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Watch Kyle Projectile Vomit On Wiz Khalifa In The After Party Trailer

Sometimes in order to achieve your dreams, you have to go through some seriously crazy shit. Apparently, no one knows that better than Kyle in his upcoming Netflix movie, The After Party, in which he plays an unknown rapper looking for his big break.

The comedy’s first trailer opens with Owen (Kyle) sampling his skills in front of a bathroom stall in the hopes of landing a record deal — but it turns out he’s pitching the intern (Jordan Rock) rather than the exec. From there, Owen and his “manager” Jeff (Harrison Holzer) continue the hustle, which brings them to the show that’s “gonna get us the deal.” Unfortunately, it ends up being the show where Owen projectile vomits on Wiz Khalifa, then has a mid-set seizure thanks to Wiz’s “incredibly strong weed.”

Owen becomes a viral sensation when he’s trolled as #SeezjahBoy, but Jeff convinces the aspiring rapper that he still has one last shot at legit fame. Enter: the after party, where DJ Khaled, French Montana, Pusha T, and more are practically waiting to discover Owen and give him that record deal. But getting there won’t be easy.

Surviving the hustle is a familiar trope for writer and director Ian Edelman, who created How To Make It In America, the HBO show that followed a group of 20-somethings trying to break into the NYC fashion industry and counted another rapper/actor, Kid Cudi, among its stars.

Teyana Taylor and Teen Wolf‘s Shelley Hennig also star in The After Party, which premieres August 24 on Netflix.


KYLE Opens Up About How Kid Cudi’s Music Saved His Life On TRL

TRL guest KYLE is slowly becoming the king of collabs, but Sway Calloway was most interested in a recent studio session with Chance the Rapper, Quavo, Rich The Kid and French Montana that he casually posted on Instagram. KYLE wouldn’t reveal too much about what went down, but he did share some highlights from the experience.

After that, he explained the origins of his strong bond to Kid Cudi’s music and how the rapper got him through a hard time in his life. “I felt like I found somebody who understood,” said KYLE. “He showed me the power of music. You can save somebody’s life with it.” Needless to say that meeting Kid Cudi at Coachella was the ultimate full-circle moment for him. He adds, “I was so happy to see my superhero in the flesh.”

KYLE also opened up about what it means to have his own holiday in his hometown of Ventura and the importance of giving back to his community. TRL airs on weekdays at 8:00am ET!


Interview // Kyle Ng On Being Inspired By Tactical Art to Design the Future of Air with Nike

photos, interview & words // Ray P.:

Whether you’re a straight up sneakerhead or use sneakers as a form of artistic expression, it’s deeper than just rubber soles and laces. Kyle NG, artist and Nike Revolutionair, is a perfect example of the latter. From Nike using waffles to design shoes to having guys on the team named The Architect, it’s evident that inspiration for what you wear on your feet extends beyond the simple concept of footwear.

The Swoosh invited 12 chosen ones to reimagine Nike Air Max styles as part of their “Revolutionairs” campaign. Using Nike World Headquarters in Beaverton, Oregon, as their playground these artists, designers, DJs, and retailers were tasked with reimagining the most iconic cushioning to ever hit the pavement.  The Revolutionair’s shoe with the most votes in their favor will actually have his or her Nike Air model released in 2018 on Air Max Day.

Read ahead for a discussion with Kyle NG on the deeper level meaning of his shoe design, what artists inspire him daily, and more in the interview below:

Ray P: High key, when I wore the Air Max 1 Flyknit Ultra last Spring, it was the best feeling Air Max that ever graced my feet. So, when I saw your Revolutionair design, I immediately knew you knew what’s up. You picked a great base shoe that I think a lot of people are sleeping on. What made you choose that specific version of the AM1?

Kyle Ng: I come from a design background and art community rather than the sneaker world. I love the idea of Flyknit and the artisanal idea of mechanized craft. The rich idea of weaving techniques really drew me to the shoe. A lot of my design is about California art and tactile art, the touch and quality of craftsmanship. If you go to Palm Springs you’ll see a lot of art and my design is representative of that, too. The colors give off a real organic feel. The polka dots you see along the uppers represents artist Sister Corita Kent and all the amazing political activism as well as art she put effort into.

The Air Max 1 itself has a rich heritage in art and design coupled with great story with Tinker Hatfield and his background in Architectural design.

RP: If you could choose one model or celebrity to style in your shoe for a lookbook, who would you bring on board to represent the future of Air with you?

KN: I love the artist David Hockney. He has the illest style in the world.

RP: I just googled the guy, you weren’t lying, ha! Dude’s style is sick.

Earlier, I interviewed fellow Nike Revolutionair Sean Wotherspoon and asked him the same question, how has sneakers changed your life?

KN: I wouldn’t consider myself a super sneakerhead kid, but I love sneakers as a design object. I have a lot of shoes, but I wear everything. I don’t keep anything on ice. I started with Nike SB because I skated all the time. I love the idea of shoes having more of a story than just a normal thing. Sneakers are the one design object you wear every single day. I think it’s important to have the thing you use most in your life to be of super quality, you know? And to me, Nike has always been that brand that go-to brand. The Air Max line incorporates the stuff I love like design ethos and puts it into a shoe itself. SB’s and Air Max’s changed the way I looked at shoes.

Really it’s about the idea that you’re using the foot as an action to make movements. And not just a physical movement, but a political movement or any kind of movement artistically and creatively

RP: I love your perspective. Nike SB did that for me as well.

Before we go head into the SNEAKEASY  Pop-up, It’s the last day people can vote for you… what do you want the people to know?

KN: The shoe is about inspiring the idea of creativity. It’s more of a social message. The words on the back of the shoe “Give a damn” is based off the artist I mentioned earlier Sister Corita, it’s a nod to a pin that she used in one of her prints that I own.

Really it’s about the idea that you’re using the foot as an action to make movements. And not just a physical movement, but a political movement or any kind of movement artistically and creatively. That’s what I wanted to show, a shoe that goes beyond something you work out in, train in or skate in, it’s more about a spiritual, next level idea of what shoes should be.

Sneakers are a vessel to create more ethos. I tend to pick shoes that inspire me to do something bigger.

RP: I always tell people sneakers are the most powerful statements you can make without ever saying one word. So I appreciate your time and you definitely took sneakers to a deeper level of thinking than most would anticipate. You’re dope.

KN: Man, thank you. That’s what it’s all about. Peace.



Kyle Ng x O’Neill 2015 Spring/Summer Lookbook

In a new capsule collaboration, San Francisco surfing company O’Neill blends common Californian sensibilities with Los Angeles-based designer Kyle NG of AXS Folk Technology. The collection includes 15 pieces suitable for the warmer seasons ahead as well as Ng’s touch of modernism to O’Neill’s vintage surf style. Within the range, notable pieces include an organic cotton T-shirt which features an all-over storm cloud motif inspired by an old kimono pattern; and a pair of boardshorts with a palm tree print embossed all over, reminiscent of the scenic environment throughout the Golden State. Take a look at the premium threads by O’Riginals in the lookbook above and head over to O’Neill for more information and availability.


Kyle Lowry Joins adidas

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