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Fashion Girl of Today:PVC Pencil Skirt: After Dark

PVC Pencil Skirt: After Dark
by LaPetiteAnglaise


Fashion Girl of Today:Satin

by TheBlackFeather


Fashion Girl of Today:Vcr

by Dieni


Fashion Girl of Today:Blazer

by TheBlackFeather


Fashion Girl of Today:Edgy in tribal

Edgy in tribal
by lissakahayon


Fashion Girl of Today:Perfect Round

Perfect Round
by Kryz


Fashion Girl of Today:pine

by kisforkani


Jean Touitou of A.P.C. on Art, Fashion, and the ‘Yeezus Tour’

The often outspoken founder of A.P.C. Jean Touitou recently spoke with Four Pins spanning several compelling topics during the opening of a most recent store in New York. Ranging from the current worst fashion trends to his thoughts on Yeezus, the whole interview can be seen here while select questions are seen below.

What do you not like about the art world? Any thoughts on the love affair between Fashion and Art, particularly the explosion that’s been Art Basel?

Well, you know, you got the answer. It’s so trivial to write: Art has become a commodity for ignorant investors, and that sucks. To start with, people should know that there’s a city called Basel. Then maybe people should be told the difference between pop culture and culture.

What did you think about the Yeezus Tour? Worthy of “The Kingdom of Dopeness”?

I went to the first one in Seattle. I could tell a great show could come out of it. At that point, it needed some editing. It’s the case with any creative process. I just love the fact that Vanessa Beecroft is so much part of it.


Fashion Girl of Today:DIY Plaid Smock Dress

DIY Plaid Smock Dress
by AnnikaVictoria


Fashion Girl of Today:Voyou

by TheBlackFeather


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