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Colin Kaepernick is the Face of Nike’s 30th Anniversary “Just Do It” Campaign, Signature Collection Also in the Works

Colin Kaepernick, social activist, and former San Francisco 49ers quarterback is the face of Nike’s 30th anniversary “Just Do It” campaign.

A Nike endorser since 2011, Kaepernick broke the news today on Twitter by revealing the first advertisement from the upcoming campaign. A biting, visceral image, shows Colin’s face in intimate detail. Centered into a noir backdrop overlaying the intricacies of his skin, the words “Believe in something, even if it means sacrificing everything” speak in a deafening and cunning tone.

The ad, of course, leans generously into the outcome of Kaepernick’s social injustice protest and subsequent removal from the NFL. Kaepernick famously sat during the national anthem in August 2016 and kneeled during America’s song in weeks thereafter. Other NFL players quickly and forcefully followed his lead.

In the two years since Colin’s initial peaceful protest, it’s largely believed he has been “blackballed” from the league. Kaepernick, in turn, filed a collusion grievance against the NFL in October, stating they organized an effort to keep him out of the league based on his social and political beliefs.

Nike’s restored commitment to Kaepernick seemingly works in contrast with one of their biggest business partners — the National Football League. Renewing its deal as the league’s official apparel provider back in March — an agreement that will continue through 2028 — Nike realigning with Kaep appears grossly in opposition given his very public court battle with the NFL. Yet, he’s the face of a hugely important campaign for Nike, one that will also feature LeBron James, Serena Williams, Odell Beckham Jr., Lacey Baker, and Shaquem Griffin.

Although Kaepernick has been on the Nike roster for seven years now, he’s been visibly absent from brand advertisements for the last two. Nike seemed at a loss for what do to with Kaepernick during said period. However, as ESPN’s Darren Rovell points out, “Nike has been paying Colin Kaepernick all along.”

His presence in the budding “Just Do It” campaign represents newness for both parties, as Kaepernick’s representatives — Mark Geragos and Ben Meiselas — reportedly worked to restructure his deal in recent months. As stated by Charles Robinson, a senior NFL reporter from Yahoo Sports, Kaep’s new deal with Nike will be on par with other top-tier football players. His “star” contract is reported to pay him in the millions of dollars per year. In addition, Colin will have his own branded collection that will include sneakers, jerseys, and shirts. It’s also worth noting that “star” contracts in the past have included a clause for royalties.

While Nike should be applauded for championing Kaepernick with an extended contract and newly heightened brand visibility, interest from other sportswear brands may have thrust them into motion. Back in April, Adidas publicly stated that they had an interest in signing Colin if he played for an NFL team in the upcoming season which kicks off later this week. However, given the climate of Kaepernick’s legal battle with the league, it’s off base to assume that Adidas had any real assurance that Kaepernick would suit up in the NFL this season.

It’s actually a foregone conclusion that Kaepernick won’t play in the NFL this season. And, if you’re keeping pace, evident that he won’t play in the NFL at any point in the future. So how does Nike promote a football player who’s no longer a professional football player? That’s simple; Colin Kaepernick was never just a football player to begin with. The same way Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Serena Williams, and countless others aren’t just athletes. They are all so much more. That’s always been the driving force.


Justin Bieber Says He’d Consider Getting a Face TattooSee more…

Justin Bieber Says He’d Consider Getting a Face Tattoo

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Willow Smith is the Face of ‘i-D’ Magazine’s Coming of Age Issue

Iconic British culture magazine i-D unveiled two pre-fall covers for ”The Coming of Age” issue starring ever-evolving artist Willow Smith. The issue focuses on those who are still finding and exploring their creative niches, with a spotlight shone on Willow Smith along with photographer Ryan McGinley, dancer Maddie Ziegler, Demna Gvasalia of cult brand Vetements, French actresses Marine Vacth and many more. Both covers were shot by Tyrone Lebon and styled by Julia Sarr-Jamois and perfectly capture the energy of the issue, with a centralized focus on an age where nothing seems to fit. Acting Editor of i-D Sarah Raphael explains the concept of the issue:

From first times to first loves to first fuck-ups, growing up is hard to explain. If we’re to believe the coming of age films, it happens in the second half, after a perspective-altering interaction. Our youth is a comedy of errors, full of excruciating, awkward moments and exhilarating “fuck it” moments, that you’ll stop short of later on.”

Head directly to i-Ds website to read more about the issue which is available now. 


Always crop your face out. Always.

Always crop your face out. Always.


Rob Lowe’s Guide to Making Your Face Look GoodWatch the whole…

Rob Lowe’s Guide to Making Your Face Look Good

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Fashion Girl of Today:Funny Face.

Funny Face.
by SomeoneLikeYou18


You cannot have his face. But you can at least take care of your…

You cannot have his face.

But you can at least take care of your own.


eYe Junya Watanabe MAN x The North Face Camouflage Jacket

Joining forces with Junya Watanabe on a brand new collaborative piece, The North Face has revealed the eYe Junya Watanabe MAN x The North Face Camouflage Jacket. Composed primarily of a camouflage print, the jacket is finished with brown corduroy details as well as a bold red lining, and features large pockets and buttons across the front as a bold accents.


Riccardo Tisci Discusses Erykah Badu As New Face of Givenchy

V Magazine sat down with Riccardo Tisci who recently welcomed Erykah Badu as the new face of Givenchy. Known throughout the ’90s for her musical fusion of soul and jazz as well as her African-inspired fashion sense, Badu has been busy as of late — touring, working on her new album while splitting duties as a mother of three. Here, we see a back and forth between Tisci and Badu for V magazine and learn more about how Badu’s all-embracing style and persona is an undeniable match for Givenchy. Read an insert below and head to V Magazine for the full interview.

V: Erykah, did you know Riccardo before you got the call to appear in the ads?  

ERYKAH BADU: I just got a call from him. There’s not a big backstory to it. Unless you want to include that I’m a big fan of his work.

RICCARDO TISCI: I knew her as a musician and an artist. And she is a real artist. We had crossed paths before once in New York but never really knew each other. I asked her and she said yes. I was very, very happy. I wanted to represent the collection with style and elegance and I think she is perfect for that.

V: In addition to being an incredible artist, you’re also quite a fashion magpie. Are clothes another mode of expression for you? 

EB: It’s all art to me. I just really enjoy expressing myself artistically in any genre. Whether it be music or cooking or hair. Costume, makeup, fashion. It’s just fun exploring all of the little things inside of my head and seeing them manifest. I would liken fashion or styling to putting a lump of clay in the middle of the table and carving away. And there’s something underneath. Layering and silhouettes. A pair of earrings. I think it comes down to my favorite things and how they come together. That’s fun when that happens.

RT: And this is one of the great things that drew me to Erykah. Aside from being quite talented, and the queen of the ’90s. I was thinking of someone who was quite elegant and urban. She’s always been this way. She has a very good sense of style, she’s great with jewelry. Her look can be quite feminine with the turban and a dress but also masculine with flat shoes or trainers. It all works.

V: Can you talk about the shoot with Mert & Marcus? 

RT: For me it’s all about family. They are like family. Erykah, once we met on set, we fell in love. Now she is family.

EB: They are just so awesome. They want to work with the artist and the model to make sure that she’s seeing what exactly is going to appear. I think that’s really kind and generous. And I love Riccardo’s heart. I like that he’s very thoughtful in his art and his design. Not only does he have a superb eye for silhouette and technique, but he also has an imagination that’s pretty out there. That’s why we get along pretty well. He allowed me to contribute to the style of theshoots.



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