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Kevin Poon Shares His Sneaker Rotation

Kevin Poon is a serial entrepreneur and co-founder of the renowned streetwear brand, CLOT. Over the years, CLOT has built its reputation on collaboration with major footwear brands, like Nike, teaming up with CLOT over the years.

Kevin and his team have been working hard to instill creativity and inspire perspectives in hopes of bridging the gap between the East and West is core to the brand.

Recently, CLOT released Alienegra Collection in Desert Camo, the collection includes a full range of apparel and collaboration with HERSCHEL SUPPLY CO and Suicoke. Check out the full collection here, and find out what shoes Kevin is wearing below.

Kevin Poon: Shout out to Dr. Woo.  and it’s good to see a tattoo artist to collaborate with Converse. I like them not only because Dr. Woo is a good friend of mine, but also the unique and thoughtful design throughout the sneaker.

Kevin Poon: The Off-White x Nike Air Presto has to be my all-time favorite.  Virgil killed it  with the deconstructed design. More importantly, they are good for daily wear and extremely comfortable.

Kevin Poon: Suicoke’s sandals are cozy! You can’t go wrong with a pair of sandals on you when you travel or in the house. Also, the new CLOT x Suicoke are fresh af

Kevin Poon: Undercover is always one of my all time favourite brands! . They are really comfortable, the Nike React Element 87 model is one the best releases this year so far, plus the unique take by Undercover, it makes the Nike React Element 87 even better.

Kevin Poon: I know these came out like a year ago, but the Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard is the all-time classic. They are basically capable with anything, you can wear them with shorts, pants, even with suits if you really want to. I am glad that they did a Tom Sachs x Nike Mars Yard 2.0, so I can have a fresher pair.


Nike Created Special Edition KD 11 PEs for Kevin Durant’s Return to Seattle

While most align Oklahoma City with the earliest stages of Kevin Durant‘s NBA career, the infancy of his leap to the pros after one year at the University of Texas was spent in Seattle. Before the Supersonics moved to Oklahoma, in 2008, Durant laced up the same glowing hues Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp once did.

Nike KD 11 "Seattle Blends" PE
Nike KD 11 “Seattle Blends” PE

Nike pays tribute to Durant’s time in the Emerald City with a budding KD 11 PE. Dubbed the “Seattle Blends” edition, the pair was produced with tonight in mind, as Durant and the Warriors travel to Seattle for a preseason game against the Sacramento Kings.

The shoe was first seen on Seattle Storm forward Breanna Stewart back in June. Durant will lace up the shoe tonight in the city that drafted him. This player exclusive isn’t expected to release at retail.

Nike KD 11 "Seattle Blends" PE
Nike KD 11 “Seattle Blends” PE


Just The Facts // Jason Petrie & Kevin Dodson Discuss The Nike LeBron 15

words // Nick DePaula
images // Kicks Vision & Sole Collector China

Ever since he entered the league as a manchild unlike anything the Association had ever before seen, LeBron James has also required a blend of performance in his sneakers from Nike unlike any other signature series.

“He’s a very unique problem to have out there. He’s very fast and very powerful,” says Jason Petrie, designer of the series since the LeBron VII. “When we’re building a LeBron, we know all of that going in.”

On his latest signature model, the Nike LeBron 15, the team enjoyed a bit of a reset. By moving away from the more layered Foamposite-based designs of recent years, along with the hexagonal Zoom Air underfoot cushioning platform, the LeBron 15 takes a new approach more in line with other modern signature lines.

With a fully knitted upper — dubbed “Flyknit Battle” — the shoe also sits atop a massive full-length Zoom Max cushioning unit that aims to blend both the responsiveness, court feel and flexibility that LeBron is looking for on the hardwood.

For insights into the entire design process of creating the LeBron 15 over the last year and a half, Nice Kicks heard from both Nike Basketball’s senior designer Jason Petrie and Kevin Dodson, Nike VP of Basketball Footwear.

The Athlete Insight

In looking to reimagine the series for the 15th model, the design team was tasked with introducing both an entirely new upper, along with an entirely new cushioning setup. While Kevin Durant’s 9th shoe introduced Flyknit and a full-length Zoom Air unit, the LeBron 15 features more protective and beefed up executions of both. The knit pattern is thicker, and the heel bag is a hybrid of Zoom fibers and Max pillars, in order to support LeBron’s hulking frame.

Up close with “Flyknit Battle.”

Jason Petrie: “With LeBron, we’re always looking for, ‘What’s that new thing?’ He kind of leads in style on and off the court, so we’re trying to do something new whenever we can. What’s great about this shoe is that we have two innovations that kind of grew together and came together at the same time.

That was kind of purposefully, as 15 is a big number for the line. No one has ever reached number 15 before LeBron [all while playing continuously], so it’s a big deal and we want to make a celebration of technology, style and of LeBron’s game. We have so much coming, and it’s going to be a really incredible year for LeBron.

First and foremost, he requires that it be hot. He wants to be able to wear it on and off the court. He wants to be the best in the game, and that’s where a lot of that pressure comes from. You’re looking at a guy who’s at the pinnacle of style and performance, and you’re adding a big piece to his wardrobe with the footwear. Keeping up with the high end fashion houses is not easy, but it’s a great challenge to have. He’s very open about things like the top line, and wanting it to fit like a sock. He was very directive about logo, and wanting to see if we could do some different expressions of the logo. It was awesome to have that kind of feedback along the way.”

Kevin Dodson: “We started out with the upper and the construction that you see today, more or less. We refined, improved and tuned it based on feedback. It was blank, and we looked at branding it. We went back, and said, ‘Well how do we put the Swoosh on?’ It’s an important piece, and obviously we’re proud of it and want it on the product. When we started to place it, nothing felt quite right, and we just thought, ‘Hey, lets let the innovation speak for itself.’ We can let the beauty of the design innovation live on its own. We used the back counter to be the space for the branding. I will say, it may not be the only place that it pops up. You might see it change as we go, and we’re going to have some fun with that. We might move it around a bit.”

An early round sample of the LeBron 15.

The Design Concept

Charged with a toolbox incorporating Nike’s new Flyknit Battle and a full-length, articulated Zoom bag, Jason Petrie was then tasked with creating a look and language for LeBron’s latest sneaker.

Jason Petrie: “I’m an 80s baby and a 90s guy, so I love that era of design. You can probably see throughout some of my designs, but I like having bigger, bumpy midsoles and loud, loud designs. I do feel like, maybe it’s time for a simpler aesthetic. With the way things are going, it’s a more simpler expression of that – still being expressive.

LeBron training in a Flyknit Hyperdunk during the summer of 2016.

Not boring, but simpler and more refined is really where things are trending. I believe this reflects that. It’s a very simple construction, but when you get closer, there’s a lot of detail and a lot of functional aspects that come to life.

We’ve been trying and wanting to find a Flyknit package that works for LeBron. He’s tested things, and you’ve probably seen pictures of him in Kobes. He tried out the Flyknit Hyperdunk last summer, gave us a lot of feedback and really liked them. All along the way, we were thinking of what we could do to build the shoe.

Then, we had a breakthrough with the BattleKnit innovation. We knew what we needed, but we just couldn’t create it in a way that we felt was light enough. Once the innovation team could solve that issue, it really opened up our ability to try a knit shoe.

There’s a very dynamic stretch fabric in the collar that lets you get that 1-to-1 fit, all without any seams or disruptions in the pattern. The feel and functionality of knit, our knit team did an amazing job of bringing that to life, with LeBron in mind. The new Flyknit is lighter, less layers, less stitching and less waste. It’s better than traditionally stitched layers and constructions. Those all combine for an unbeatable fit, where it feels soft and like a sock, but it also contains you and keeps you locked in on the footbed.”

Kevin Dodson: “I remember after the Finals, we sat down with LeBron and were talking about the Soldier. When he came out and wore the Soldier X in the weartest colorway, he was just saying, ‘When I looked down at my foot, it looked lighter and it looked sleeker.’ That was what opened up the possibilities of getting something sleeker and more minimal.

For us, part of the reason that worked, was we had a great lockdown system in that shoe, but we were able to do it in a sleek package. That’s 100% influenced how the game shoe can get lighter and sleeker. That led us down the mission of getting the toe to be even more tapered.”

LeBron’s Soldier X, worn during the 2016 NBA Finals.

The Tech

While the knitted upper represented a first for the LeBron series, the cushioning platform is a bit of a combination of his greatest hits. The series had relied on hexagonal Zoom Air pods for the last three shoes, with a drastic shift in store for this fall.

Jason Petrie:  “It comes from working with LeBron and what he asks us for. He loved the LeBron X, which had the full-length Zoom bag, with an Air Max feel to it. We felt that bag didn’t have the right flexibility to it though. For LeBron 11, 12, 13 and even 14, we were experimenting with flexibility and getting lower to the ground.

Jason Petrie, designer

All of that has led to this bag, taking the learnings from Hex Zoom and now bringing the benefits of Max Air, but with the fibers of Zoom. All of that gives you great resiliency and flexibility.

We’d been trying different Air bag solutions for a while now, and this is our final execution that works best for him. On the X and some of our other full-length shoes, the bottom was stable, but not as flexible as you’d maybe want. Here, this gives you a smooth transition, but it also combines the best of all of those shoes and Air bags.”

Kevin Dodson: “We’re blessed, because we have a lineage of so much great product. We looked back and said, ‘What’s been the best ride so far?’ Most people would say the LeBron X is in the mix. LeBron 2 is also incredible, and my guy Kenzo did that shoe. We looked at how do we give all that benefit, all that snap, that pop and that ride, but do it in a contemporary way where you get more transition on the court and more flexibility.

That was actually an insight from LeBron too. He said, ‘The one thing about the podular Zoom setups that’s been great is I’ve gotten lower. I feel confident in that, and I feel like the flexibility is better. But nothing is better than a bag, so give me both.’ That was a great starting point. The other thing that’s been great, is when I’ve worn it around, I love the collar fit.

It’s the ability to slip it on easy, but then have that nice collar fit and comfort, without being restrictive. You can’t love a shoe if you can’t get it on. We really wanted to make sure we got the collar fit right here, so you can just slip it on easy.”

Evolving The Line Ahead + Alternate Versions

In recent years, the LeBron line has experimented often with alternate versions throughout a season. There were three versions of the 8, an Elite edition for the 9 through 13, and slight alternations along the way for others. This year, the 15 will undergo at least three versions. As the line evolves and his needs change, different editions may also take on more of an off-court approach. There’s a zippered look designed in conjunction with New York boutique Kith, along with a multi-strapped silhouette inspired in part by his Soldier series.

Jason Petrie: “They have grown and moved along with LeBron’s game. He was a different player when I took over. He’s gotten better, and I think the shoes have gotten better, certainly functionally. We’ve gotten incredible innovation along the way, and I think the 15 is the best innovation now to date. This is the latest limb on the tree, and it’s built after everything before it.”

Kevin Dodson: “The Kith process began a little over a year ago. Early on. We started talking to LeBron about working with Kith, and we got a chance to sit down with Ronnie and his team. We started discussing the possibilities, and to be honest, we wanted to make sure it was the right product and the right shoe.

I don’t know if in the past, the shoe would’ve taken on the aspect of what Kith product usually has. It was pretty early on, and we gave them an early look at the 15, and they said, ‘That’s the one. That’s the one we want to work on.’ They came out to Beaverton to the campus a couple times, and we flew out to New York a couple times. It was a great working process, and they come at it from a different lens than we do. There’s a lot of shared crossover. It was fun, creative and a lot of dreaming between the design guys that they have, our guys and Jason [Petrie].

The zipper piece was the ability to just take the existing performance chassis and just twist it with something that’d be able to open up and expose some of what’s inside the shoe. It gives it a different styling. Originally, the zipper just went down to the end of the laces, but we thought that wasn’t quite it. We worked hard with the team and then just took it all the way down.

When you get a chance to hold it in person, there’s great detailing and some amazing leather that gets exposed in there. It’s really well thought out. There’s a second version that has a strap system. It’s a twisted version of this shoe, where we’re taking the Flyknit, simplifying it and then using some really modular strapping systems.”

Another initial sample of the LeBron 15

The Biggest Challenge?

Throughout his career, LeBron’s footwear has needed to perform for his unique frame and power, while also working for mere consumers that don’t require as much support and protection. It’s been a tricky balance for the brand, that’s worked better for some models than others. With the 15, there’s still that same challenge and responsibility felt by the team all these years later.

Jason Petrie: “Keeping up with LeBron [is the biggest challenge]. He continues to be successful. He leads the way, and if we continue to listen to him and follow his lead, then the sky is the limit. Actually, the moon is the limit, and outerspace is the limit. He uses the rocket emoji a lot, because he really means that we can keep reaching and go as high up as we want. We want to keep taking that and build on that strategy with every shoe that we make.

The pressure comes from LeBron. At the end of the day, when we put the shoe in front of him, even though he’s seen it all along the way, there’s still that special moment when you put the final shoe in front of him. It’s like a kid opening up a present for the first time – you can see that smile when he really loves it.”

Kevin Dodson: “I think more than anything, when you get to the number 15, you start to realize the responsibility that you have to carry on a tradition of great product. The Brand Jordan guys have that same feeling. We have that with our athletes with all of our franchises. For LeBron specifically, we felt like we could be better. That’s just the flat out truth. We felt like we could do a better job – more innovative, newer and more iconic simple designs that people wanted to wear, more than just on the court. That’s our responsibility. That was really the rallying cry, and we’re always proud of what we do, but we knew that we could be better.”




Kevin Durant To Join the Golden State Warriors

NBA’s Free Agency season kicked off to many high dollar signing and moves, but none compare to the recent announcement today that Kevin Durant will leave the Oklahoma City Thunder and sign with the Golden State Warriors.

Durant is the latest roster addition to the “best in the west” joining the court with Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green to name a few.  With a record setting 73-9 season for 2015-16, there has already been much speculation if the team can top that record again next season, but as many fans hope, the addition will bring in a ring unlike last season.

Just a few days ago, Nike released the newest signature shoe for Kevin Durant, the Nike KD9. While no OKC colorways have surfaced, it would be safe to assume that those orange accents will be swapped out for yellow to fit KD’s new squad.

What are your thoughts on the move by Kevin Durant to join the reigning MVP in Golden State?  What impact will this have on his legacy as a player?


Joe La Puma Goes Sneaker Shopping with Kevin Hart

Converging at 21 Mercer, Joe La Puma and Kevin Hart link up for the latest installment of Sneaker Shopping. In this installment, JLP talks to the comedic rock star about his days of working in a shoe store, getting OVO Jordans from Drake and his new shoe, the Hustle Hart. Always on, check it out in the video above.


Kevin Durant & Leo Chang Discuss the Nike Zoom KD IV

Just want to buy a pair right now? Click Amazon

nikezoom kdiv Kevin Durant & Leo Chang Discuss the Nike Zoom KD IV

Oklahoma Thunder’s Kevin Durant and Nike designer Leo Chang talks about the design and concept behind the impressive new Nike Zoom KD IV in this special video. Check out the clip and learn what went into this highly-anticipated sneaker.

The post Kevin Durant & Leo Chang Discuss the Nike Zoom KD IV appeared first on The Shoe Buff – Men's Contemporary Shoes and Footwear.


Kevin Durant Talks KD7 “Christmas,” “Aunt Pearl” & KD8

Kevin Durant may still be sidelined with a foot injury, but his signature line with Nike is still very much alive and well. With quite a few impressive colorways already to its credit, the Nike KD 7 has a lot more in store. In a recent interview with the Sneaker Reporter, Durant revealed some news on what’s to come in the near future. From touching on the upcoming “Christmas” version of his seventh signature shoe to an “Aunt Pearl” colorway, which is reportedly dropping February 1st, the reigning MVP also shed some light on the Nike KD 8 as well. Click here to check out the entire interview, and be sure to keep it locked to Nice Kicks for more information.


Air Jordan 12 Cleat Custom for Kevin Vickerson

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Kicks On Court: Kevin Durant Debuts “Home” Nike KD VII On Court

Following his official debut of the “Home” Nike KD VII at Media Day earlier this month, we see Kevin Durant put it to use on the court in OKC’s first preseason game of the year. Durant’s “Home” colorway of his seventh signature shoe features a predominately white base with a Photo Blue inner lining and outsole. The strap and Swoosh branding on the heel are colored in orange. Look for Durant to wear this particular colorway consistently throughout the season.

View these kicks, plus Kenneth Faried’s all-yellow adidas Crazy Ghost 2014s, Ty Lawson’s iDs and Amar’e Stoudemire’s PEs, below.

Kicks On Court

Kevin Durant defending in the “Home” Nike KD VII and Arron Afflalo in the adidas D Rose Englewood 3

Kicks On Court

Kevin Durant and Timofey Mozgov in the “Home” Nike KD VII and the Nike Zoom HyperRev, respectively

Kicks On Court

Kevin Durant wearing the “Home” Nike KD VII at Media Day

Kicks On Court

Russell Westbrook and Gary Harris in an Air Jordan XX9 PE and the Nike Kobe 9 EM, respectively


Kevin Butler of Rad Cars with Rad Surfboards x Herschel Supply Co.

Herschel Supply recently launched a new collection inspired by the work of Californian artist Kevin Butler, creator of the series Rad Cars with Rad Surfboards. The collection combines his passion for surf culture and sunny weather with Herschel Supply’s shared commitment to quality and craftsmanship across 13 pieces including backpacks, duffles, totes, pouches and other accessories including surf socks for short boards, a board rack and a beach towel. These all feature colors inspired by Butler’s illustrations as well as well as a special Rad Cars print liner.

The Spring 2014 Rad Cars collection can be found now in select stores across the globe and through Herschel Supply’s website and HYPEBEAST store for a limited time only.


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