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Nicki Minaj Let Us Know ‘Normani Is That Bitch’ During VMA Speech

Nicki Minaj’s acceptance speech for the Best Hip Hop Moon Person at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards was full of fiery, iconic, and spicy moments — but before the first televised win of the night was announced, Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart let their unique brand of comedy fly at the expense of Fifth Harmony.

“She’s nominated for five VMAs tonight, five of them,” Haddish said of Camila Cabello. “I’m super proud of her. So those of you watching at home, hi, Fifth Harmony.”

After Ariana Grande helped her bestie up to the stage, the Queen rapper decided to set the record straight and come to Normani’s defense. ”Tiff, don’t be coming for Fifth Harmony, because Normani is that bitch,” Nicki warned the Night School lead.

The competition for Best Hip Hop at the VMAs was fierce — Nicki beat out Cardi B’s “Bartier Cardi” featuring 21 Savage, The Carters’ “APES**T,” Drake’s “God’s Plan,” J. Cole’s “ATM,” and Migos’s “Walk It Talk It” featuring Drake — but that didn’t seem to phase the queen. She also made sure to let the audience know that they should “tune in for Queen radio so you can know who the Cocksucker of the Day award is going to.”

It’s safe to say that Nicki had a lot of confidence to spare at this year’s show.


Nicki Minaj’s ‘Ganja Burn’ Gives Us The Mummy Remake We Didn’t Know We Needed

Nicki Minaj’s reign continues with the release of the “Ganja Burn” music video. Directed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the visual starts with the story of a “generous queen” who’s killed by a group of enemies. The queen, played by Nicki, is eventually revived, and instructs her army to “kill everything in sight.”

The video then sees Nicki rising from her sand grave, wearing royal pasties and surrounded by her zombie forces. Nicki dances, sings to skulls, and watches her kingdom while perched from a tree branch. Epic, sensual, and spooky, the video leans in heavy to the overarching theme of Queen-era Nicki: anyone who dares to challenge her seat at the throne is an enemy that needs to be dealt with and dismantled. Minaj’s performance would be right at home in a remake of The Mummy (and no, we’re not talking about the 2017 Tom Cruise edition).

In a recent Rolling Stone interview, Nicki’s recording engineer, Aubry “Big Juice” Delaine, discussed how “Ganja Burn” was created.

“That was crazy, because she probably freestyled 65 percent, 75 percent of the song,” Delaine said. “She got the beat from her producer J. Reid, head it, told me to load it up and ran in the booth. It was kind of the same with ‘Chun-Li.’ She was playing around, singing, ‘ganja burn, ganja burn, ganja burn,’ and then when she listened back, she was like, ‘that shit’s hard!’ I wanna say the hook is still the freestyle she laid when she first stepped in the booth. She pulled that shit out of thin air.”

Do you think Nicki will bring an Egyptian kingdom to her VMA performance next week?

The 2018 MTV Video Music Awards will air live from Radio City Music Hall on Monday, August 20 at 9 p.m. ET/PT. Voting is now open at!


Tyler, The Creator Lets Frank Ocean Know He’s ‘Running Shit’ On ‘Bring It Back’ Verse

Tyler, the Creator has been in a giving mood. In March, he dropped “OKRA” and gave props to Valee after being influenced by his style. Last night (April 11), Tyler decided to show love to Trouble, Drake, and Mike Will Made It by adding a verse to “Bring It Back.”

Over the unorthodox beat, Tyler’s pitched-up voice raps about his lucrative shoe deal with Converse, flexes about his Casio watch, and the importance of investing in stocks. The Golf Wang businessman also finds time to shout-out two of his R&B friends, mentors, and inspirations. Towards the middle of his verse, he lets Solange and Frank Ocean know an important message — “Shout out Solo that’s big sis / Shout out Frankie that’s big bro / Ya lil’ homie running shit no question.”

Before the release of the song, Tyler took to Twitter to describe how the track came together.

“travis ( taco) played me this song last week and the pocket of the snare and kick drum had me like wow,” Tyler wrote. “then i heard the guy rap, trouble is his name, and i was like wow i love this song. i face timed mike will and was like wow this song, and he sent the instrumental and i was like bet, this will be fun.”

What is the next beat Tyler, the Creator should demolish?


A$AP Rocky Wants You To Know He Kisses To Frank Ocean’s Blonde

A$ AP Rocky’s new single “A$ AP Forever” is perplexing for a couple of reasons. Last night (April 4), the Harlem rapper premiered the song along with “Distorted Records” on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. Rocky dressed in a crash test suit wakes up in a bedroom where masked individuals observe him.

Thankfully, Rocky doesn’t mind being a test subject. He does get to have two phones, keys, a puppy lamp, weed, and a photo of Martin Luther King Jr in his room. If the scientists are grading the young artist on his rapping skills, he did a marvelous job.

Rocky’s mystifying Tonight Show performance only amplifies the incomprehensibility of “A$ AP Forever.” First, the song samples Moby’s “Porcelain,” which will undoubtedly get the ’90s heads excited. Second, the song is lyrically interesting for what Rocky decides to focus on. “A$ AP Forever” is less about the mob being eternal and more about Rocky adjusting to fame, fearing an early grave, and battling dark thoughts.

At least, Rocky admits he and his significant other, “kiss to Frank Ocean and Blonde,” which is highly relatable. After Rocky’s singular verse and chorus, the song gives way to the “Porcelain”-sampling outro.

It is hard to pinpoint where A$ AP Rocky is going musically. Last week, he released the Blocboy JB-assisted “Bad Company,” which is far closer to the popular trap-focused rap of today than “A$ AP Forever.” Before these two tracks, he’s dropped an alternative rock song and one about Uber drivers. Wherever the At.Long.Last.A$ AP-rapper is going, only he truly knows.


Eight Things You Should Know About the Nike Air Max 270

Following our exclusive look at the Nike Air Max 270 earlier today, the Swoosh dishes out even more details on its excitable new silhouette. They’ve focused on eight key facts regarding the lifestyle centric Air Max 270 — all of which we detail for you here.

Breaking history almost immediately, the Air Max 270 is championed as Nike’s first Air Unit lifestyle shoe. Sure, there have been other lifestyle driven shoes with aesthetically pleasing Air cushioning, but all others saw a primary focus as a performance runner. It’s also noteworthy that the shoe is inspired by both the Air Max 93 and the Air Max 180, respectively.

The shoes 270 moniker originated from an internal Nike epithet for the Air Max 93, which acts as a call back to the 270 degrees of visibility in the Air Unit. Also, to that end, it’s the tallest Air Unit ever, tallying 32-mm in height. This speaks to the biggest heel volume displacement on record in efforts to support maximum Air comfort.

All this cushioning and height will make appearances on a variety of Nike silhouettes in 2018, many of which will be dressed in different colors.

Another interesting fact about the Air Max 270 is that Kevin Durant was one of the first Nike athletes to wear test the shoe. He loves them and also owns the largest pair: a size 18.

The eighth and final fact regarding the Nike Air Max 270 is its release date: February 1, 2018. Select retailers will stock the shoe as well as Nike SNKRS. Take a closer look below.

Nike Air Max 270
Nike Air Max 270
Nike Air Max 270
Nike Air Max 270
Nike Air Max 270
Nike Air Max 270
Nike Air Max 270
Nike Air Max 270
Nike Air Max 270
Nike Air Max 270


“You want to know what the world is about? No one knows what to think. If we could just embrace not…”

“You want to know what the world is about? No one knows what to think. If we could just embrace not knowing for a second, we might have a chance.”

Garry Shandling, GQ, August 2011 

Hi GQ! I’m a 6’4″ guy in his early twenties. I have a long back and it makes finding well fitting, fashionable clothes hard to find. Do you know of any places a taller guy could find a decent wardrobe?

We just published a story that covers this exact topic. Read it here. 


We don’t know what this woman’s job is, but it involves her…

We don’t know what this woman’s job is, but it involves her watching men with six-packs strip to their underwear and she seems to really enjoy it. 


Finally, we know what it would look like if you replaced Drake…

Finally, we know what it would look like if you replaced Drake in “Hotline Bling” with Bernie Sanders. 


You May Know Me from Such Roles as Terrorist #4You’ve…

You May Know Me from Such Roles as Terrorist #4

You’ve heard of actors getting typecast. But there is no group more slighted, more narrowly cast, than the Muslim-American actors who earn virtually their entire livings pretending to hijack planes and slaughter infidels. Jon Ronson embarks on a soul-searching odyssey with the bad guys of Homeland, American Sniper, and 24.

Photo by Peter Yang. 


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