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Fashion Girl of Today:Dress over pants

Dress over pants
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CSS Spotlight // Wiz Khalifa Over the Years

Still young, wild and free, Wiz Khalifa is a decade deep in the game. Over the last ten plus years, the Pittsburgh product has put the Steel City on the map and achieved star status, winning over a core fan base with ever-evolving mixtape content while sweeping Billboard with big singles.

Just as his music has evolved, so has his style. While certain sneaker silos have remained relevant in Wiz’s rotation, his favorites in footwear and fashion continue to shift with the release of each album. On the day of the Khalifa launch, we take a look at Wiz Khalifa’s style and go-to kicks over the course of his come-up in this installment of CSS Spotlight.

Early Albums & Mixtapes

Show & Prove/Deal or No Deal

Wiz Khalifa mixtapes

Heavy Rotation: Air Jordan retros, Converse Chuck Taylors, Nike retros

Wiz Khalifa’s rise to the top has been a winding road paved by hard work. At only 16, Wiz was already getting attention from record labels and putting out mixtapes. His first album Show and Prove released in 2006, followed later by the success of the single “Say Yeah.” While Deal or No Deal would make noise, a string of acclaimed mixtapes saw Wiz rise up as one of the most buzzing young artists in hip-hop.

Early on, Wiz’s style was reminiscent of many of his next generation peers. Topical streetwear and retro sneakers were a staple of Khalifa’s wardrobe, with Flight Club apparel and grail status Jordans standing out on stage. Chuck Taylors also saw rotation early on, with many of his beginning footwear staples remaining relevant throughout his career.

Wiz Khalifa in the Nike Air Hoop Structure

Wiz Khalifa in the Nike Air Hoop Structure (photo via

Wiz Khalifa in the adidas Superstar

Wiz Khalifa in the adidas Superstar Black/White (photo via imgkid)

Wiz Khalifa in the Air Jordan 7 DMP Raptor

Wiz Khalifa in the Air Jordan 7 “DMP Raptor” (photo by Skavenger Brandon via The Shoe Game)


T.I. Owes The U.S. Government Over $4.5 Million USD

It has been reported by the Daily Mail that Clifford Harris, aka T.I. owes the federal government over $ 4.5 million USD in unpaid taxes from way back in 2012 and 2013. As a result, the government has filed two tax liens against the rapper’s property and assets including his $ 4-plus million dollar home in Georgia, his Bentley Mulsanne and Ferrari F430 Spider along with his solid gold Rolex watch. Despite this, the 34-year-old rapper is reportedly worth over $ 215 million USD, so this tax debt wouldn’t even make a dent in his fortune.


F1 Driver Jenson Button and Wife Gassed and Robbed for Over $465,000 USD

Jenson Button, former F1 World Champion and possible host for UK TV show Top Gear, was robbed at a rented Southern France vacation home in Saint-Tropez with wife Jessica Michibata. The burglars, perhaps staking out the home for the entire duration of their stay, pumped anaesthetic gas into the air conditioning system, rendering the couple and three friends unconscious while the intruders entered and robbed. Reports say that the five-carat wedding ring estimated at over $ 387,000 USD belonging to Jessica, a well-known fashion model in Japan, was the most coveted of all the items stolen. No one was physically harmed from the incident.


Nike+ Delivers Over 100,000 Personalized Films Highlighting Each User’s Activity in 2014

In the era of the “connected self” we often lose sight of living in the moment. As a result, Nike is celebrating thousands of athletes across the United States and Canada that remained focused on a healthy life whilst consistantly tracking their progression through the Nike+ app. In a campaign dubbed Your Year with Nike+ the athletic brand teamed with French illustrator McBess to create a personalized one-minute animated film for over 100,000 members using location, weather and activity specific to each user. For instance, a runner from Toronto would receive a completely different film from a Nike Training Club user in California. For more on this ongoing initiative click here.


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“I’ve always wanted to smash a guitar over someone’s…

“I’ve always wanted to smash a guitar over someone’s head. You just can’t do that with a piano.” – Elton John


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