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Chinatown Market is Making Bootleg Chuck Taylors & So Should You

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The phrase “Just Do It” is back at the forefront of sports and pop culture, but perhaps it’s just as relevant in fashion and design.

For Mike Cherman, the mind behind the KITH logo, countless Nike Sportswear projects and the brand Chinatown Market, his JDI attitude toward creation is spreading with the intent of more DIY apparel and footwear on the market.

Teaming up with Converse, the Cali resident returned to his home of New York to disrupt the red carpets of Fashion Week to set up shop at the brand’s NY flagship to create bootleg Chucks with his team of experimenters and the people of the Big Apple.

From lacing LeBron with 1 of 1s to having Erykah Badu slide into his DMs, hear why his bootlegging brand is changing the laws of collaboration and shifting the perspective on Do It Yourself style.

Nice Kicks: First off, how’s it feel to be back in New York and tell us about the Converse event.

Mike Cherman: It’s really good to be back in New York and we’re excited to bring some of our customizations here for Fashion Week. We’ve got everything from airbrushing to rhinestones to glitter transfers to hand-painting to the printing gun. We brought almost our entire office out here, so I’m pretty much a little babysitter. [Laughs] We brought it all out so I’m super excited.

Nice Kicks: The bootleg Chucks have made a huge splash. How’d the idea first come about and how does this event see the next evolution of it?

Mike Cherman: You know, that whole thing came out of the idea of taking two of the most demanded things in pop culture and smashing them together. For us, constant experimentation takes place in our office and that experimentation led us to that. Obviously, that bootleg was such a strong idea but it’s really about us continuing to tell the story of customization and the idea that Chucks can change all the time.

As consumers of the Chuck we know it’s a longstanding staple that hasn’t changed in years, but it’s our job to show that they’re so much more. You can really go crazy with them as a canvas. They’re so perfect for us to play with.

Nice Kicks: Growing up in the 2000s whether it be gear or kicks, what was your relationship to both streetwear and bootleg gear?

Mike Cherman: From a young age, I used to go into New York City with my dad. We’d go to Chinatown after he got out of work and we’d go to dinner and buy toys. That left an impression on me as a kid.

But I think the bigger picture is that we’re trying to take the whole DIY nature of what bootlegging really is and that’s creating ideas that don’t already exist and allowing them to happen. It’s almost the idea of forced collaboration. It allows us to constantly create new ideas that maybe the powers that be don’t want to see, but the idea for us is to show the consumer that the ideas are constantly coming.

Converse Chuck Taylor Chinatown Market

Nice Kicks: The bootleg Chucks have been gifted and worn by the likes of LeBron James, Nigo and Erykah Badu. How did that interest come about and what’s it like to see them sport your creative work?

Mike Cherman: You know man, the beauty for us is about the idea and less about the credit. It’s beautiful when you see LeBron get those shoes and then Erykah Badu hops in your DM and says, ‘I need them!’ I’ve been growing up listening to her since I was a kid so it’s amazing to see something like that happen.

It’s the validation of the idea, you know? We’re not out here to say Chinatown Market did this. It’s more about can we inspire that DIY nature in the marketplace? After this event, you’re gonna see hundreds of kids who went and made their own Converse and activated it themselves to create their own bootleg. To me, that’s inspiring and our idea in the first place: DIY, make it yourself and go for it. That kind of spirit is what’s going to lead the next generation of creators.

Nice Kicks: Irony and humor are at the heart of the brand. Is it perfect time to be printing a Swoosh on shoes or branding product as Nike when others are doing crazy stuff like cutting the logo off their socks?

Mike Cherman: Exactly, man. We’d like to have that statement to know that we’re behind all those things [that Nike is doing]. We’re not on the other side.

Converse Chuck Taylor Chinatown Market

Nice Kicks: Lastly, what’s next from Chinatown Market on the footwear tip?

Mike Cherman: Constant innovation on how we approach footwear projects. I think you’re going to see some really interesting things from us over the next year. We look to just continue to build our relationship with Converse and try to make some interesting projects.

We want to shake up the industry in regards to how people look at collaborations and how they look at small brands and how they can shake up the bigger landscape of retail across the US and across the world.



Chance The Rapper’s Next Philanthropy Mission Is About Making Sure Everyone Gets A ‘Chance At Greatness’

Chance the Rapper might not be releasing an album this week, contrary to previous reports. The confusion was warranted considering that his interview with the Chicago Tribune teased that a new project was arriving “in time for the Special Olympics” — the 50th Anniversary concert of which he is producing and headlining on Saturday (July 21).

However, the update isn’t all bad news. During the discussion, the “Forever Always” rapper did describe in a very inspirational manner why his commitment to supporting the Special Olympics is important.

“I haven’t done as much work as possible with the intellectual and physical disabilities community,” Chance detailed. “But overall we’ve been about access, just trying to make sure everyone is given their chance at greatness. And greatness isn’t something segregated. When I looked into the history of the Special Olympics, that it started here 50 years ago and how many [Special Olympics] athletes we have in Chicago — 7,000 — I felt we should be a part of it.”

During the interview, Chance also opened up about the challenges of collaborating with artists in the major label system when you’re independent.

“Music has value,” he continued. “I put my music out there for free because I wanted people to see and notice it as a beacon for what I’m doing, in terms of how unorthodox I wanted my approach and my delivery of each piece of music to be… The bigger concern for artists now is navigating the legal issues of owning your music, your publishing, your distribution. It has been difficult for me to release music with artists who work with the majors. A lot of stuff I’ve worked on hasn’t come out since Coloring Book because it’s hard.”

Hopefully the labels back off of Chance because we need that Kanye West-produced seven-song album.


Cardi B Talks About Her Pregnancy & Making Money Moves On TRL

These days, it’s impossible to go anywhere without a mention of Cardi B—I barely remember what life was like before the entertainment world revolved around her! Last week, the rapper sealed her fate as a music legend with the release of her bombshell debut album titled Invasion Of Privacy. Following all of her groundbreaking success, it only seemed right that the Love & Hip-Hop alum take over the TRL studio for the day to celebrate her latest accomplishments.

Sway Calloway made his epic return to MTV to celebrate this monumental moment, also tapping Cardi’s sister Hennessy Carolina to co-host the show and count down her top 10 iconic moments. After they warmed up the show, Queen Cardi sat on her cushioned throne and talked everyone through her latest life updates, including her newly announced pregnancy, her engagement to Offset, what went down at the Invasion Of Privacy release party and the moment that she felt like she finally made it.

Cardi also reflected on the legacy of her viral video for “a hoe never gets cold” and then got super nostalgic with Hennessy in a round of I Did It that ended with her casually getting a brand-new Gucci bag. J Balvin and DJ Khaled also sent over some special shoutouts, which was too cute. Cardi is truly a character with a big personality, so it made sense that some fierce drag queens touched down in the studio and embodied a few of our favorite versions of her. On top of that, Cardi also got a custom cover blanket courtesy of, a one-of-a-kind painting and a gigantic cake. Just another day in the fabulous life of Cardi B!


Kanye West Is Apparently Back On His Mountaintop Making Music

Kanye West famously recorded his 2010 album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, in Hawaii, and the stories of personalities as disparate as Rick Ross, Bon Iver’s Justin Vernon, and Nicki Minaj making music amid clouds of weed smoke are legendary. As West works on his new LP, reportedly in picturesque Wyoming, I can’t help but wonder: Are such revelries happening on this majestic mountaintop out west?

According to some recent updates from eagle-eyed Kanye fan accounts, the answer might be yes. And that’s exciting.

Above is a sample of the natural wonders by which West has apparently surrounded himself, along with a quick little snippet of his own head (complete with what looks like pink hair). Photos on fan accounts seem to confirm this, as well as Kim Kardashian’s presence out there too, doing some skiing.

But even more important than West’s hair or Kim’s slope work is who else has seemingly made the trek up to Kanye’s mountaintop creative kingdom (and it does seem to be creative, as per this shot of recording/editing software). In the past week or so, Travis Scott, Kid Cudi, Nas, A$ AP Bari, King Louie, and The-Dream have all been reportedly spotted in Wyoming, along with producers Jeff Bhasker, Wheezy, and Pi’erre Bourne.

Of course, just because all these talented musicians and writers happen to be in the same general location as Kanye at the same time he is doesn’t mean they’re recording with him. And even if they are, there’s no guarantee that their contributions will be made into final songs at all, let along songs that make it to a hypothetical eighth West LP.

But it still could mean that. And that’s good news, especially after West’s erratic behavior and eventually canceled Saint Pablo Tour at the end of 2016.

The last we heard from him, he popped back up on Instagram for a day — Valentine’s Day — as a grand romantic gesture for his wife. Maybe the next thing we’ll hear is a song or two — music he didn’t have to go all the way to Hawaii to make.


President Obama Signs Law Making Ticket Buying Bots Illegal, Sneakers and Streetwear Could Be Next

The White House announced Thursday that President Barack Obama had signed a new law making the use of bots illegal to buy tickets online. The new bill is called the “Better Online Ticket Sales Act of 2016”, or if you prefer, the BOTS Act.

White House Press describes the new law “prohibits the circumvention of control measures used by Internet ticket sellers to ensure equitable consumer access to tickets for certain events.” This measure of preventing bots starts with forums like Ticketmaster, and other platforms to purchase tickets for concerts, shows, etc. Soon, though, the law could extend to the sell of sneakers and streetwear.

For now the use of bots is completely illegal. Additionally, the use of bots for reselling tickets is prohibited. So in the near future, this law could be reinforced to cover all consumers goods, including sneakers. Stay tuned to Nice Kicks for more on this story.

Source: Complex


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Reebok The Making Of a Classic Video Video: Reebok The Making Of A Classic

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Known for making durable, high quality boots since 1883, Wolverine is celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Original 1000 Mile Boot with a special Centennial Edition. Meticulously designed to replicate the craftsmanship and aesthetic of the 1000 Mile Boot first introduced in 1914, the Centennial Edition 1000 Mile Boot features Horween Leather Company’s Genuine American Bison and is made in Wolverine’s Big Rapids, Michigan, factory.

The Centennial Edition celebrates this 100th anniversary with an All-American update to the original. The Centennial Edition is made from the Original 1000 Mile pattern, featuring time-tested Goodyear Welt construction and a leather outsole with a Vibram® heel. The Horween Genuine American Bison leather upper is distinctively rugged and showcases the true uniqueness of the natural product. The expertise of the skilled craftspeople and the leather tanned using the best possible materials yield a product that improves with age and wear. The boot is available in two distinct colors, Tan and Brown, and is fully lined.

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GQ EXCLUSIVE: Pharrell on the making of his new album, G I R L


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