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Nicki Minaj Has Turned Your Favorite Rappers Into Puppets In ‘Barbie Dreams’ Video

The summer of Nicki Minaj continues. Fresh off a contentious weekend with Cardi B — one that apparently culminated in Cardi throwing a shoe at her — Nicki took to her Queen Radio show yesterday to both address the incident and reveal that a video for “Barbie Dreams” was about to drop.

Then the “Barbie Dreams” video did drop. But who knew it would feature some of the biggest rappers of the 2000s rendered in puppet form?

It makes sense, in a way: Nicki spends the song deconstructing why everyone from Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Drake, her own ex-fiancé Meek Mill, Quavo, Rae Sremmurd, and more either can or cannot get with her. (Spoiler: None can.) Weezy, DJ Khaled, Tekashi69, and more get turned into puppets as Nicki raps the song in a series of staggering wig and costume changes.

The “Barbie Dreams” clip was directed by storied auteur Hype Williams. Right when the beat changes for Nicki to deliver her fierce last verse, the puppets wisely all disappear, leaving the rapper alone at the center of her own creation.

This new video comes just a few days after Nicki popped up in the visual for the alternate version of K-pop group BTS’s “Idol,” rocking similarly colorful and striking hair choices.

If you’re keeping track at home, this one marks two puppet-centric rap videos in two weeks, if you count Kanye and Lil Pump’s surreal fantasy “I Love It” as an at least puppet-adjacent visual.

Check out “Barbie Dreams” above, and make sure you tune into the next episode of Queen Radio. They seem to just keep getting wilder.


Nicki Minaj Says Meek Mill Is Still In The DMs On ‘Barbie Dreams’

Nicki Minaj’s Queen is finally here, and the album’s third song, “Barbie Dreams,” is a doozy.

The scathing track samples and interpolates 1994′s ”Just Playing (Dreams)” by The Notorious B.I.G., which infamously saw Biggie going after numerous actresses and singers. The content of the song was wildly misogynistic 24 years ago, and it still is in 2018 — which makes Nicki’s remake all the more welcome. Biggie’s hook, “Dreams of fucking an R&B bitch,” is replaced with Nicki’s, ”Dreams of fucking with any these little rappers.”

Meek Mill, Minaj’s ex-boyfriend, catches the song’s most significant swipe. In the first verse, she spits, “Meek still be in my DMs, I be having to duck him / I used to pray for times like this / Face ass when I fuck him.”

Nicki and Meek haven’t seen eye to eye in quite a while. In a May interview on “The Breakfast Club,” Mill opened up about how he felt when the Queen rapper commented on his incarceration.

“I wasn’t feeling that,” Mill said. “She shouldn’t have said nothing. And we leave it at that. I don’t feel no way. She know I wasn’t feeling that.”

The Philadelphia MC isn’t the only rapper Nicki mentions in the new song. Another high-profile lyric is about her YMCMB labelmate, Drake. “Drake worth a hundred milli, always buying me shit / But I don’t know, the pussy wet or if he crying and shit,” Nicki declares. She also claims that she caught Young Thug in her dressing room, “stealing dresses and shit,” and jokingly admits Karruenche thinks, “I’m tryna give the coochie to Quavo.”

Listen to “Barbie Dreams” here.


Fashion Girl of Today:Blush Pink Velvet Dreams

Blush Pink Velvet Dreams
by inspirafashion


LRG x JanSport 2015 Summer Lookbook Shot by Street Dreams Magazine

LRG and JanSport pride themselves on being both originators and leaders in their fields. In a pairing that is long overdue, the two brands have partnered to offer a three-piece collection of premium backpacks. Inspired by urban exploration and designed with functionality for every adventure, the pack includes the Right Pack, Iron Sight and Sinder.

All three bags feature reflective details, including trims, zipper pulls and co-branded labels. While the Right Pack is built with ripstop sailcloth, a top-of-the-line fabric typically used for ultra high performance outdoor bags, the Sinder and Iron Sight are constructed from a durable onyx ripstop. Lastly, the Iron Sight features a waterproof heat-welded seam main compartment that can be filled with ice and beverages.

Whether it comes to exploring new landscapes or finding a different state of mind, JanSport and LRG encourage you to think outside and take a journey off life’s beaten path.


Café Racer Dreams Custom-Built BMW R100 Boxer

Spanish customization house Café Racer Dreams has offered up another fantastic bespoke motorcycle design in the form of a 1984 BMW R100 Boxer. Drawing cues from the deconstructed aesthetic of a 1972 Puch Minicross design, the updated motorcycle forfeits the Boxer’s original subframe for a single seat configuration and bulkier, more powerful hardware. Despite calling on various outboard components to complete the build, designers Pedro García and Efraon Triana have fitted the custom motorcycle with the forks and brake disc of a 1994 BMW F650 as well as a vintage white, red and blue petrol hub. The design’s frame is complimented by an open build approach and leaves the forward mounted engine, shock absorbers and exhaust completely visible with high traction tires provided to reassure us of its off-road influences. Indicative lighting has been embedded into each respective side of the motorcycle’s handle bars with a red neon strip accentuating the rear seat panel. For more information on other Café Racer Dreams projects, head directly to the design house’s official website.


adidas J Wall 1 “Bad Dreams” Available Now

Continuing to climb up the elite ladder each time he hits the hardwood, John Wall has made yet another splash on the retail scene with the release of his latest adidas J Wall 1 style code. With multiple shades of green making up the upper, black and white fill in the speckled midsole with a hint of grey adorning the stripes. Two-tone laces cross between the lace loops, while glow in the dark detailing completes the dream altering color scheme. Priced at $ 115, the adidas J Wall 1 “Bad Dreams” is available now over at adidas.

adidas J Wall 1 “Bad Dreams”

Price: $ 115

adidas J Wall 1 Bad Dreams Available Now

adidas J Wall 1 Bad Dreams Available Now

adidas J Wall 1 Bad Dreams Available Now


Fashion Girl of Today:Emerald dreams

Emerald dreams
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Azad Right Faces Industry Pressures And Dreams Big On ‘Now I Know’


By Jason Brendler

Azad Right debuted the video for his song “Showtime” on RapFix back in March, spotlighting LA, but he went in a different direction with his latest track “Now I Know.”

On the first verse the Los Angeles-based rapper and producer explains the pressure he constantly feels to put out new music and release a debut record and it sounds like he’s gotten a harsh dose of reality in the music industry with lines like, “That’s when you realize these people they are not your friends, ‘Till your records buzzin’ and you hot again.”

The next verse, lyrically, is a bit more uplifting as he describes an interaction with a girl he met at a club. She knew his music, liked the way he rapped, and let’s just say he was in there like swimwear.

The final verse brings his thoughts to the present, explaining how he’s new to the game but can see himself taking off right now. “We just started man, we ain’t even gettin’ guap, imagine whats gon’ happen when we hit the top,” is the lyric that brings the song full circle; from pressure coming up, to finally scoring, and now looking ahead.

“I’m grateful for everyone that I’ve got to meet along the journey so far,” Azad shared with fans via his site. “You’ve all inspired me to grow in one way or another. It’s been a long time coming and I truly appreciate your patience. This shit hasn’t gone as planned but I have the opportunity to do what I love for a living and that’s all that I can ask for.”

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