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LeBron James Signs Four-Year, $154 Million Deal with Los Angeles Lakers

LeBron James, heading into his 16th NBA season, will join the third team of his career as it was announced yesterday that the King is headed to Hollywood. James inked a four-year, $ 154 million deal with the Los Angeles Lakers according to a statement from his agency, Klutch Sports, Sunday evening.

James, 33, declined a $ 35.6 million offer to remain in Cleveland, where we’d returned for four years after leaving the team to play for the Miami Heat. Now a part of the most storied franchise in NBA history as well as the leagues largest market, James is poised to realize his aspirations of even greater wealth in the entertainment capital of the world.

Nike’s lifetime partnership with James will obviously benefit from his move west. The brand is extremely present in Los Angeles as it’s one of their biggest markets. James’ 16th signature silhouette with Nike is set to debut later this year, thus igniting a new chapter in his sneaker legacy. James’ Nike LeBron 15 was the highest selling performance basketball sneaker last year.

LeBron James will wear No. 23 in Los Angeles next season.


adidas to Donate Upwards to $1 Million to Parley Through “Run for the Oceans” Campaign

Adidas and Parley for the Oceans today announce the second consecutive year of their “Run for the Oceans” campaign. Centered around the prevention of marine plastic pollution, adidas has upped the ante this year by offering to donate a hefty sum when you lace up and run for a good cause.

From June 8th to July 8th, for every kilometer run and logged using the Runtasic app, adidas will contribute $ 1 dollar to the Parley Ocean Plastic Program upwards to $ 1 million.

Adidas and Parley will also host 12 running events across several cities in varying countries. Stops will include Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Berlin, London, Barcelona, Milan, and Shanghai. Los Angeles and New York events take place on June 8th and June 27th, respectively.

Much of this orbits a limited edition release of another Parley x adidas Ultra Boost and Ultra Boost X. Both pairs are produced in 95 percent Parley plastic Primeknit making them among the most sustainable sneakers currently in production.

Both the Parley x adidas Ultra Boost variations will release online on June 8 for $ 200 each. A worldwide release at select retailers will follow on June 27.

Parley x adidas Ultra Boost

Release Date: June 8, 2018
Price: $ 200

Parley x adidas Ultra Boost
Parley x adidas Ultra Boost
Parley x adidas Ultra Boost
Parley x adidas Ultra Boost
Parley x adidas Ultra Boost
Parley x adidas Ultra Boost
Parley x adidas Ultra Boost
Parley x adidas Ultra Boost



You Can Pay Vince Staples To Go Away Forever For $2 Million

Today (March 7), Vince Staples decided to let the haters put their money where their mouth is. The Long Beach rapper posted a link to a GoFundMe page titled “#GTFOMD” on Twitter. The purpose of the campaign is simple — pay Vince $ 2 million and he’ll “shut the fuck up forever.”

“We’ve got a lot of complaints about our recent show performances, energy onstage, production choice,” said Staples. “I think one person said, ‘It sounds like we’re rapping on robot video game beats.’ We would like to apologize for that.”

So what exactly does a hater’s donation get you?

“On, you can decide to donate to the cause of $ 2 million dollars, which will allow me to shut the fuck up forever and you will never hear from me again,” said the Big Fish Theory rapper. “No songs, no interviews, no anything. If not, you can choose to let me do what the fuck I want to do, when I want to do it. Get off of my dick, or fund my lifestyle. The choice is yours. Either way we appreciate you.”

The inspiration behind the GoFundMe page potentially come from the hilarious exchanges Vince had with a couple of fans in February who didn’t like his live performance. Staples agrees to move to Palmdale, buy a Honda, purchase a year’s worth of soup for his incarcerated friends, and get himself a puppy if he meets his goal.

The package is a great deal for people who loathe Vince, but decidedly one that his legions of fans aren’t that eager to help fund. Hopefully, he never makes his goal.


We Break Down Where Drake’s $1 Million Went In The ‘God’s Plan’ Video

Drake has been in a giving mood, and it all came to fruition in the video for “God’s Plan.” Over the course of almost six minutes, we see crying faces, smiling children, and Drake’s generosity at the center of it all. Drizzy even hopped on Instagram stories to ask his followers to get into the giving spirit.

“I am not into challenges on IG,” wrote Drake. “I find them annoying…but today I am going to challenge everyone to just go out and do something for someone, anything, the smallest thing, just to bring another human being some joy and please tag me in it somehow so I can see all the love being spread.”

Viewers know the 6 God gave away $ 996,631.90 to the residents of Miami in the “God’s Plan” video, which begs the question — where did all of that money go? There is so much happening onscreen that if you blink, you might miss the latest good deed from Toronto’s reigning king.

Below, MTV News compiled a rundown of Drake’s best deeds and how much they cost. Unfortunately, we probably didn’t catch them all.

  1. OVO Market Sweep

    Total: $ 50,000

    Drake gave Miami residents the most epic game of Supermarket Sweep. “Anything you guys want in the store is free,” Drizzy says through a megaphone in the middle of the grocery store. According to E! News, the trip cost Graham $ 50,000.

  2. Started Out Doin’ College Shows

    Total: $ 50,000

    The Miami Hurricane reported that Drake gave a $ 50,000 check to Destiny James, a junior studying public health at the University of Miami. In an Instagram post thanking Drake, James wrote, “You don’t understand what this means to me. I would’ve never imagined this happening to me. I’m just a girl from Denmark, SC that wants to MAKE IT and be somebody and for you to see my hard work means the world. Thank you so much. God I thank you.”

  3. Icy Like the Frost School

    Total: $ 10,000

    Drake can also be seen giving the University of Miami Frost School of Music a $ 10,000 donation in the video.

  4. Toy Story

    Total: $ 69,500 donation = $ 50,000 directly to the shelter + $ 19,500 in Target gift cards to families

    Drake donated a $ 50,000 check to the Lotus House Women’s Shelter, which supports and provides for homeless women and children. On top of the donation, the Toronto rapper also handed out $ 150 Target gift cards to 130 women and toys for all the children, TMZ reports.

  5. Fast Times At OVO High

    Total: $ 25,000

    A significant portion of the “God’s Plan” video was filmed at Miami Senior High School in South Florida. Drake did more than let students be extras in the visual, He also gave $ 25,000 to the school and agreed to design OVO uniforms for the scholars, reports ABC News.

  6. Fire And Desire

    Total: $ 20,000

    The City of Miami Fire Department also got some love from Graham with a $ 20,000 check.

  7. Shut Down Saks Fifth

    Total: $ 10,000 (honestly, probably a lot more)

    The 6 God took over Saks Fifth for a special woman, Odelie Paret. The head of OVO was inspired by a Miami Herald story, which details how the housekeeper’s commute can take almost three hours as she works at a physically demanding job to support her family. Drake and Antonio Brown from the Steelers reportedly treated the woman to a spa day, dinner at StripSteak, and a shopping spree.

  8. Random Acts Of Kindness

    Total: Priceless

    Honestly, Drake gives away so much in the “God’s Plan” video it is almost impossible to calculate it all without calling up the OVO accountant. We may never know what deal Drizzy got on the cars or the stack of cash he hands out to each family. Thankfully, that isn’t the point. You don’t have to be one of the biggest rappers alive to make someone’s day. Sometimes all it takes is some well-choreographed dance moves and a kind deed.


Nike Doernbecher 2016 Freestyle Collection Raises $1.2 Million

On the same night Nike unveiled the 2016 Doernbecher Freestyle Collection, exclusive pairs of each of the sneakers were auctioned off live in Portland, Oregon with all of the proceeds being donated to the OSHU Hospital. During previous events, sneakers sold between $ 15,000 – $ 30,000, but tonight a new record was set.

The 2016 Nike Doernbecher Freestyle Collection auction raised $ 1.2 Million to help sick kids of OHSU Doernbecher Hospital. Breakdowns for each shoe sold from the live auction totalling $ 220,000 are as follows:

  •  $ 99,000 –  Nike Kyrie 2 designed by Andy Grass (three total pairs, each bidder pays $ 33,000)
  •  $ 46,000 – Air Jordan 7 signed by Michael Jordan, designed by Damien Phillips (new single record high)
  • $ 21,000 –  Nike Air Max Zero signed by Seahawks Russell Wilson, designed by Chase Swearingen
  • $ 20,000 – Nike Air Huarache Ultra designed by Braylin Soon
  • $ 20,000 –  Nike Stefan Janoski Max designed by Corwin
  • $ 14,000 –  Nike Air Max Zero designed by Cheheyla Hyatt

The 2016 Doernbecher Freestyle Collection will be available to the public beginning December 17 on, SNKRS, at select Nike and partner retail locations across the U.S. (including Shoe Palace, Villa and Mr. Allen’s), with 100% of proceeds from the sales of the collection benefitting OHSU Doernbecher.

nike doernbecher freestyle 2016 collection


Nike MAG Raises $6.75 Million for Continued Parkinson’s Research

Earlier this morning the Michael J. Fox Foundation announced that the Nike MAG draw and auctions have raised $ 6.75 million for Parkinson’s Research.

The funds were generated both through live auctions in Hong Kong and London and Nike’s The Draw system, where fans of the shoe donated $ 10 for a chance to win a pair of the power-lacing sneaker.

The London auction sold the shoe for roughly $ 56,800, while Hong Kong’s sale went for much more at $ 104,000. Additionally, on the last day of The Draw, $ 10 donations were matched dollar for dollar.

In 2011, the Nike MAG raised $ 4.7M. Then, Google’s Sergey Brin matched and subsequently raised a total of $ 9.4M.



Michael Jordan Donates $5 Million to National Museum of African American History and Culture

Michael Jordan‘s unwavering philanthropy persists today as the hall of famer unloaded a hefty sum onto the National Museum of African-American History and Culture.

According to a report from the Washington Post, Jordan donated $ 5 million to the Washington D.C. museum. Moreover, his former team the Chicago Bulls donated a Jordan jersey from the 1996 NBA Finals.

The Post also reports that the museum will name a sports section of African-American themed space the Michael Jordan Hall. Jordan had this to say about this new development:

“I am grateful for the opportunity to support this museum. I also am indebted to the historic contributions of community leaders and athletes such as Jesse Owens, whose talent, commitment and perseverance broke racial barriers and laid the groundwork for the successful careers of so many African-Americans in athletics and beyond.”

Jordan has been extremely active as of late with both his words and his pocketbook. He recently donated $ 1 million each to both the International Association of Chiefs of Police’s Institute for Community-Police Relations and the NAACP Legal Defense Fund. He also made a statement regarding the killings of blacks by police officers and that of the slain police officers in Dallas last month.


Kanye West Says a Million Pairs of adidas Yeezy Boost Will Be Produced This Year

“I guess in a media world where you never hear the truth, the truth can come off as crazy…”

Does Kanye West saying that adidas will produce a million pairs of Yeezy Boost this year sound crazy? Well, if his above tweet from earlier today is any indication, it shouldn’t sound crazy at all.

Just a short time ago, in a quiet moment that West mentioned felt like returning “home from battle,” he said something that adidas Yeezy Boost fans have wanted to hear since the very first pair released: adidas will be making a lot more pairs. One million pairs this year, to be exact.

Quantity, not affordability, has been the ongoing issue with the adidas Yeezy Boost. This news from West should leave fans very hopefully, as most still don’t own a pair of Yeezy Boosts even though they desperately want to. West didn’t go into specifics as to how the one million pairs will be dispersed, but he did mention that adidas is opening new factories to apparently handle the production. This, of course, won’t solve the larger supply and demand issue, yet the sheer numbers should lift the spirits of those who still hope to land a pair.


T.I. Owes The U.S. Government Over $4.5 Million USD

It has been reported by the Daily Mail that Clifford Harris, aka T.I. owes the federal government over $ 4.5 million USD in unpaid taxes from way back in 2012 and 2013. As a result, the government has filed two tax liens against the rapper’s property and assets including his $ 4-plus million dollar home in Georgia, his Bentley Mulsanne and Ferrari F430 Spider along with his solid gold Rolex watch. Despite this, the 34-year-old rapper is reportedly worth over $ 215 million USD, so this tax debt wouldn’t even make a dent in his fortune.


Forbes Reveals How Michael Jordan Made $90 Million in 2013

They call him “Money” for a reason. Aside from being straight cash on the court, Michael Jordan has proved one of the best businessmen in the basketball footwear industry. Just how good? Forbes reports that in 2013 alone he made $ 90 Million off his Jordan Brand partnership with Nike. Here’s a few things to put in perspective:

Forbes reports that last weekend the Air Jordan 10 “Powder Blue” did $ 35 Million in first-day sales alone. Conversely, the adidas D Rose signature line did $ 40 Million in all of 2013.

It’s not just Derrick Rose that the retired legend is outselling. LeBron James, the highest selling signature star in the NBA today, sold $ 300 Million worth of shoes in 2013. Jordan did $ 2.25 Billion in 2013.

Lastly, if anyone’s questioning Kanye West’s knowledge of the industry, it appears Yeezy’s understanding is pretty on-point. In the interview with Angie Martinez where he announced his partnership with adidas, he discussed his issue with Nike regarding his lack of royalties as an artist as opposed to an athlete, citing Michael Jordan’s profitable situation as an example. “Michael Jordan has 5%, that business is $ 2 billion. He makes a $ 100 million dollars a year off of 5% royalties,” said West. Examining the numbers reported by Forbes, he’s not far off.

Lead image by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images via Zimbio


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