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Hi GQ! I’m a 6’4″ guy in his early twenties. I have a long back and it makes finding well fitting, fashionable clothes hard to find. Do you know of any places a taller guy could find a decent wardrobe?

We just published a story that covers this exact topic. Read it here. 


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The Selby Release Four Films With Subjects From “Fashionable Selby” Book

Continuing with his series of insightful videos into unique fashion designs and obscure trends, Todd Selby has released a series of films with subjects taken from his third book Fashionable Selby. While the hardback tome profiles 42 individuals, this video series focuses on four characters who push the envelope in fashion with their bold dispositions and DIY approach to design.

First up is Yoshikazu Yamagata, a Japanese artist who retraces steps in art by “learning to draw as a child,” a style that correlates with his cut and sew work for his Writtenafterwards label. Next up, Antwep Royal Academy of Fine Arts graduate Yuima Nakazato takes us to a tree house built by his father and speaks on how his upbringing around nature influences his modern designs. Meeting another nature enthusiast, The Selby speaks with natural dye wizard Audrey Louis Reyolds who explores colors from plants and algae in creating interesting gradients via her own organic dye techniques. Lastly, we meet Yujiro Komatsu of Blackmeans Leather, a store located in Tokyo that stocks vintage leather jackets and punk accessories. Komoatsu and his cohort of modern cowboys live off punk’s DIY spirit, adding bold statement accents to second-hand wardrobe staples.

Enjoy the well-documented clips below and purchase Fashionable Selby from Amazon for $ 26 USD.


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