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Cardi B Was Attacked By A Cheetah While Filming Her ‘Bodak Yellow’ Video

Cardi B may talk up a big game, but the dependably fierce rapper met her match on the set of her “Bodak Yellow” music video last year.

In a new interview with Genius, director Picture Perfect discussed the difficult, Dubai-set video shoot, which involved filming with a few wild animals. There was a camel — which Cardi gamely mounted, bloody shoes and all — and a cheetah, who ended up being way less of a team player than they had hoped.

“I didn’t know how hard it was gonna be to get a cheetah out there,” Picture Perfect said. “We shot this scene we didn’t use, and he attacked Cardi in that scene.”

At the 1:51 mark in the video below, you can see the raw footage he’s referring to. Cardi stands a couple feet away from the wild cat, holding him by a leash. Then, in the middle of rapping her verse, the animal snaps at her and she immediately calls out, “No no no, come hold him!”

In the end, the crew secured another cheetah who was sedated after a heavy meal of “about six pounds of deer meat” (yum). He was so chill, in fact, that Cardi was able to pet him on the head (you can see that shot in the video’s final version). Picture Perfect also talked about wanting to put a cheetah next to Cardi in a car — but thankfully he had a change of heart about that.

“She’s a trooper, man,” he said. Seems like an understatement!


Tupac Biopic Commences Filming In Spring 2014

2012 Coachella Music Festival - Day 3

Pac’s hologram at Coachella

By Sowmya Krishnamurthy

After years of speculation, the Tupac Shakur biopic is finally set to film next spring. The Hollywood Reporter shares that the film’s producer confirmed the news, which is a bit later than initially reported.

Fans have been wanting a film about the life and times of the slain rapper since his death in 1996. Originally supposed to start rolling back in 2011, the movie has had its share of problems, including a legal battle between producers Morgan Creek and Pac’s mother, Afeni Shakur. Morgan Creek sued Afeni for trying to gain creative control after she supposedly waived her rights. She countersued and the two parties eventually settled out of court.

Pac’s mama will serve as an executive producer. Still no word on which actor will play the legendary rapper nor any idea on who will direct the biopic.

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