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Interview // Designer Tony Hardman Details Paul George’s New Nike PG2

words // Nick DePaula:

For every footwear designer, being tasked with crafting a signature shoe from scratch is of course the ultimate goal. There’s no greater challenge, and when it comes to namesake debuts, Paul George’s PG1 immediately was placed amongst the greatest first models in hoops history by fans and players alike, in a tier alongside models like the Air Jordan 1, Reebok Question, Air Penny 1 and others.

As designer Tony Hardman tells us on the latest Nice Kicks podcast, following up the much-loved PG1 for Paul’s second shoe was a challenge, not just because the consumer expectation had started out so high, but also because of the $ 110 price point, and the new way in which they tried to bring energy to the launch of the shoe with George’s first collaboration.

Listen to the full episode with Tony Hardman on the latest Nice Kicks Cast below, and read ahead for insights into the process of designing Paul George’s new PG2 signature model. Be sure to subscribe to the Podcast on iTunes for more designer interviews and footwear industry analysis.

Defining A PG Design Language

Tony Hardman: “As we evolve the line, it’ll feel a little more Paul than it might’ve on the 1, stylistically. Functionally, we hit all of the things that Paul wanted on the 1, but I’m not sure that we defined his style yet. That will evolve. For him, he wanted that strap in the front for the 1, and that was key. We built on things that had worked for him in the past, and then drew inspiration from who he is as a guy on and off the court. The fishing thing was a big piece of inspiration for us last year, and some of that dictated the design of it. You’ll see some of his style come into it as we develop his line down the road.

When we started the 2, he hadn’t even worn the 1 yet. [laughs] That’s one of the weird things about the signature process. It’s hard to build on, ‘Hey, what did you like? What didn’t you like?’ I had to do more of an evolutionary thing, where there were some things we knew from early testing when he wore it only once or twice, but not really in a game yet. There were some things that he definitely asked for. One being, he said, ‘Hey, I don’t want a strap on the 2.’ That was one thing. We knew we wanted to continue his lineage in terms of having a Low, and having the consumer go back to that. The comfort was a big thing too for him, and maintaining some of that.

In terms of Swoosh placement, that’s kind of iterative, and we figure that out as we go. It’s not really a request from him, but there’s a always been a nod. With the 1, there’s a reverse and a forward Swoosh. That ties back to him being a two-way player, and is a nod back to that.”

Working With Paul

Tony Hardman: “Working on a signature line for Nike Basketball wasn’t something I took lightly. Basketball shoes are something I’ve wanted to design since I was in High School, so that was a great moment for me. To jump in on a new guy who was coming in fresh, was really cool. Me being a fan of Paul’s, who he is as a person and who he is as a player, it was a good fit. Paul is a really chill guy and super easy to work with. I knew this was also a dream come true for him, and he’s a super humble guy. He was excited to be part of the process, and I was the same way.

Paul is a family guy. He’ll bring people in and treat them that way. He’s super humble and easygoing. The first session we had, we just went out to his house in Indy. We spent the day digging through his closet, looking at his cars and we brought a bunch of shoes to get a feel for what he liked stylistically. What did he play in, and what did he like or didn’t like. We set the groundwork with that, which was really cool to get to know him and build on that.

Throughout the process, we’ll see him maybe four times a year. We’ll check in with him and bring new samples, and a lot of time his family is there. His mom and dad, and his sisters, and they’re giving their input. It’s cool, and it’s really Paul. You can see how close he is with his family, and that was a lot of what inspired the 2. It’s really about the people that made him, how he’s a family guy and how that keeps him grounded.”

Designing Signature At $ 110

Tony Hardman: “That’s the challenge. People expect a lot out of signature product. It’s a challenge to have lots of technology, and obviously, Zoom bags cost money, Flywire costs money, and anything that is considered an innovation. You have to be a little craftier with how you do the design and how you’re going to bring energy to it. On the 1, bringing some leather in brought some interest and some different character to it. On the 2, it’s the same thing.

The kid wants everything. They want the $ 110 shoe to be just like the [$ 185] LeBron shoe. The reality is, it’s not going to be. We had to make the best shoe we can. In terms of on-court performance, kids will really feel like the 2 is better than the 1 on-court. It’s been amazing. Some people didn’t feel the Zoom enough, so we increased it. In the 1, we had a 8mm bag that was bottom-loaded. For the 2, we’ve gone with 10, which basically means you’re standing right on top of that bag and it goes all the way to the rubber.

For now, the current plan is to keep him at that price point. We like having a shoe that’s accessible for kids, but they can still get that aspirational signature product, as long as we continue to push the design at that level. He’s been happy with the footwear, and it’s been super comfortable for him and hitting the mark in terms of what he’s looking for on court. As long as we’re doing that, for now, it looks like we’re going to stay in that zone.”

PG’s Love For PlayStation

Tony Hardman: “It was actually quite a challenge and a bit of a scramble. To work with a company like that, that knows how to execute things, the communication was great between our teams. I already had a light in the works, based on asking Paul once, ‘If you weren’t a basketball player, what would you do?’ He said something in electronics, because he loves TVs and he loves video games. I thought it would be cool to put something that could light up in his shoes, and I was already working on that on the side. But, I was getting a lot of eye rolls, and people saying, ‘Are we really going to do this?’ [laughs] People weren’t on it and hustling on it until the PlayStation collab came along. I just said, “Yo, this is the perfect place to implement this.”

I had already started, and then it was a matter of trying to finish it up and get it into the shoe. When it’s a performance shoe, it’s always a challenge to make sure that it’s still working and no weird things or discomfort come up. We took the Playstation controller as inspiration, and just brought it to life on the foot.

He’s a huge gamer. He loves 2K, obviously. He’s also big on Madden and Call of Duty, and loves to play online gaming too. I would say he’s one of the biggest gamers in the NBA. He’s all about it and he takes his PlayStation with him on the road. That’s why this PlayStation collab came together and felt so natural.”


Paul George Is Hyped For OKC’s New Nike Jerseys

words & interview // Nick DePaula:

As four-time NBA All-Star Paul George plans to embark on his eighth pro season, he’ll be donning not only just a new franchise’s jersey for the first time in his career, but also Nike’s newly launched and overhauled take on the traditional NBA uniform.

In advance of his debut season with the Oklahoma City Thunder, the two-way forward and Nike signature athlete has been a constant in the Swoosh’s roll out of the new jerseys. For George and several other NBA stars, the 2016 Olympic Games served as a first testing ground for Nike’s eventual revamped jersey design concepts.

“Being a part of Team USA, I was getting accustomed to how light, really comfortable and stretchy the jersey is,” describes George. “The biggest key was just – not to knock the adidas jerseys – but they were kind of heavy and you’d really sweat them out. Comfort is a really big factor, and it feels good.”

Since announcing this season’s expected league takeover during the spring of 2015 for all game uniforms, warmup apparel and even the referee’s tops — a massive 8-year, $ 1 Billion deal – Nike has been working to alter, adjust and innovate atop all thirty teams’ tanks.

Nike last provided league uniforms for just ten teams, twenty years ago at the start of the ’97-98 NBA season, with Champion and Puma dividing the remaining franchises between themselves. Reebok then overtook the entire league at the start of the 2004 season, with its new parent company adidas absorbing the deal and beginning an 11-year manufacturer run with the NBA in 2006. Since that time, the silhouettes, fit and style across the league has drastically shifted.

“From how the athletes move, to the positions they play — even their body types are completely different today than they were five to 10 years ago,” explains Kurt Parker, Nike VP of Apparel Design. “That’s why we wanted to dramatically evolve both the performance and look of the uniforms.”

“They’re two different jerseys,” George says of the league’s recent unis and this season’s update. “These feel sleeker, and we can move better in them. If you dress well, you’ll play well.”

In addition to the modernized looks — there’s a distraction-free aimed arm hole without a fully wrapped band, along with the short’s slit opening moved up for more range of motion — fans and players alike are most looking forward to the new designs and themes to be expected across the league.

Gone are the standard home and road designated jerseys, as teams will be able to select a new primary look for home games. Nike will also launch two additional alternates heavy on brandspeak — a hyperlocalized “Community” jersey and the “Athlete’s Mindset” look that remains to be seen.

Just today, the league announced they’ll be doing away with the historical East vs. West designations for the annual All-Star Game, leading people to already wonder what the brand will have in store for the league’s 67th annual player showcase in Los Angeles this February.

“It’s going to allow us to be more creative out there,” beams George. “We’ve seen what Nike has done with the NFL with the ‘Color Rush.’”

While the looks will be tinkered with and the template may have been adjusted, there’s also a tech element to the uniform with the brand’s “Nike Connect” app that’s entirely new that players are most looking forward. For fans that purchase a jersey, they’ll be able to hover their mobile phone over the size tag, instantly accessing stats, highlights and — for Nike and Jordan-endorsed players — exclusive shoe launches.

For players, they’ll be able to view data about their fans from all over the world, that might even go on to influence where their next summer promo tour takes place. “I think it’s dope. It’s a direct stream from the fans to the athletes,” continues George. “That’s something new, and I think it will be something that fans will get involved with. It’s cool, ’cause it’s a way to bring a fan that much closer to you.”

While Nike will be providing each team with four jerseys throughout the season — plus a fifth retro-inspired uniform that eight teams will have — players will also have more accessories at their disposal, with linking compression leggings, sleeves and armbands on deck.

As PG13 explains, his on- and off-court style is simply derived from what he’s become most comfortable in. “It comes down to what makes you comfortable,” he outlines. “Our fashion and style comes from what’s most comfortable. Whatever you’re comfortable in – skinny jeans, flannels or a kangaroo hat – everyone should feel creative and comfortable.”

With new jerseys and signature shoes to be showcased all year long, along with a revamped and retooled Thunder roster aiming to compete amongst a deep Western Conference, George is already looking forward to the season ahead with his new franchise, and the expected style competition among teammates.

“We’re going to have fun with it. I know Russ is the ‘fashion king.’ I’m more than fine with that,” smiles George. “I’m the ‘fashion prince.’”


Paul George Gets a Special PG1 “Hickory” PE

Ahead of the official release of the Nike PG1 tomorrow – 12,000 individually-numbered pairs are releasing via SNKRS and – Nike has laced Paul George with a “Hickory” PE of his first signature shoe in accordance with Hickory Night tonight in Indy.

Styled in direct correlation with the aforementioned Hickory uniforms, the Nike PG1 “Hickory” PE will be worn by George tonight as the Pacers celebrate one of six Hickory games.

The “Hickory” PG1’s likely won’t see a retail release any time soon, so grab a look below and share your thoughts.

Nike PG1 "Hickory" PE
Nike PG1 “Hickory” PE
Nike PG1 "Hickory" PE
Nike PG1 “Hickory” PE


Soccer Star Paul Pogba Stars in New Zine from adidas

Not long ago, adidas announced their new sports strategy that involved signing an array of athletes. Across the pond, Juventus FC star Paul Pogba was the golden goose as his electric game and unique style made him a major land.

Teaming up with German photographer Juergen Teller, adidas has collected a number of amazing shots set to be featured in international press as well as a Zine. Peep the photos of Pogba below and look for him to rock the ACE 16+ PURECONTROL in an exclusive Black/Gold colorway during the UEFA EURO 2016.

Paul Pogba by Juergen Teller (6)

Paul Pogba by Juergen Teller (5)

Paul Pogba by Juergen Teller (2)

Paul Pogba by Juergen Teller (8)

Paul Pogba by Juergen Teller (7)

Paul Pogba by Juegen Teller (4)

Paul Pogba by Juergen Teller (3)

Paul Pogba by Juergen Teller (1)

Paul Pogba by JA?rgen Teller_ ZINE (1)

Paul Pogba by JA?rgen Teller_ ZINE (2)

Paul Pogba by JA?rgen Teller_ ZINE (3)


Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 5 “Blackout” QS

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nike sb paul rodriguez 5 blackout 1 Nike SB Paul Rodriguez 5 “Blackout” QS

Nike has produced a handful of sneakers with expert designer Paul Rodriguez’s. His 5th signature shoe, The ‘Blackout’ QS shows off a heralded skate sneaker utilizing a monochromatic upper. Wrapped around in soft wool which comprises the majority of the silhouette with a premium nubuck Swoosh notched alongside. These black beauties take a minimalist look and own it with minimal effort.

Available on certain sites such as Premier.

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TBT: When Paul McCartney Left the Beatles and Grew an Epic…

TBT: When Paul McCartney Left the Beatles and Grew an Epic Beard 

See more of Sir Paul’s post-Beatles style here.  


Paul George Returns in Nike Kobe X PE | Kicks On Court

Indiana Pacers star Paul George returned to the court for the first time in over eight months after suffering a broken leg in a FIBA scrimmage this past summer. The All-Star guard, who switched from #24 to #13, recorded 13 rebounds and five rebounds while debuting a Nike Kobe X PE. PG’s exclusive features a predominately white base with navy accents, namely the Swoosh branding and the heel.

View these sneakers, plus the Easter-inspired kicks of LeBron James, Kyrie Irving and Ben Mclemore, in today’s edition of Kicks on Court.

Paul George wearing a Nike Kobe X PE

Paul George wearing a Nike Kobe X PE

Paul George in a Nike Kobe X PE

Paul George in a Nike Kobe X PE

Paul George in a Nike Kobe X PE

Paul George in a Nike Kobe X PE

Russell Westbrook in an Air Jordan XX9 PE

Russell Westbrook in an Air Jordan XX9 PE


Nike SB Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez Low White/Black Official Images

Boasting a simplistic White/Black style code, the Nike SB Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez Low is just a few days away from kickflipping its way to retailers. Fashioned with the leading shade dressing the large majority of its build, the latter mentioned hue mutes the accents, interior lining, and Swooshes. Finished with a patterned aesthetic gracing its heel, the Nike SB Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez Low White/Black is set to be available on and at select Nike SB retailers on March 14th.

Nike SB Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez Low

Colorway: True White/Light Zen Grey-Black
Style #: 310802-100
Release Date: March 14, 2015
Price: $ 90

Nike SB Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez Low White/Black Official Images

Nike SB Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez Low White/Black

Nike SB Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez Low White/Black Official Images

Nike SB Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez Low White/Black

Nike SB Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez Low White/Black Official Images

Nike SB Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez Low White/Black


Nike Zoom HyperRev 2015 Paul George PE Navy/Tour Yellow

Though his Pacers may be 11-21 on the season, Paul George continues to make his presence felt on the retail scene with the release of his latest Nike Zoom HyperRev 2015 PE. With its upper cast in a shade of midnight navy, metallic silver adorns the Swooshes and outsole. Flush with a vibrant tour yellow hue lighting up the midsole, lace eyelets, tongue branding, and inner lining, a camo-inspired design fills in the heel counter. Get familiar with this Nike Zoom HyperRev 2015 Paul George PE below, and head over to Finish Line right now to pick these joints up.

Nike Zoom HyperRev 2015 Paul George PE

Colorway: Mid Navy/Metallic Silver/Tour Yellow
Style #: 705370-407
Price: $ 129


Paul Smith 2014 Fall/Winter New Arrivals

Influenced by rock icon Jim Morrison and late-Sixties psychedelia, Paul Smith’s Fall/Winter 2014 collection is a stylish homage to music filtered through an ethnic-influenced, bohemian lens. More subdued and relaxed than in seasons past, the British designer’s cold weather range consists of pieces like flamingo graphic sweatshirts, down-filled hoodies, cuffed trousers in luxurious fabrics and more literal references to rock and roll in the form of a music note print sweatshirt and socks. Rounding out the collection, meanwhile, are tie-dye tees and a duo of footwear silhouettes in tapestry print fabrics, all of which are pitch-perfect for the current season. Look for Paul Smith’s Fall/Winter 2014 new arrivals now at the HYPEBEAST Store.


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