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UPDATE // Sean Wotherspoon x Nike Air Max 97/1 Hybrid Release Info

Following some slight confusion, we now have official release details regarding the highly anticipated Sean Wotherspoon x Nike Air Max 97/1 Hybrid.

Reaching out to clear it up, the Sean Wotherspoon x Nike Air Max 97/1 will release first come, first serve on November 21st at Need Supply. This pre-launch shows love to Richmond, VA and the birthplace of the Round Two movement. Not to fret though, sneakerheads from far and wide will have their chance to cop the funky hybrid on Air Max Day 2018.

Long story short? First come, first serve for the good people in VA on November 21st. Official launch date for the rest of the world on Air Max Day 2018.

Sean Wotherspoon x Nike Air Max 97/1

Release Date: November 21, 2017
Price: $ 160


Sean Malto Breaks Down the Etnies ‘Malto 2′

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Amazing skater Sean Malto breaks down his latest collaboration with Etnies, called the ‘Malto 2′

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Big Sean Wears Collaborative adidas ZX Flux

Strolling down a familiar street in a very familiar neighborhood, even if just for a moment, Big Sean is just a kid from around the way that made it. Given his recent success – which is just as much about his strength in giving as it is his talent in music – Sean makes for the perfect figure to guide adidas’ #InfinitePossibilities campaign.

In collaboration with the brand, Sean was recently able to build a recording studio at his alma mater, Cass Tech High School. Proving that “One Man Can Change The World,” his imagination continues to win – thanks not only to this studio, but his forthcoming ZX Flux which he debuted today via the adidas Originals Instagram.

Donning the new style while walking down the street in front of his grandmother’s house in Detroit, intricate details of the Big Sean x adidas ZX Flux remain up for question, but we can see an all-over graphic printed upper alongside a black heel cage and white midsole. Release details of the shoe have not yet been announced, but keep it locked for more details on the forthcoming Big Sean x adidas ZX Flux.



Timberland MarkMakers: Sean Sullivan

In this latest short from Timberland, photographer, film director and MarkMaker Sean Sullivan shares his thoughts on the medium and the essence in his self-described simplistic shooting style. Emphasizing a return to the fundamental interplay of shapes, light and color, Sullivan is adamant about absorbing inspiration from outside one’s art, wherever it might present itself. As an artist that retains a strong kinship with the past, he remains an avid admirer of film-based photography and reminiscent of vintage aesthetics even when shooting modern subjects.

To see more of Sullivan’s work, check out his Tumblr at The Impossible Cool. For more on Timberland’s MarkMakers, follow the campaign through the MarkMakers webpage.


Hennessy Black: A Moment with Sean Sullivan of The Impossible Cool

While originally from Philadelphia, Sean Sullivan spent a large segment of his career honing his craft as a photographer in New York before recently moving to Los Angeles. Sullivan’s commercial accolades include campaign work for J.Crew, Tiffany & Co., Ghurka and Wolverine to name a few, yet for the most part, his loyal following is reaped from The Impossible Cool – his Tumblr page that boasts a whirlpool of striking monochromatic photographs of style icons. From Hollywood stars, presidents to unsung heroes, the site consists of compelling portraits taken by Daido Moriyama, Man Ray, Anton Corbijn and others who influence Sullivan’s sought-after aesthetics. Here, Sullivan shares with us the origin of The Impossible Cool, his long-term goals as a creative, and how he likes his Hennessy.

Can you introduce yourself and what you do?

My name is Sean Sullivan…I’m a photographer, occasional filmmaker and creator of The Impossible Cool. Originally from Philadelphia but these days I call Los Angeles home.

What was life-like before The Impossible Cool?

Life consisted of long hours working in New York film production as a location scout. I made my  living exploring the five boroughs of the city, searching and photographing places that fit the narratives we were working on. I wanted to work independently, and when The Impossible Cool started building a buzz, it allowed me to do just that. I left the film world and started to chisel away a new path through photo and video projects with fashion brands. I guess life remained the same, but my work focus changed massively.

Did you have a game plan or case study as to how The Impossible Cool would play out?

Not at all. The best things happen unplanned.

You’re mostly known for your striking monochromatic approach to photography, how did you develop this style?

I’ve always been taught that an artist finds his voice by trying, failing or succeeding and trying again. The heavy black and white style is just what came out after years of pointing my lens at people and places. Also, I’ve always admired photographers with heavy black and white styles like Daido Moriyama, Man Ray and Anton Corbijn so it’s safe to say that’s filtered through as well.

What continues to drive your interest in The Impossible Cool?

There will always be a photographer I don’t know or a particular shot I’ve never seen, so my interest in the collection is constantly being refreshed. I’ve been lucky enough to be invited to a few massive photo archives like Getty and Archivio Cameraphoto in Italy. Trips like that where I’m holding negatives in my hand most people have never seen before remind me there is something special with the site.

What are some long-term goals you aim to accomplish? How far along would you say you are?

I’m happy with what I’m putting out into the world. So far so good.

Could you describe the traits necessary to be successful when there’s uncertainty ahead?

Accepting that fear is not a natural state and that anything can be done with enough time and perseverance. Most people, including myself, get to a point of giving up right at the moment you need to keep pushing through. If you get past that you can do anything…it could take decades but it will happen.

How do you continue to educate yourself and continue to explore new things to help yourself grow?

By trying to see everything as a source of inspiration. I’ve been lucky to be surrounded by people who have excellent taste in culture and I’m constantly being influenced by them. I’m also a book and magazine addict.

Beyond work, how do you relax and decompress? How often do you make time to unwind?

Daily. We’re on this earth to enjoy it. Especially now that I’m living in California it’s super easy to walk outside or take a drive down PCH and leave all the stresses somewhere else.

How do you enjoy your Hennessy Black? 

Straight up, sipped slow.

How does time away from work and the grind put you in the right frame of mind for progress?

For me progress comes in the form of experimentation. Constantly trying to move my eye forward by trying and trying again. I’m one of those lucky souls that does what he loves for a living, so my work tends to go with me everywhere.

What’s on the checklist when you’re looking for a new spot to hang out at?

Good food, better music and a ‘no bottles with sparklers’ policy.

What are some places you recently discovered that are on the cusp of blowing up?

La Poubelle is a restaurant close to home that I end up at quite a bit. You can sit outside with friends and grab a drink for hours just like NYC or Paris. There’s always cool people hanging out and I’ve yet to have a bad meal.

I was also in Shanghai last month and saw some cool stuff going on over there. The city is changing immensely and the kids that live there are hungry to make their mark. I even ran into a few friends from NYC that have moved over there to start night spots or open galleries. It’s a city that’s ripe for creatives to do their thing.


Big Sean Discusses Growth with adidas & Oahu-Inspired Metro Attitude Collab

Artist endorsement deals, all-red sneaker collabs, Nicki Minaj twerk tutorials in club shaking music videos? Welcome to 2012 if you’re Big Sean. Though all the above may be #trending in today’s Twittersphere, the inventor of the hashtag flow has been a true influencer long before it was a self-appointed social media bio credential.

While the rest of rap’s rising talent has been buzzing, barking or even biting in 2014, Sean’s been relatively quiet. He’s been working. In Hawaii. The island of Oahu has been the source of inspiration, self discovery and the sounds that have blossomed from Sean and the rest of his G.O.O.D. Music team in recent years. We spoke with Big Sean about his love for Hawaii and his new adidas Metro Attitude collaboration that pays tribute to Oahu.

Nice Kicks: Back in 2012 you joined adidas. How has your relationship evolved with the brand over the last two years?

Big Sean: It’s just been great. Just the fact that adidas gets involved with anything cultural and they’re not afraid of taking any chances as a brand. They just go with what they believe in. I think that’s what gives them the advantage. Over the years, that’s made them not only one of the top brands in sport, but also in culture. It’s just great to be a part of that.

Nice Kicks: In that time, you’ve had a chance to welcome some of your peers, collaborators and even mentors to the adidas Originals team. What has that been like?

Big Sean: It’s been cool. I was telling Kanye way back about adidas– back obviously before he was with adidas. When I heard he was doing a deal with them I hit him up and said, “I told you!” We laughed about it. It’s just really cool. I feel like it was great for them to include me and I feel like I was a part of the resurgence of adidas in a new aspect. Obviously they’ve been popular this whole time, but it felt like a fresh new energy when I got with them and it’s just tight to be a part of that.

Nice Kicks: Last year on tour with Kid Cudi you wore the Attitude. When did the process of collaborating on that model begin and what was that like?

Big Sean: It really didn’t start until this year, I’d say a few months ago. It was easy really, it wasn’t too difficult. I’m sure as the relationship progresses, we’ll get deeper and deeper into designing. They’re down and I’m down. Doing things like this are just simple, easy and fun. I love the Metro Attitude. Like you said, I’ve been rocking it for a while. I love the Patrick Ewings (Editor’s Note: Patrick Ewing wore the Attitude during his early days with the Knicks) and it’s just tight to put my own flavor on it.

Big Sean x adidas Metro Attitude

Nice Kicks: What sparked the idea of putting an island vibe on such a city-centric sneaker?

Big Sean: It was actually adidas’ idea. They came to me with it and it just made sense. Hawaii is just one of my favorite places of all time. Especially after working out there with Ye and the whole G.O.O.D. Music family, and working out there for my projects as well. It’s just something special. When you wake up in paradise you feel energized. I feel like the idea of working in paradise was just great, and that’s something Kanye introduced to me. It’s definitely part of my life and it’s cool to just see that represented in a shoe. Every shoe I do I want it to be completely different and have a theme to it.

Nice Kicks: The island of Oahu is known as “The Gathering Place.” Over the years of recording there, what have been some of your best memories in regard to getting together and working with the G.O.O.D. Music family?

Big Sean: There are so many good memories. One of the best times out there was when it was me, Rick Ross, Ye and Nicki Minaj. I remember me and Ross were there in a cypher and Ye was there and everybody was just rapping. It was before Ross really knew who I was and now we’re homies. I remember Ross going back to Def Jam [after that] and telling everybody, “Man, you heard of this dude Big Sean? He’s crazy! He’s about to do something major!” and Def Jam telling him they just signed me. It was just cool for him to be energized like that when we were really just having fun. That’s when I developed a cool relationship with Ross and Nicki and since then we’ve really just been tight.

Nice Kicks: Moving forward, are there any concepts or ideas you’re tossing around for your next collab with adidas?

Big Sean: There are definitely ideas, but you’ve got to just wait and see. But not just shoes. With these, we have apparel coming out with the shoes, too. Just something fresh and easy. Be on the lookout because the next one will be bigger and better.

Big Sean x adidas Metro Attitude

Nice Kicks: Over the course of your career, you’ve been ahead of the curve when it comes to fashion trends. What are you currently on or calling next?

Big Sean: You’ve just got to wait and see. Stay posted on Instagram. We’ve got some new concepts and ideas that we’re going to start unveiling with this new music. You’ll see. I can’t wait for you guys to get it and hear what we’ve been working on. I’ve been in a cave working hard. I built a studio in my house and it’s been one of the best experiences ever.

Nice Kicks: Lastly, what can your fans expect in regard to footwear and fashion from Big Sean?

Big Sean: You can just expect something honest and whatever I feel like doing. Every shoe I do really just reflects what I’m doing then style wise. The first shoe I did was red, and bright with big gold accents on it. The next one I did was very subtle– still fresh, but more of an everyday shoe. These shoes are tight because they tell a story. They tell a story about me going to Hawaii and Hawaii is where I got the energy and confidence to be me. We were working out there and I literally went from not being known to being known and setting up my own spot in the rap game. It’s just tight that this shoe means more than just the actual shoe. I hope people can realize that and I hope people enjoy that.

The Big Sean x adidas Metro Attitude releases at select adidas Originals accounts on September 13th.

Photography by Kin Kwan


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