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Donald Glover and adidas Announce New Creative Partnership

Donald Glover, known in many circles as Childish Gambino, is equal parts one of the best dressed and most charismatic personalities today. A multi-hyphenate that truly embodies the term, Glover continues to broaden his scope with the announcement of a new adidas creative partnership.

Adidas adds Glover to a long list of creatives that includes Kanye West, Pharrell Williams, and Alexander Wang. However, Glover represents something completely unique for the group as an actor, producer, and a television writer. They’re among the things that make this “creative partnership” something more than what’s already in existence in the sneaker space. In large part, it seems like the only reason Glover agreed to it.

“I believe it’s important not to feel like ideas are bound by specific guidelines and adidas Originals has given me the opportunity to create on my own terms. I’m looking forward to seeing what that leads to.”

Like Atlanta, Glover’s Emmy winning television show that recently finished its triumphant second season, his adidas partnership is expected to reflect a foundational aesthetic and a truly original thought. That much can be assumed by the partnership announcement, seen through an animated clip by Ivan Dixon who also produced Glover’s “Feels Like Summer” video/short film.

The partnership is said to feature sneakers, apparel, and “creative projects.”

Donald Glover
Donald Glover


Jerry Lorenzo Confirms Partnership with Nike for 2018

Rumors have been swirling around the industry for a while about Jerry Lorenzo working with Nike since this past summer, but Jerry himself confirmed the partnership for 2018 tonight by a comment left on Instagram.

Jerry Lorenzo Nike 2018

Replying to @mofuckingmoney‘s question as to whether there would be another restock of the Fear of God x Vans projects, Jerry Lorenzo responded definitely that there would be no more Vans releases and just Nike projects for 2018.

While there have been some conclusions drawn that this is a Fear of God x Nike partnership for the new year, it would be wise to wait for an official announcement from either Nike or Jerry befor jumping to that conclusion. Jerry Lorenzo is an esteemed designer who has worked on countless projects with numerous labels outside of Fear Of God and carries a name that has design clout that ranks at the very top.


Puma Confirms Partnership with Jay Z for 4:44 Tour

Last week, Live Nation posted a tweet announcing Jay Z’s upcoming 4:44 Tour with a simple caption of #444 and an attached flyer showing both American and Canadian flags along with the brand logos of TIDAL x Spring along with the PUMA cat logo.

The brand officially confirmed by email to Billboard that they are an official sponsor of Jay Z’s 4:44 Tour and also indicated that they will be working with the mogul on “other collaborative projects.”

Given that Jay Z’s Roc Nation and PUMA have history together, the move did not come as a complete surprise to those familiar with the business of entertainment and sportswear. Rihanna signed on as a brand ambassador and creative director in 2015 where she has lead her award winning FENTY line while also being highly credited with the recent growth of the brand in the lifestyle market. Big Sean, another Roc Nation artist, joined the brand this year after a multi-year relationship with Adidas. Lastly, long time Roc Nation executive Emory Jones created the “Bet on Yourself” collection with PUMA that released earlier this year that tied together both footwear and apparel.

Emory Jones x PUMA "Bet On Yourself" Collection
Emory Jones x PUMA “Bet On Yourself” Collection
Jay Z wearing PUMA Suede
Jay Z wearing PUMA Suede

If you follow Celebrity Sneaker Stalker, you will know that Jay is no stranger PUMA kicks.  Over the years he has been spotted numerous times wearing PUMAs opting most often for the classic PUMA Suede silhouette.

The 4:44 Tour will kick off on October 27th in Anaheim at the Honda Center and wrap up at the Los Angeles’ Forum on December 21st hitting 31 cities in total across the US and Canada.

No word yet on what PUMA and Jay Z have in the works for the mentioned “other collaborative projects,” but you can always count on Nice Kicks to keep you posted.


Bryson Tiller Announces Partnership with Nike

“I’m 22 I gotta get it now,” rapped the young Louisville native on his debut album’s tenth track entitled “502 Come Up.” Here we are a year later and Bryson Tiller really came up big. Within seven months of TRAPSOUL releasing, Tiller who also goes by Pen Griffey earned platinum status on his very first album. And within the same year the singer/rapper and songwriter takes to Instagram to officially announce his partnership with Nike Sportswear. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as the rising star has been featured in Nice Kick’s own Celebrity Sneaker Stalker on numerous occasions.

To kick off the partnership Nike SNKRS gives us an inside look at Tiller’s first design session with the Bespoke Air Force 1. See for yourself what the young platinum recording artist is cooking up below and get to know the man behind the pen a bit. Stick with Nice Kicks for more on Bryson Tiller and Nike in the months to come.

Bryson Tiller Deal with Nike-4

Bryson Tiller Deal with Nike-4

Bryson Tiller’s lyrics often speak louder than his words, but his footsteps resound in equal measure. Whether performing before a sold out crowd or designing his own pair of Air Force 1 Bespoke iDs in an intimate studio session, Tiller’s attention to detail and focus on relating his journey repeatedly rings true. Teaming up with Nike Sportswear, Tiller takes us behind the design of his hometown-inspired AF1.

The generally soft-spoken artist, born and raised by his grandmother in Louisville, Kentucky, began his interest in sneakers in high school after wanting to differentiate himself from his fellow students but having little freedom or means to do so. The Air Force 1 became Tiller’s aesthetic answer to monotony. “I wore a uniform to school, so the white-on-white or black-on-black Air Force 1 Low was the simple sneaker to wear, but it was the standard. You were cool if you had on a pair of Air Force 1s,” says Tiller. “It’s still a staple for me while on tour.”

Tiller’s inspiration remains grounded in his roots, and the shoe that once allowed him to state his style now also serves as a canvas to celebrate his city. A recent stop at the Bespoke iD Studio at NikeLab 21 Mercer gave him the full design language necessary to further elaborate on his passions.

Bryson Tiller Deal with Nike-4Bryson Tiller Deal with Nike-4

While in NYC, Tiller crafted a Louisville-inspired Air Force 1 Bespoke iD that includes an upper flooded in university red full-grain leather, which is intended to recreate the look and feel of boxing gloves. A tour yellow eyestay and custom tongue tag continue that inspiration by honoring the branding found on a pair of the same gloves. Metallic gold dubraes, an off-white midsole and a gum outsole help complete the premium, city-inspired design.

Putting his city on the map, and on his sole, is a priority for Tiller, but expressing his vision is the ongoing focus of his art. “I’d never seen how shoes are actually put together, but I always like to create my music based on an image. Once I have an image, I start to create the music around it. It was the same with designing a Bespoke Air Force 1. I focused on images that highlight my obsessions – Louisville, and my hometown boxing hero’s rise to greatness – and I built around those.” Ultimately, the Air Force 1 allows Tiller another avenue to voice his motivations, and the conversation between the artist and the icon is far from over. If you can’t hear the message, you’re simply not tuned in.

Bryson Tiller Deal with Nike-4


Interview // Inside The Adidas & Parley For The Oceans Partnership

words, interview & images // Nick DePaula:

As adidas looks to continue to affirm itself as a brand for creators, naturally, we’ve seen that take form in many different ways over the last couple of years. There’ve been full capsules with the likes of Kanye West and Rick Owens, to smaller scale launches and initiatives rooted in pushing the speed of manufacturing and process of design. The brand’s latest effort goes beyond just another tandem collaboration, as its partnership with Parley For The Oceans looks to create awareness for a bigger purpose ahead.

adidas-parley-for-the-oceans-2The New York-based Parley organization has since 2013 looked to bring together creatives and environmental leaders in conference settings to discuss new and innovative ways to reduce harmful plastics littering oceans around the globe. In teaming up with adidas, the two have set out to not only create footwear utilizing recycled plastic and other damaging materials, but have also created the first-ever soccer kits made 100% from recycled ocean materials.

“At this point, it’s no longer just about raising awareness. It’s about taking action and implementing strategies that can end the cycle of plastic pollution for good,” says Cyrill Gutsch, founder of Parley For The Oceans.

While today’s launch of the adidas Uncaged UltraBoost Parley will be limited to just 7,000 pairs, the plan ahead in the next year will be much more robust, with more impact to be felt across the oceans.

“This represents another step on the journey of adidas and Parley For The Oceans,” declares Eric Liedtke, adidas Director of Global Brands. “We will make one million pairs of shoes using Parley Ocean Plastic in 2017 – and our ultimate ambition is to eliminate virgin plastic from our supply chain.”

This first commercial launch marks a strong pursuit of sustainability, as the Uncaged UltraBoost Parley is made up of 95% recycled ocean plastic and 5% recycled polyester. In addition to the million pairs of sneakers created with similarly recycled ocean plastics on deck for next year, adidas also plans to retrieve and repurpose “at least 11 million plastic bottles into elite performance sportswear.”

To hear all about the brand’s new strategy around high-level collaborations and its approach to creating footwear and apparel out of new knitting processes with Parley, Nice Kicks recently caught up with James Carnes, adidas VP of Brand Strategy Creation. The shoes go on sale at 7 AM PST on

The initial adidas x Parley For The Oceans sneaker, limited to just 50 pairs.

Nick DePaula: The Parley partnership represents a bit of a different approach by the brand. How has your role in the company shifted and how has that influenced some of the projects we’re seeing come to life?

James Carnes

James Carnes: I actually was in the design department for twenty years almost, and about 21 months ago, we reorganized and started a new strategy department. The cool thing about it, was prior to that, strategy meant logistics and planning – something that I would’ve had no interest in. [laughs] The new team is a brand strategy team, so we’re focused on creativity and the future of planning five, ten and fifteen years out. That sounded really interesting.

One of the first things that I worked on was our SBP, which is our Strategic Brand Plan. A couple of the key choices that we would make that would really change the brand for the future. We ended up with three things, and one of them was how we would localize ourselves in cities. We found that the growth of cities would really be how we could become more territorial.

The second one was how we would get closer to consumers with production and the idea of speed. How do you talk to people, collaborate with them and get their ideas and turn product around quickly with our SpeedFactory? The third one was how do we do all of that through this idea of Open Source? How do we actually collaborate with people, designers, creatives, athletes and partners.

What was cool, was a lot of the work that we had been doing for years was dabbling in that territory, but didn’t have a home. What came out of that was we had a different strategy for how we could launch that stuff. Paul Gaudio, who is our Creative Director for the brand, worked with the team and created this vision around what it means to be creating the future. How do we take all of these collaborations and co-creation opportunities that we have and how do we define them.

The biggest thing is that we want to be open. Sometimes you see a collaboration and it’s Brand #1 x Brand #2. A lot of it can be really static. Who are we, who are you, and then we put that together. What was cool about this was we approached it by going to people and saying, “This is what we have and what we do, what would you do with it?”

It was a totally different thing, where we would bring the ingredients and a list of things, and then put that in front of people. It’s more about co-creating instead of what collaborations have been.

An early woven filament prototype

NDP: How did the opportunity with Parley For The Oceans come about then?

JC: We get stuff sent to us all of the time. Sometimes that’s a 7 year-old kid who says he wants to design shoes, and how do you tell them no? Or sometimes it’s a supplier that says, “I have a special shoe lace!” We made a shoe last year at the United Nations, because ocean sustainability was one of the items being discussed at the summit. Cyrill Gutsch is the founder of Parley, and he’s a passionate dude that changed his entire life to be preserving the oceans.

While working on that project together, we ended up with 72 kilometers of abandoned poacher’s net that was retrieved by Sea Shepherd, which is a group of about 80 people that spends ten months going around and protecting the ocean. For about 24 days straight, the entire crew went through shifts to pull these 72 kilometers of nets onboard.

05_all_640x640_tcm66-106815These fishing nets are super high grade nylon, to the point that when you’re recycling it, you’re getting something that’s a higher grade than what you get from many injected parts. We made that United Nations sample in less than six days as an experiment, and it’s not built for performance, but we wanted to see if we could be the first to make a shoe out of recycled nylon and other recycled content. The upper is 100% recycled ocean plastic, and then we brought in materials people and other designers to all work on different parts of the shoe at once.

The first time I met with Cyrill, we had these 72 kilometers of nets, and we were also looking at using different knitting machines. We had new machines that could go from knitting fine yarns, to even thicker cables through the upper. We had done all kinds of samples with exaggerated cables too, like electric cables, fiber glass and even carbon fiber, just to see if it could be done. I took all of that and I said to Cyrill, “You know, I think we have a process that can take all of this stuff.” So we actually broke down the nets, broke it down into a spool of filaments and then made a yarn from that.

NDP: The Parley project started out small with only 50 pairs available through a giveaway, but then grew to be more mass. How has that partnership evolved together?

JC: It’s really about the power of what happens when you put all of these people together that have an expertise. I was a designer for years, and you want to feel like you’re somehow the genius that has an inspirational idea, but it’s so much more satisfying when all you are is the head collaborator that can pull all of this stuff together and make something new.

There were a lot of questions around, “Well, why can’t you make more?” And where we started, there was a machine literally downstairs and it was the only machine that could do this. We had it set up to do exactly what we wanted to do, and there wasn’t one in Asia anywhere. We made those uppers here in Germany and then it gets sent to another factory for the final shoe to be assembled.

The plan was to scale it up. There’s two paths for that. We could take the yarn and put it in a more commercial version, [which we’re doing now]. The other path is to develop the technology, and do more with the tailored fibre, filaments and yarns that we could put into the product in a totally different way. We’ve really started to co-create materials and yarns with Parley that can help us to create the product in a unique way going forward that’s different from what we normally do in our factories.



adidas & Pac-12 Conference Announce Partnership

With 2015 being a banner year for the iconic footwear brand that is adidas, things just got even sweeter as news has recently broke of a groundbreaking partnership with the Pac-12 conference. The deal with make adidas the official athletic apparel and athletic footwear partner for the conference over the next three years. With various Pac-12 schools already carrying the brand as an endorser, such as Arizona State and UCLA, adidas has to be thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with the iconic west coast power conference.

The Sr. Director of Sports Marketing for adidas America, Chris McGuire, provided a statement on the partnership, stating the following:

“It is an exciting day for adidas as the Pac-12 is one of the elite conferences in all of collegiate athletics. This new partnership continues to highlight our commitment to U.S. college sports and our focus on aligning with championship-level schools, teams and student-athletes. The Pac-12’s rich athletic and academic tradition and consistent success on and off the field make them a perfect fit for the adidas family. We look forward to our brand appearing on field and court, in stadium, across the Pac-12’s digital properties and on-air during Pac-12 Network broadcasts starting this season.”

With the integration of College Football into the upcoming season of Gridiron Kicks, this latest announcement certainly makes things interesting as the football season approaches.


Kanye West Talks adidas Partnership on Ellen

Kanye West has a storied history with the Ellen show. Having debuted the “Net” Yeezy 1 along with the Love Lockdown video years ago, the artist/designer has continually stopped by her set to share both his work and what’s going on in his life.

Set to air today, Pitchfork was able to acquire preview footage from the new Ellen episode. Aside from previewing the Spike Jonze-direct “Only One” video and getting laced with a few bars from MC Degeneres, Kanye spoke on his new sound and his partnership with adidas, particularly pertaining to his frustration before having a fashion deal. West had the following to say:

“I think I was going through my version of my terrible twos [Laughs]. My daughter, she wants to express herself but she just doesn’t have the words for it. For me, there’s so many things that I want to do with film, with clothing, and I just didn’t have the words, or the resources or the backing or the perception that I could do it being that I was a rapper…you know, all these things. Now because of this adidas deal, they’ve allowed me a little bit of oxygen. When people give you about celebrity and the idea of money versus creativity, there’s no amount of money that someone can give you to make you not be creative if you were born to create. So, a lot of times people try to block you, block your creativity, control you with money. adidas allowed me to make my whole clothing line which I wanted to do and it was just like a little bit of oxygen. You guys last year, two years ago, three years ago, whatever, were seeing somebody being suffocated by a perception, being suffocated by people in a position that could blatantly see, ‘Wow, the Yeezys did really good, he was this influential, all these albums did this, but we’re not going to give him a shot because of something else.’ There’s a lot of people who were really calm about that, but the definition of crazy is trying to do the same thing and expecting a different result. So, I tried something different over the past couple of years, and I actually got some really good results from it, too.”

The oxygen analogy goes in line with West’s words at the adidas Global Brand Conference in Germany over the summer, paralleling his passion to create. From the sounds of it too, it sounds like West’s desire to Disney-esque work and create on a variety of platforms is still very much there. While we still haven’t received an official look at the adidas Yeezi or gotten a corresponding release date, it does appear Kanye will have apparel to go with it. Keep it locked to Nice Kicks for more adidas Yeezi news and updates.

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