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John Elliott’s Nike Air Force 1 Low Release is Almost Here

First shown back in November at the second annual ComplexCon in Long Beach, California, John Elliott’s exclusive Air Force 1 Low has been in the news back and forth as reports of a retail release continue to circulate. Much of the speculation, though, is due to the menswear designer himself who persists in teasing images of the shoe far beyond its origins as one part of Nike’s AF100 exhibition.

Just yesterday Elliott’s IG posed more imagery of the dimensionally savvy shoe which is produced in a white-on-white canvas. Reduced lines mark for subtle yet masterful layering — a term often used when defining how to best wear Elliott’s apparel collection.

So when exactly will the John Elliott x Nike Air Force 1 Low release? Only time will tell. But given the nature of the pictures that continue to surface, our thoughts are very soon or not at all. The former is hopeful.

Update 10/5: After long wait, John Elliott’s Nike Air Force 1 Low will finally release on October 18. Pricing details have not been announced.

John Elliott x Nike Air Force 1 Low

Colorway: White/White-White
Style #: AO9291-100
Release Date: October 18, 2018

John Elliott x Nike Air Force 1 Low
John Elliott x Nike Air Force 1 Low
John Elliott x Nike Air Force 1 Low
John Elliott x Nike Air Force 1 Low
John Elliott x Nike Air Force 1 Low
John Elliott x Nike Air Force 1 Low
John Elliott x Nike Air Force 1 Low
John Elliott x Nike Air Force 1 Low
John Elliott x Nike Air Force 1 Low
John Elliott x Nike Air Force 1 Low

Our take on the classic @nike AF1…

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John Elliott and Nike Debut the LeBron James Icon Collection

LeBron James has been an admirer of John Elliott since 2014, the self-labeled brand based in Los Angeles that began back in 2012. Starting with elevated basics and now encapsulating a full ready-to-wear collection, Elliott began working with Nike about the same time James began to gravitate towards his designs.

Fast forward to modern-day, and the John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon Collection is just days from release. Debuting in select regions this Saturday, August 4th, the mutual respect and admiration that Elliott and James carry for one another births this versatile offering that’s both focused and conceptually progressive.

John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon
John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon

Building the shoe from the ground up, Elliott credits James from making it all come together by adding the collection’s sock component and his curiosity for product design. “It’s a great story to tell, because it really hammers home my whole ethos as a designer, which is all about creating a layered look,” Elliott said.

The Icon sneaker, layered to add proportion with translucent components that crystallize foundational details, takes much of its inspiration from one of James’ most popular signature sneakers — the Nike LeBron 8. Hovering above full-length Air cushioning, a curvaceous ankle collar and front slope are met with overlaying lines and well-placed Swoosh branding. All of this aims to serve function, versatility and, as Elliott would proclaim, the ability to “move and transition.”

Smartly designed for comfort while one pushes through the boundaries of comfort zones, the John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon QS and its supporting collection of tees, sweats, socks, cap and jacket, will release online on August 4th in North America, Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia and Brazil. Additional launches will follow on August 25th in China and on September 1st in Europe.

John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon QS

Release Date: August 4, 2018
Price: $ 250

John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon
John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon
John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon
John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon


John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon // Closer Look

Calling an audible but perhaps not unexpected, King James is elevating and revamping his retro line before it truly takes form via the John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon.

Donning DNA from the LeBron 8, said to be Elliot’s favorite LeBron model, a closer look at the White/Black colorway sheds new light on the construction.

Top to bottom, the shoe features a leather tongue with inverted branding. From there, a myriad of overlays make the model more interesting but perhaps cause confusion — not necessarily in a bad way, though. A fused upper results in a rounded but still sharp shape, set off the most by sewn overlays on the heel and toe box. Lastly, a full-length Air Max unit and translucent outsole cap off the kicks.

See them on the feet of Nike Basketball’s Tim Day below. To see how LeBron rocked his new shoe, click here. To see how John Elliott wore them, click here.


Here’s How John Elliott Wore His Nike LeBron Icon Collab

John Elliott is best known for designing clothes, but he’s also pretty well known for wearing them.

The man managed to show his affinity for both last night as he donned his own John Elliott x Nike LeBron Icon while attending Game 4 of Cavs vs Celtics series.

From head to toe, JE kept it both basic and interesting. A backward Yankees fitted was worn as expected with perhaps the statement piece being a tie-dye oxford as if Jerry Seinfeld listened to Jerry Garcia. From there, cut off jeans set the stage for black crew socks juxtaposing the sail sneakers.

To see how LeBron rocked his new John Elliott collab, click here.


Morning Bop: I Suddenly See John Mayer In A “New Light”

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John Elliott x Nike Air Force 1 Low “Friends and Family” to Debut at ComplexCon

Not that long ago, John Elliott was writing letters to Nike in hopes of one day designing sneakers for the brand. Fast forward to years later and Nike is asking him to do just that. Following the success of his Nike Vandal collaboration, Nike asked John to produce an Air Force 1 in honor of the shoe’s 35th anniversary. The offer, though, came with a stipulation.

John was tasked to re-imagine the shoe using its traditional white-on-white canvas. No other color was allowed. Thus, his approach to the shoe was by aesthetically altering its dimensions. He smartly reduced layers in an effort to evoke shadow, doubling up the overlays and cutting the Swoosh out of the foxing and replacing it with pebbled leather underneath. Other subtle details like the reduced eyelets and double layered tongue add depth and presence to the classic design.

This John Elliott x Nike Air Force 1 Low will be available only to friends and family at ComplexCon this weekend.

FINALLY…Beyond excited to share these!!! About a year ago, we had the opportunity to work on the 35th anniversary project for what is in my opinion the most iconic shoe ever, the @nike Air Force 1. There was one stipulation: it had to be all white. When tasked with working on such a culturally significant silhouette under the restriction of keeping it in an all white palette, I wanted to make sure that we included our DNA in the silhouette and tried to craft details that could potentially create color. To me the only way to do that was by adding and reducing layers to create shadows. Since this shoe is so rare lets run through some of what makes it special: Each overlay is doubled up to add dimension. We die-cut the swoosh out of the foxing and quarter and put pebbled leather underneath to create the appearance of it going inward and to create shadows. We took this layering theme and applied it to the smallest details – everything from a layered deubré, double lace keepers, layered aglets, and a double (layered) tongue. We then reduced small details like eyelets and vents down to a bead size. The finished product is something that I am excited to own and share with friends and family members this weekend at ComplexCon. [email protected]

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The Full Story Behind The $1150 Buscemi B-Court Shoe That John Wall Wore At All-Star Weekend

words & interview // Nick DePaula:

All-Star Weekend has become an expected celebration every February, not just for the game’s biggest names to show off their explosive talents, but also for the footwear companies looking to launch new statement level products and themed collections at the league’s annual showcase event.

Typically, that means signature stars like Stephen Curry, LeBron James and Kobe Bryant will all debut sneakers with special backstories and detailing inspired by the game’s host city. For Washington Wizards All-Star point guard John Wall, he found himself in a unique situation this past February in Toronto, as he’s currently in between shoe deals. Not since Ron Artest wore multiple shoes throughout the 2004 All-Star Game have we seen a sneaker free agent in the game.

“What’s a better stage to introduce a shoe than during the All-Star Game?”
— Jon Buscemi

John 5 500If you were paying close attention, you would’ve noticed that Wall actually took the floor for warmups in a pair of red Italian leather Buscemi sneakers. That caught our interest because the Buscemi brand is known for their made-in-Italy “obnoxiously high quality” casual sneakers, namely its 100 MM model, which incorporates metal clasps and molded handles drafting off of none other than high fashion handbags.

According to the brand’s founder and head designer, Jon Buscemi, they seeded Wall with an early pair of the new B-Court sneaker, as a token of appreciation for one of their longtime proponents and unofficial ambassadors of the brand.

“What’s a better stage to introduce a shoe than during the All-Star Game?” Buscemi recently said over the phone. “That’s traditionally when the biggest brands introduce something. We didn’t promote it at all. All we did was send them to John, he loved it and then he wore them in the warmups before the game. He wanted to wear it in the game, but he wasn’t allowed to because of the hardware in it.”

The hardware Buscemi is referring to would be the 18K gold lock, loop and buckle found along the shoe’s high-cut collar. In addition to prohibiting sneakers that might provide a player with a competitive advantage, the league also simply has a common rule barring extra embellishments or metal objects on footwear. Even though it’s an exhibition game, Wall’s kicks weren’t approved for play by the league.

1200 Buscemi BCourt John Wall 1“John has been a fan of the brand and a pseudo brand ambassador for awhile,” Buscemi continues. “He’s one of our biggest customers, and we’ve built a relationship. We thought it would be really amazing to get him a shoe for All-Star Weekend.”

With Wall in between sneaker deals, opting to play this season out and become a shoe free agent in June, rather than sign a new extension with adidas, the opportunity for Buscemi to crash the All-Star Weekend with its newest basketball-inspired silhouette couldn’t have been better timing. Over the last few years since launching, the company’s 100 MM sneaker has been spotted on the likes of LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Damian Lillard, James Harden and many others off the court, and now, the brand is more directly tying into the sport’s sneaker heritage.

John 6The B-Court, short for “Ball Court,” represents a new departure for the Buscemi brand, drifting to hoops culture for the first time, while still retaining some classic styling elements and the trademark Buscemi gold hardware.

“We wanted to take sports and the finest Italian leather shoes and bring them together,” says Jon. “It’s the first eleven-hundred dollar shoe that’s seen the floor of an NBA court.”

The shoe will be officially launching later this Spring / Summer season — and yes — the B-Court will be made in Italy and priced at $ 1150. While not specifically made to be played in, the glorified pickup setting at All-Star Weekend served as the perfect platform for Wall to try and debut the new sneaker.

“The shoe wasn’t engineered for the court like a performance shoe, but he loved the way it fit and the way it felt on the court,” reveals Buscemi. “His feedback was really positive, but at the end of the day, it was more about stunting on people. We have some photos of other players staring at him, and basically going, ‘Hey, what the fuck are those?’”

“At the end of the day, it was more about stunting on people.”
— Jon Buscemi

Ultimately, Wall wasn’t able to suit up for the actual All-Star Game in the B-Court, and after being introduced in Kobe Xs, he eventually opted for the hardware-less, then-unreleased “French Blue” Air Jordan XII. Buscemi says the brand still felt the added visibility to the new model across a fleet of sneaker blogs, and is looking forward to continuing the brand’s friendship with Wall.

John 4 Buscemi“His style is really aligned with what we do,” begins Buscemi. “We take a luxury approach, but also have a classic design aesthetic. You’ll see gold, the ornate hardware and the finest leather in the world, but it’s not over the top. It really rides that classic line. That’s how John dresses and that’s why I think he’s attracted to the brand. In the future, we’ll probably work on some fun customs for him.”

The brand’s sneakers will continue to offer a stylized twist on industry staples, with a focus on hand-made quality and construction.

“We’re not trying to reinvent the wheel or come up with the next god’s gift to technology side of footwear,” jokes Buscemi. “It’s more about taking things that we loved as kids and teenagers, and looking at that now as classic footwear and flipping them.”

As the Buscemi brand recently added a slide to the line, and expands to hoops-inspired sneakers this Spring / Summer with the B-Court, you can also expect to see new silos ahead as the company widens its portfolio of products.

“We make a really beautifully made slide now, because we all love slides from growing up. After we’d get off the field or court from playing, we’d throw on slides. It’s more of a lifestyle approach,” says Buscemi.

“In the fall, we’ll also be making a boot. We’re making one of the finest made Italian work boots that you’ll ever see in the market. We’ll have Goodyear welds, buffalo leather and real rubber soles to make these things indestructible. We’re taking a boot and elevating it into being an elegant work boot. We’re taking the best of what’s out there and making it our own.”

While the B-Court’s debut was almost one of the great marketing crashes in All-Star Weekend history, the shoe first worn by John Wall will finally be making its way to and its lengthy list of stockists in the coming months. Check out the $ 1150 sneaker in detail below.

1200 Buscemi BCourt John Wall 21200 Buscemi BCourt John Wall 3Buscemi BCourt John Wall Header1200 John 3


Converse by John Varvatos JV Pro Leather

Just want to buy a pair right now? Click Amazon

converse jv pro leather 1 Converse by John Varvatos JV Pro Leather

From the John Varvatos for Converse Fall 2011 collection, here we have a look at the JV Pro Leather sneaker. Personally, we have to say this shoe isn’t for us, and seems like a particularly lazy incarnation of what was already a perfectly good shoe design. The aged leather comes off as kind of tired, and although it’s a piece that might work for some, it will probably be priced in a range that makes the traditional canvas versions seem like a complete steal.

converse jv pro leather 1 150x150 Converse by John Varvatos JV Pro Leather
converse jv pro leather 2 150x150 Converse by John Varvatos JV Pro Leather
converse jv pro leather 3 150x150 Converse by John Varvatos JV Pro Leather
converse jv pro leather 4 150x150 Converse by John Varvatos JV Pro Leather

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John Vervatos Mercer Heritage Chukka

Just want to buy a pair right now? Click Amazon

John Vervatos Mercer Heritage Chukka1 John Vervatos Mercer Heritage Chukka

I think second only to a classic cap-toe oxford this year, as the must have formal footwear, is a lace up half boot. Although a staple of the dress shoe world, it seems that only since trousers have gotten more tapered has the power of the dressy chukka really been felt.

These recent ‘Mercer Heritage’ chukkas from the rock n roll approved, John Vervatos ensure the transition from shoe to boot won’t be too scary for you. Things are kept simple, simple with its four panels of grained leather and a thin rubber sole. With two raw eyelets, and a striking brown lining, there is so much these boots can accomplish. Put them to the test. Available at Barney’s.

John Vervatos Mercer Heritage Chukka3 150x150 John Vervatos Mercer Heritage Chukka
John Vervatos Mercer Heritage Chukka2 150x150 John Vervatos Mercer Heritage Chukka
John Vervatos Mercer Heritage Chukka1 150x150 John Vervatos Mercer Heritage Chukka

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Inside John Wall’s Sneaker Free Agency & Break With Adidas

words // Nick DePaula:

“John won’t be accepting the offer.”

Just at the close of yet another business week earlier this fall, on Friday, October 2nd to be exact, those words shocked the halls of the adidas Village in Portland, Oregon.

All summer and into the start of the season, adidas, the Washington Wizards’ All-Star point guard and his representatives at Relativity Sports had been hammering through details – an agreed-upon base number, mostly – and progressing towards a new shoe deal extension that would link John Wall and his emerging signature adidas footwear business deep into his career, for many years to come.

After very nearly agreeing to the framework of a new deal in early July, just as John was unveiling his second JWall signature model and knocking out a cover shoot for SLAM’s KICKS Magazine, the negotiations soon came to a standoff.

12_28 John Wall adidas JWall 2 bBy mid-September, the deal was “falling apart,” according to an industry source.

How did things get to that point?

To start, we must first go back to the summer of 2010, when John Wall was drafted 1st overall to a struggling Washington Wizards franchise that he would soon revitalize, and when he also signed a reported 5-year, $ 25 Million shoe deal with (an equally struggling) Reebok.

The hope was that he would similarly revitalize the fledging Reebok Basketball category as well, but a lackluster Zig-based shoe series, all during a time when John was simply learning how to run a franchise as a 19 and 20 year-old, never quite translated into success for the brand.

According to several industry sources, the Reebok deal actually paid Wall an initial base salary of $ 2.5 Million, with the rest of the money to be made in on-court performance incentives and signature sales royalties. He was basically robbed of a Rookie of the Year bonus on a technicality, as 2009’s top overall pick Blake Griffin was awarded ROY, after being hurt in the final preseason game of his true rookie season a year prior.

Wall would go on to earn All-Star nods and playoff appearance incentives, but clearly fell short of the sales targets that could’ve earned him up to the $ 5 Million per year figure.

By the middle of his third NBA season, Wall was returning from a leg injury and on his way to sorting through the pace of the pro game, eventually evolving into the franchise point guard we’d all expected him to become.

The Washington Post, reporting on his upcoming sneaker free agency, characterized the Reebok to adidas transfer by saying that “the partnership was terminated in the third year when injuries hampered his early career. He then joined Adidas, which owns Reebok, for the remainder of the contract.”

That isn’t an entirely fair framing of the move, as adidas, Reebok’s parent company, was looking for ways in which to strengthen its basketball roster in the wake of Derrick Rose’s season-ending string of injuries. Reebok was also divesting away from hoops and the accompanying required design resources, while aggressively attacking the training and fitness category instead with its new CrossFit partnership.

The Three Stripes simply absorbed the existing terms of Wall’s initial Reebok endorsement deal, and on January 9th, 2013, announced that they’d added him to their growing roster of NBA endorsers. The following year, his debut adidas signature model, the JWall 1, launched to a modest reception, and it was just a year later that his 5-year rookie shoe deal was set to expire.

John Wall header

As both sides made progress towards a new extension this summer, the discussed number was hovering around a guaranteed base of $ 5 Million per year – a noted jump from his prior deal, and landing Wall in the same tier as fellow signature athletes Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard.

Make no mistake about it, the relentlessly splashy $ 200 Million headlines surrounding James Harden’s sneaker free agency and eventual 13-year adidas deal most certainly became a factor in Wall’s negotiations as the summer progressed.

After appearing to be headed towards agreeing to terms with adidas, the Harden numbers clouded where Wall’s representatives felt his true market value should land.

“They wanted Harden money,” another source simply said.

John’s agents pushed hard towards the $ 10 Million mark, to no avail. Much like the NBA’s restricted free agency window, there was a “match clause” on Wall’s shoe deal, meaning his agents at Relativity Sports had the summer of 2015 to take pitches from other brands, and adidas could fully match any new offer Wall agreed to.

The problem was that John Wall simply had no other brands making a concrete offer. No other brand was offering the coveted trio of pure cash, marketing push and a signature line. The offers just weren’t there.

Nonetheless, adidas still stepped up to make what was considered a sizable direct offer of their own, eventually meeting halfway between their $ 5 Million starting offer and Wall’s $ 10 Million asking price, according to multiple sources.

Wall simply declined the extension offer.

12_30 John Wall Kobe XWhere does all of that leave John and adidas?

By not accepting adidas’ offer by that October 2nd deadline, just as several colorways of the JWall 2 were headed to retail stores, the two sides agreed for Wall to play out the season wearing the shoe on-court in games. He’s mostly worn the all red edition, making for a blur of color and little branding visibility for adidas.

Meanwhile, Wall and his agents can continue to hear offers from other brands during the season, with adidas retaining their right to match.

Adidas hasn’t promoted Wall on social media during that time, while the previously-paid-for banner ads and in-store displays at partners like Foot Locker serve as the only public association between the two.

Wall will be an unrestricted sneaker free agent this summer, after the season concludes. The adidas “match clause” will have expired, and Wall will be free to sign with any brand of his liking.

Unsurprisingly, Wall has been spotted literally never in adidas off-court this fall, even wearing Retro Jordans from time to time, and practicing in Kobe Xs. Tonight, for the first time, he wore the Nike Kobe X on court in a game, apparently citing “footwear issues” with his JWall 2 signature shoe.

“My main focus is just play basketball,” Wall said when asked by the Washington Post after shoot-around earlier this month. “I let my agents and marketing team and them negotiate and talk.”

While he’s an All-Star point guard in a major market, with an explosive and exciting game, his signature shoe track record of poor sales and his lackluster social media presence unfortunately makes it all but impossible for Wall to command a new deal in the $ 10 Million range that he was hoping for. His window for leverage towards “Harden money” was last summer, as it’s the restricted match clause that can spike the dollars so high.

Nike surely has no incentive to offer near eight figures, and is also fully invested in point guard Kyrie Irving’s signature line, making a Nike Wall signature shoe a long, longshot.

“I don’t even know what the back up option is,” says one source.

Wall could field a huge offer from a China-based brand. His agent Dan Fegan just negotiated a new deal for Dwight Howard with Peak, after Howard wore adidas for the entirety of his career to this point.

Of course, going that route entirely shifts a player’s marketing presence away from the US, as China brands haven’t looked to consistently promote their athletes stateside, where they have little national retail presence. For China’s top trio of brands – Anta, Peak and Li-Ning – more than 99% of their business comes from the Chinese market.

It’s also uncertain if either Jordan Brand or Under Armour would have serious interest in Wall, for a reduced price that would unlikely include a signature shoe, as they’re currently committed to major stars in Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry.

As it stands, Wall and adidas are simply at a standstill, and expected to play out the remainder of the season before eventually parting ways this summer.

Once that time comes, and as more shoe deal offers are made to John Wall along the way, you can be certain to get every update and inside detail here at and on Twitter.

12_30 John Wall Kobe X 1


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