.

Take a look at this limited InstaPump Fury below, with pairs available here.

mita sneakers x WHIZ LIMITED x Reebok InstaPump Sandal

mita sneakers x WHIZ LIMITED x Reebok InstaPump Sandal

mita sneakers x WHIZ LIMITED x Reebok InstaPump Sandal

mita sneakers x WHIZ LIMITED x Reebok InstaPump Sandal


visvim Roland Sneakers // Available Now

Known for his influence in recreating coveted vintage looks, Hiroki Nakamura takes his tenured inspiration to visvim’s signature Roland jogger silhouette.

This retro-fashioned runner is designed with a premium suede and mesh combo that’s lined with a plush leather lining for ultra-luxurious comfort. Lastly, this style is equipped with a Vibram outsole for extra grip and traction.

The visvim Roland sneakers are now available at select retailers like MR. PORTER.

visvim Roland

Price: $ 1,250 USD

visvim Roland
visvim Roland
visvim Roland
visvim Roland
visvim Roland
visvim Roland
visvim Roland
visvim Roland
visvim Roland
visvim Roland
visvim Roland
visvim Roland


Off-White Previews New Sneakers

With the year winding down and a continuous flurry of kicks still releasing from major sportswear brands, luxury sneakers are reluctantly taking a backseat due to expense. While the Balenciaga Triple S sneaker has been all of the hype, getting endorsements from your favorite rappers and stylists in 2017, and the SS18 Louis Vuitton sneaker is also garnering attention, the price point for many of our favorites in the luxury category has us all wishing we could print money ourselves.

Saint Laurent, Golden Goose, Gucci and Louis Vuitton won’t take no for an answer, amongst others in the realm of luxury shoes. Well, add Off-White to that list if you hadn’t already as they plan to release an array of new sneakers going into 2018 varying from the Off-Court to the Diagonal Low.

It’s enticing enough that the sneakers are Made in Italy and don a variety of colors ranging from a nude hue, a monotone white, neutral black and a bright orange with checkerboard pattern that’s synonymous with the imprint.

Could this onslaught of Off-White sneakers be all the craze in the new year? We’re sure to find out. Be on the lookout for more info from the man himself, as his “Temperature” collection, which the sneakers seem to be a part of, are available for pre-order right now.


Best Sneakers To Wear To EDC Vegas Festival 2017

With EDC Las Vegas 2017 only a few days away, you should be solely focused on having a great time with your rave crew– after you pick out what you’re wearing to the festival, of course. Staying hydrated is an important key to a having great experience, but so is the type of sneakers you’re wearing. The wrong kind of shoes will ruin your entire mood, so we at Nice Kicks decided to help you decide on what festival kicks to wear.

presented by Nice Kicks & Trap Nation

Comfort and style are a major key to getting through the three day weekend. From Nike to adidas, Converse, and Vans, you’ll find selects to wear to EDC Las Vegas. Whether you love to shuffle, rage, dubstep, or put your trap elbows up, there’s a perfect shoe for all types of festival goers. Read ahead to find out the best sneakers to wear to EDC Vegas 2017 and remember to be safe, hydrate, and make it the best time of your life with friends.

Nike Sock Dart

No time to tie your laces? No worries. You don’t even need socks for these, honestly. The Nike Sock Dart is literally a sock with a strap that keeps your foot in place. Comfort and style is top notch on this shoe and it’s on sale for only $ 65 in all black online or you can visit the North Las Vegas Premium Outlet Nike Store to cop.

Nike SB Janoski

This is by far Nike’s most popular festival sneaker which is actually made for skaters. The classic black pair will surely last you three days bouncing around EDC and they only cost $ 85 at Niketown located in Caesar’s Forum Shops on the Las Vegas strip. You can get them on sale for only $ 49 if you shop online with Nordstrom.

adidas NMD

Who doesn’t own a pair of NMD’s? This is a favorite worn by DJs such as Martin Garrix, Dillion Francis, and DJ Snake constantly to play shows. The NMD is easy to kick on and comfortable enough for three days of partying at the KineticField, BassPOD, or any of the other stages inside EDC. They’re also machine washable, major festival key. 12AmRun boutique is the best place to find these in every color possible. Tell them Nice Kicks sent you!

Vans Authentic Lite 

Classics, but better. Vans updated your favorite model to be way more comfortable with an UltraCush insert. They’re now as weightless as a paperclip, so you can shuffle your heart away without your feet paying the price on day 2 of EDC. Also, Chainsmokers happen to love this style a lot. Check out that Ultracush insole below. Cozy af.


Converse Chuck Taylor 2 Low

The shuffler’s special! No sneaker is more iconic in festival culture than the Chuck Taylor. While you may have a pair of the originals, you definitely need the updated version. Converse made them lighter and more comfortable by inserting a Lunarlon insole. It’s like wearing Chucks with a cozy Dr.Scholl’s insert, but way better.

adidas Ultra Boost

The most comfortable sneaker of all-time is a festival must. Yes, the UltraBoost expensive at $ 180, but this shoe is durable enough to last many festivals. You can find some of your favorite DJs such as Diplo and Lost Kings wearing the UltraBoost. Jump to every bass drop knowing you have the best sneakers for your feet to survive a festival.

Pro Tip: When your UltraBOOST gets super dirty, simply toss them in the washer machine and they’re back to looking brand spanking new ready for HARD Summer after you raged at EDC.

Vans Slip-On LITE

If you love customizing your entire outfit, there’s no shoe more perfect than Slip-Ons. The traditional white will be easiest to add your own flavor to, but make sure you get the new Lite version with UltraCush insoles. Just like the Authentics, you’ll be experiencing new levels of comfort from Vans.

adidas Yeezy Boost 350 V2

This year’s ultimate flex shoe at EDC will be Yeezys. Hopefully you’ve been lucky enough to get at least one pair so far. Sure Hypebeasts may be cry seeing you break these out, but the best festival deserves the hottest sneakers for a once in a lifetime experience. If Kanye West can jump around stage in his pair, you can take on EDC with yours. Don’t trip if your Yeezys get extremely dirty, you can easily toss these kicks in the washer just like the UltraBoost. Trust me, I’m a sneaker doctor.



The Golden State Warriors’ Sneakers For The Western Conference Finals

words // Nick DePaula
images // Julie Phayer

As the only remaining undefeated team in this year’s NBA Playoffs, the Golden State Warriors are looking to close out their Conference Finals series against the San Antonio Spurs with a road win tonight at the AT&T Center.

With signature stars like Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson each opting for their latest namesake models, we also get a look at the ‘BHM’ Hyperdunks that Shaun Livingston will break out, along with an impressive batch of PEs on the feet of Ian Clark, Draymond Green, David West, Andre Iguodala and Kevon Looney.

Check out several of the Golden State Warriors’ Kicks On Court for tonight’s Game 4 matchup against the San Antonio Spurs, and let us know your favorites in the comments section below.

Stephen Curry — Under Armour 3Zer0

Kevin Durant — Nike KD10

Klay Thompson — Anta KT2

Draymond Green — Nike Zoom Rev 2017

David West — adidas Crazy Bounce


Shaun Livingston — Nike Hyperdunk 2016 ‘BHM’

Andre Iguodala — Nike Kobe AD

Kevon Looney — adidas Crazy Explosive Low

Ian Clark — Nike KD9 Elite


Beyond the Numbers // The Curry 3 & Changing Times for Basketball Sneakers

Recently in an article published by ESPN’s Darren Rovell, Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank gave some very candid commentary on the lackluster sales of the Curry 3, which follow up the sensational seasons and upward wave created by Steph and his play in the Curry 1 and 2, respectively. The commentary from Plank came from Under Armour’s company earnings call, with the company reporting its first quarterly loss as a public company.

“Our success in basketball hasn’t been without its learning,” Plank expressed in the call. “As we launched the Curry 3 late last year, our expectations continued to run high. And while the 3 played very well on court for Stephen Curry and our athletes, a sluggish signature market and a warm consumer reception led to softer-than-expected results.”

While Plank is attempting to ease the anxieties of likely worried investors, what he’s saying is far from a fib. Though no longer the talk of the town as he shares the spotlight, Steph is still putting up incredibly strong numbers and his fair share of highlights. On top of that, anybody who’s hooped in the Curry 3 can attest that they play well — this writer and many of his peers included both IRL and online.

True, the Curry 3 hasn’t made waves at retail, but in reality it’s overall sales volume has been near that of the Curry 2 — they just made way more pairs. Around the way, many of the other signature basketball shoes on the market have been far quieter than years priors. How so? This season, Nike dropped the starting retail prices drastically on LeBron, KD and Kobe models, forecasting a shift that had already affected them and the rest of the market. Though critically accepted, the KD 9 would still see discounts, while the LeBron 14 would receive the least amount of marketing or push seen on a King James signature ever. Just the same, the typically tech savvy Kobe line would trim performance features and price, also getting discounted not long after launch.

What’s this mean? Not much really, as performance basketball shoes have always been made for the masses and even the most coveted colorways in retro life were once discounted in OG life form.

photo via Eastbay Blog/The Shoe Game

While MVP candidate-backed shoes like the adidas Harden Vol 1 and Air Jordan XXX1 seem to be doing reasonably well at retail, it still seems price is as big of a catalyst for success as play. Perhaps the biggest takeaway on today’s basketball market in regards to sales is that the Kyrie 2 was the only modern hoop shoe that cracked 2016’s Top 10 Best Sellers List. That was likely much in part because it retailed for less than that of Curry, Kobe, Kyrie or LeBron — though crossover appeal (no pun intended) and strong storytelling and ‘newness’ certainly helped. Kyrie was also top of mind from a moment standpoint, nailing the most memorable shot from this past spring’s NBA Finals.

While the energy Nike created with launches like the “South Beach” LeBron 8, “Grinch” Kobe 6 and countless other colorways after shifted the market to making modern basketball shoes into more lifestyle shoes, this was never quite sustainable. As we’ve seen in recent years, the colorways really have become endless.

What did shift over that same time however was consumer response to a shoe going on sale. A price drop — which was once awesome — suddenly made some shoes undesirable. That’s somewhat fair, everyone wants want they can’t have, and don’t want what they easily can have. More on the mark though when speaking to a mass market product like a basketball shoe, it’s hard to be limited cool and commercially viable at the same time. Somehow though, Nike mastered it for the better part of this for almost over decade, and Under Armour struck gold adopting this same format during sensational seasons for Steph.

As performance basketball shoes continue to become less desirable in the lifestyle market and running takes the cake, it’s clear Nike and Jordan have already started shifting their pricing policy. Plank notes that Under Amour will do the same, as the Curry 3ZER0 retails at $ 120, compared to the $ 140 mark of the Curry 3. Stephen’s latest shoe is already well outpacing the 3 in sell-thru percentages.

In addition, Plank also stated that Under Armour will be sharper regarding future shoe launches, “with respect to number of color offerings, scarcity, exclusivity and cadence of launches to drive more consistent engagement and results,” as reported by ESPN. The article also notes that “nearly 80 percent of the people who wear basketball shoes do so for fashion” and addresses the trend that lower-profile shoes are more popular, which we would translate both on court and off. You can attribute this to Kobe, you can attribute this to running models reigning in sneaker culture, or you can attribute it to joggers shifting fashion. Either way, times change and so do trends.

Like any trend though, the upcoming result could be good for a core consumer that isn’t swayed by sales — the actual hoopers. While signature shoes built for basketball have somewhat suffered due to chasing denim and gaining weight, it may be time for a new wave of performance product that’s all about play. If there’s one thing Under Armour is good at, it’s focusing on competition and caring less about crossover. If there’s one thing Nike reigns at, it’s innovation. As adidas and Jordan Brand duke it out for MVP honors this summer, here’s to hoping the Curry 4, Harden Vol 2, LeBron 15 and AJ XXX2 are all hoop and no hype.

Lead image by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images via Zimbio


President Obama Signs Law Making Ticket Buying Bots Illegal, Sneakers and Streetwear Could Be Next

The White House announced Thursday that President Barack Obama had signed a new law making the use of bots illegal to buy tickets online. The new bill is called the “Better Online Ticket Sales Act of 2016”, or if you prefer, the BOTS Act.

White House Press describes the new law “prohibits the circumvention of control measures used by Internet ticket sellers to ensure equitable consumer access to tickets for certain events.” This measure of preventing bots starts with forums like Ticketmaster, and other platforms to purchase tickets for concerts, shows, etc. Soon, though, the law could extend to the sell of sneakers and streetwear.

For now the use of bots is completely illegal. Additionally, the use of bots for reselling tickets is prohibited. So in the near future, this law could be reinforced to cover all consumers goods, including sneakers. Stay tuned to Nice Kicks for more on this story.

Source: Complex


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