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Nick Grant Tells Us How He Turned Inspiration From A Will Smith Movie Into A Song

1974′s iconic Rumble in the Jungle boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman is one of the sport’s all-time bouts. Before the pair squared off for eight rounds (ending with Ali toppling Foreman), local spectators in the crowd chanted their support for Ali, the underdog, in their native Lingala, “Ali Bomaye!” — translation: “Ali, kill him!”

This rallying cry has since become a go-to mantra in hip-hop, including for The Game in 2012, and now for South Carolina up-and-comer Nick Grant — the MTV PUSH artist for the month of September.

As he told MTV recently, he first encountered the phrase while watching Will Smith’s portrayal of the legendary boxer in 2001′s Ali. So he updated it with his own name for a song he called “Nicky Bomaye.”

“I just took that based on my position of the game and how I want to compete and contribute and always just want to be the best,” Grant told MTV. “Because that’s what hip-hop was based on from the start.”

He continued the boxing theme by calling DJ Khaled, whose trademark motivational maxims feature on the studio version of the track, the Mickey and/or Apollo Creed to his Rocky. “He’s encouraging me and talking me through it because in this time, I’m one of the guys that’s pushing that heavy and trying to put it back into the culture where people start to respect it again,” he said.

Watch Grant break down the meaning behind the song above. Then watch his full performance of “Nicky Boyame” below.


Jaden Smith Has A Very Important BROCKHAMPTON Update For You

Last week, BROCKHAMPTON dropped a lookbook for a fresh line of SS18 merch and formally announced that they signed a record deal with RCA. Coming off of those exciting developments, the boy band has offered a preview of material off their fourth album PUPPY in a short clip titled “LET’S GET MARRIED.”

The video features Jaden Smith, who recently dubbed himself as a new member of the group in a text with BROCKHAMPTON leader Kevin Abstract. (A few months ago, Jaden also flexed his acting talents by co-starring in Harry Hudson’s short film Can Cowboys Cry.) There’s really not much to the clip: Jaden stands alone in a parking garage and unenthusiastically introduces himself before announcing that BROCKHAMPTON is on the RCA roster… but I feel like Jaden Smith announcing personal life updates is an unexplored marketing opportunity I would gladly pay money for.

According to Romil, the snippet of the song that plays during the last 10 seconds of the video was created about 10 minutes before they released it. The track also features Ryan Beatty on vocals. Kevin recently tweeted that the concept for PUPPY is to “bring back the feeling of running around public pools tryna impress someone u thought was hot and Ciara was playing super loud!”

BROCKHAMPTON’s new line of merch will be available to purchase from their webstore today starting at 12pm ET. PUPPY is expected for release this summer and my body is 100% ready for it. In the meantime, revisit BROCKHAMPTON’s insane performance of “BOOGIE” on TRL.


Will Smith Impersonating Jaden Rapping Proves Parents Still Don’t Understand

Who better to imitate Jaden Smith’s unique rapping than the man who helped birth him? Yesterday (February 7), Will Smith proved he still has the rapping spirit as he remade his son’s “Icon” video. Decked out in bleached hair, what looks like a gold spray painted chain, and some grills that are reminiscent of the aluminum foil ones made in school cafeterias, Will Smith does his best imitation of his son.

Adorable, hilarious, and slightly cringe-worthy, Will Smith’s video is embarrassing his son for a good reason. Jaden’s “Icon” reached 100,000 million streams on Spotify.

By the end of the video, Will gives a special shout-out to his son and his huge accomplishment.

“I’m proud of you, baby,” said Smith. “100,000 million streams, congratulations man. 100 million, congrats I love you.”

In December, the former Fresh Prince revealed in an interview the pride he has for Jaden and how his son inspires him.

“It is unadulterated freedom that I’m actually jealous of,” said Smith. “He is so absolutely [and] thoroughly comfortable being him in a way that I had 20 years ago. But what happens when you start to get successful [is that] you get worked into a lane [and] your lane starts to feel comfortable and it gets a little scary to come out when you’re not going to ring the bell, necessarily, that people want rung. When I’m watching Jaden and it’s like I just love that freedom. He’s inspiring me in a really unique and special way. As a parent, it makes me really proud.”

Now can we finally get an official collaboration between the rapping father and son?


adidas Stan Smith PK “Semi Flash Orange” // Available Now

A pretty sure-fire way to create a successful sneaker and prolong the life of a popular silhouette is to marry one with an existing technology. Take the Air Jordan 1 Flyknit for example.

Adidas has been very successful with their version of a light and breathable construction with that of Primeknit. In its latest feature, Primeknit takes centre stage on the critically acclaimed Stan Smith. A shoe with a history dating back to the 1960s is brought into 2017 with this new technology and a bold deep coral colour-way.

No doubt these will be super cozy. Pair are available now at Sneak-a-Venue.

adidas Stan Smith PK W – Semi Flash Orange

Price: €110

adidas Stan Smith PK “Semi Flash Orange”

adidas Stan Smith PK “Semi Flash Orange”

adidas Stan Smith PK “Semi Flash Orange”

adidas Stan Smith PK “Semi Flash Orange”


adidas Stan Smith Gets Horween Leather Update in Blue

After a stellar “Camo” colorway of the adidas Stan Smith dropped yesterday, the traditional tennis shoe today moves away from canvas construction and adopts Horween leather.

This vibrant blue Stan is coated in the finest of fabrication with perforated three stripes and gold foil branding in tow. A premium variation that is ideal for summer given its monotone expression, marks the union between sport and high fashion yet again for this three stripes best seller.

Grab the adidas Stan Smith Horween “Blue” now at Xtreme.

adidas Stan Smith Horween "Blue"
adidas Stan Smith Horween “Blue”
adidas Stan Smith Horween "Blue"
adidas Stan Smith Horween “Blue”
adidas Stan Smith Horween "Blue"
adidas Stan Smith Horween “Blue”
adidas Stan Smith Horween "Blue"
adidas Stan Smith Horween “Blue”


Adidas Stan Smith – Outdoor 2011

Just want to buy a pair right now? Click Amazon

Adidas Stan Smith Outdoor 2011a Adidas Stan Smith   Outdoor 2011

Possibly the most iconic tennis shoe of all time, the Adidas Stan Smith has gotten a new face lift for summer. Called the Outdoor, it is Adidas’s attempt to capture the look of a hiking boot in the design of the beloved Stan Smith. We’ve seen numerous takes and colourways on this famous shoe, but we have yet to see a hiking version.

Complete with boot style laces, hook and eye lacing system, nubuck uppers and off white weathered sole, these look equally fresh as they do traveled. Available in two colours. Get them on pre-order here.

Adidas Stan Smith Outdoor 2011a 150x150 Adidas Stan Smith   Outdoor 2011
Adidas Stan Smith Outdoor 2011b 150x150 Adidas Stan Smith   Outdoor 2011
Adidas Stan Smith Outdoor 2011e 150x150 Adidas Stan Smith   Outdoor 2011
Adidas Stan Smith Outdoor 2011d 150x150 Adidas Stan Smith   Outdoor 2011
Adidas Stan Smith Outdoor 2011c 150x150 Adidas Stan Smith   Outdoor 2011

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Adidas x Raf Simons Stan Smith Spring Collection // First Look

Within the realm of sneakers there seems to be a growing appreciation for the more “luxurious” iterations of some of the finest sneakers on the market. One brand in particular is spearheading this movement and it’s adidas. The latest venture to emerge from the three stripes brand is the Adidas x Raf Simons Stan Smith Spring Collection that we’ve garnered a first look at.

Featuring the iconic Stan Smith silhouette, this collection boasts a variety of unique colors taking on tonal variations that employs the patented perforated “R” along the side panel for Raf Simmons. Furthermore, a custom tongue is spotted within the silhouette as well as an embossed wordmarking of “Raf Simmons”, along the heel counter.

To see more, peep the detailed images below and be sure to venture over to select retailers such as Feature Sneaker Boutique to cop your pair as they are available now.

Adidas Raf Simons Stan Smiths Feature Lv-4

Adidas Raf Simons Stan Smiths Feature Lv-3

Adidas Raf Simons Stan Smiths Feature Lv-2

Adidas Raf Simons Stan Smiths Feature Lv-5 copy


Skechers’ Take on the adidas Stan Smith Has Been Shut Down by a Federal Judge

Imitation is the highest form of flattery, but sometimes it’s deemed illegal. Skechers, who has made the jump to second largest US footwear company behind Nike, has been ordered by a federal judge to stop producing three different shoes that bare striking resemblances to that of adidas — the marquee model being the Onix which is incredibly similar to the Stan Smith.

Oregon Live reports that Oregon’s U.S. District Judge Marco A. Hernandez was presented the Onix and Stan Smith only a few feet away from him in court and could not tell the difference, a factor that led to his final decision.

“Although Skechers points out minor differences between its Onix shoe and the Stan Smith — that the Onix has five, not three, rows of perforations which extend in a different direction, and that its colored heel patch is a slightly darker shade of green — the unmistakable overall impression is two nearly identical shoes,” Hernandez wrote. “Given the striking similarity between the shoes, there is but one inference to draw: that Skechers knowingly adopted a mark very similar to the Stan Smith to draw off of the success of Adidas’s iconic shoe.”

In response to the ruling, Skechers President Michael Greenberg issued a statement that although the company was disappointed by the ruling it would not strongly disrupt their business as the injunction involved “only three minor and commercially insignificant Skechers styles that have already been discontinued.” Following up, Greenberg stated, “While this is a non-issue from a commercial standpoint, we are disappointed in the ruling and fully intend to appeal it in order to ensure that our footwear designers retain the freedom to use common design elements that have long been in the public domain.”

Recently, Nike also sued Skechers for a design that draws from Flyknit (and even adidas Boost).

While the Skechers Onix is a blatant bite on the adidas Stan Smith, it also says a lot of about the bigger business of sneakers. The fact that Skechers has moved to #2 in the US makes selling a takedown on a classic hurt all the more. As pointed out in our Follow the Leader feature, we live in an era where high end fashion houses also bite sportswear staples. Clearly, there’s much more units moved in a lower priced Skechers shoe than that of a designer do-over (though fashion houses still get sued on occasion). One could argue that a high-end appropriation raises the perceived value of a sportswear staple, while a take-down from a lesser brand diminishes the value. Regardless, a copy is a copy and it undermines design and marketing dollars at some level. No idea is original, but you still gotta respect creativity and innovation. Congrats to adidas.

Spotted at Highsnobiety/Stan Smith shot via Foot Locker


On-Foot Look // adidas Stan Smith “Leopard”

The second On-Foot Look of the day finds the adidas Stan Smith “Leopard” showing range. Typically reserved, the ‘stached silo offsets a black leather base with animal print popping off the heel. Like the shoes, the outfit mixes traditional tones with just enough flair and edge. Check it all out in the styled shots below.

adidas Stan Smith On-Foot Look

adidas Stan Smith On-Foot Look

adidas Stan Smith On-Foot Look

adidas Stan Smith On-Foot Look

adidas Stan Smith On-Foot Look

Modeling by Marzen Moore / Styling by Zaul Zamora / Photography by Randy Nakajima / Hair by Jenny Paxton / Make Up by Joy Tiger


Jaden Smith Talks to GQ About Pyramids and Galileo Read the full…

Jaden Smith Talks to GQ About Pyramids and Galileo 

Read the full interview here. 


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