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We Break Down Where Drake’s $1 Million Went In The ‘God’s Plan’ Video

Drake has been in a giving mood, and it all came to fruition in the video for “God’s Plan.” Over the course of almost six minutes, we see crying faces, smiling children, and Drake’s generosity at the center of it all. Drizzy even hopped on Instagram stories to ask his followers to get into the giving spirit.

“I am not into challenges on IG,” wrote Drake. “I find them annoying…but today I am going to challenge everyone to just go out and do something for someone, anything, the smallest thing, just to bring another human being some joy and please tag me in it somehow so I can see all the love being spread.”

Viewers know the 6 God gave away $ 996,631.90 to the residents of Miami in the “God’s Plan” video, which begs the question — where did all of that money go? There is so much happening onscreen that if you blink, you might miss the latest good deed from Toronto’s reigning king.

Below, MTV News compiled a rundown of Drake’s best deeds and how much they cost. Unfortunately, we probably didn’t catch them all.

  1. OVO Market Sweep

    Total: $ 50,000

    Drake gave Miami residents the most epic game of Supermarket Sweep. “Anything you guys want in the store is free,” Drizzy says through a megaphone in the middle of the grocery store. According to E! News, the trip cost Graham $ 50,000.

  2. Started Out Doin’ College Shows

    Total: $ 50,000

    The Miami Hurricane reported that Drake gave a $ 50,000 check to Destiny James, a junior studying public health at the University of Miami. In an Instagram post thanking Drake, James wrote, “You don’t understand what this means to me. I would’ve never imagined this happening to me. I’m just a girl from Denmark, SC that wants to MAKE IT and be somebody and for you to see my hard work means the world. Thank you so much. God I thank you.”

  3. Icy Like the Frost School

    Total: $ 10,000

    Drake can also be seen giving the University of Miami Frost School of Music a $ 10,000 donation in the video.

  4. Toy Story

    Total: $ 69,500 donation = $ 50,000 directly to the shelter + $ 19,500 in Target gift cards to families

    Drake donated a $ 50,000 check to the Lotus House Women’s Shelter, which supports and provides for homeless women and children. On top of the donation, the Toronto rapper also handed out $ 150 Target gift cards to 130 women and toys for all the children, TMZ reports.

  5. Fast Times At OVO High

    Total: $ 25,000

    A significant portion of the “God’s Plan” video was filmed at Miami Senior High School in South Florida. Drake did more than let students be extras in the visual, He also gave $ 25,000 to the school and agreed to design OVO uniforms for the scholars, reports ABC News.

  6. Fire And Desire

    Total: $ 20,000

    The City of Miami Fire Department also got some love from Graham with a $ 20,000 check.

  7. Shut Down Saks Fifth

    Total: $ 10,000 (honestly, probably a lot more)

    The 6 God took over Saks Fifth for a special woman, Odelie Paret. The head of OVO was inspired by a Miami Herald story, which details how the housekeeper’s commute can take almost three hours as she works at a physically demanding job to support her family. Drake and Antonio Brown from the Steelers reportedly treated the woman to a spa day, dinner at StripSteak, and a shopping spree.

  8. Random Acts Of Kindness

    Total: Priceless

    Honestly, Drake gives away so much in the “God’s Plan” video it is almost impossible to calculate it all without calling up the OVO accountant. We may never know what deal Drizzy got on the cars or the stack of cash he hands out to each family. Thankfully, that isn’t the point. You don’t have to be one of the biggest rappers alive to make someone’s day. Sometimes all it takes is some well-choreographed dance moves and a kind deed.


Tumbled Toes? A Break Down of the Air Jordan 1 “Royal”

Last Saturday, the Air Jordan 1 “Royal” returned to much fanfare selling out at stores nationwide to Jordan heads who have patiently waited four years for a return and a remastered version of the OG colorway.  By mid-day, there was some conversation on twitter about the differences in leathers used on the toe boxes of the remastered retro Royals.

Some pairs had a tumbled toe on the left side with smooth leather on the right. Others had smooth leather on the left while the right toe was tumbled leather.  And then, of course, some pairs have smooth on both left and right.  Slight variances are to be expected when there are literally hundreds of thousands of pair produced of the shoe, especially when dealing with a natural material like leather, but when we received two pairs in the mail today, we observed differences that extended beyond just the grain or grade of leather.

Two pairs were obtained, and surely enough, we quickly spotted differences between not only the two sides of the pair, but the two pairs were noticeably different.  Before we get deep into the comparisons of each side of each pair, let’s first establish what we already do know about each – where they were produced and when they were assembled.

On the tag inside a pair of shoes from Nike there is not only the size listed in several different regional measurements, but also lots of other information including the product number, SKU, factory where the shoes were produced, and the production dates.

Both pairs we obtained were the same size, the same model, and were assembled in the same factory, but what made them uniquely different was their production date.

For the sake of simplicity, we will refer to each shoe by their production date – 12/13 and 12/29.

The first pair that I opened was the 12/13 pair and quickly noticed the tumbled toe box on the right shoe. The leather had a gorgeous grain that reminded me immediately of the leather quality of the “Shattered Backboard” Air Jordan 1s from 2015. The left side of the 12/13 pair didn’t impress me though. Before I even turned the pair over to see them side by side, I could feel a smoother texture and stiffer property to the leather.

Air Jordan 1 "Royal" - 12/13 pair - right foot
Air Jordan 1 “Royal” – 12/13 pair – right foot
Air Jordan 1 "Royal" - 12/13 pair - left foot
Air Jordan 1 “Royal” – 12/13 pair – left foot

But what shocked me more than the clear differences between the grains, texture, and softness was something beyond the variable of natural materials – it was the manufactured process of perforations. As you can clearly see below the perforations not only have a slightly different offset and pattern, but also the shape and size of the holes.

Air Jordan 1 "Royal" - 12/13 pair
Air Jordan 1 “Royal” – 12/13 pair

At the time that I opened the second box of Royals, I had no knowledge of there being a different production date. I had heard of discrepancies online, but no one had ever brought up the production dates before when comparing their different pairs. Sure enough, when I opened the second pair there were some differences between the left and right foot, but not nearly as noticeable as the first. This pair, what I will refer to as the 12/29 pair, is shown below.

Air Jordan 1 “Royal” – 12/29 pair – right foot
Air Jordan 1 “Royal” – 12/29 pair – right foot
Air Jordan 1 “Royal” – 12/29 pair – left foot
Air Jordan 1 “Royal” – 12/29 pair – left foot

As you can see, the grains of the leather are closer to one another, but still with some slight variance. Lastly, to illustrate another difference, look below at a photo of showing the two sides of the 12/29 pair side by side where you can see once again a difference in the pattern and shape of the perforations of the toe box.

Air Jordan 1 “Royal” – 12/29 pair
Air Jordan 1 “Royal” – 12/29 pair

In the past couple of days, many customers have displayed inconsistencies with their shoes as well. Many pairs that were ordered online on Nike’s SNKRS app started arriving at customer’s doorsteps on Wednesday and Thursday.







There is a lot that can be learned from this situation for consumers. The first is that despite all efforts any brand can make to keep quality consistent across all shoes when producing to the scale of the major release like this one, it is next to impossible to have every pair be equal. Next, if you are purchasing on the secondary market, it is important to ask the seller to provide you photos of the shoes that you will be purchasing. As we could tell from different production times and production runs, shoes can have noticeable differences between them even if they are the same SKU, product number, size, even if they are produced in the same factory. Lastly, when purchasing products in person at retail stores, take the opportunity to open the box and check your pair before you purchase.

In closing, there is a little bit of disappointment that my pairs were slightly off, but make no mistake about it, I am very happy to be able to retire my 2013 Royals and start a new chapter with these. This piece was written purely to show what I personally discovered with my pairs that I purchased from Nike and another Nike retailer and in no way to discourage anyone from buying the shoes.  (Sorry, but they’re all sold out everywhere if you hadn’t already heard.)



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Inside John Wall’s Sneaker Free Agency & Break With Adidas

words // Nick DePaula:

“John won’t be accepting the offer.”

Just at the close of yet another business week earlier this fall, on Friday, October 2nd to be exact, those words shocked the halls of the adidas Village in Portland, Oregon.

All summer and into the start of the season, adidas, the Washington Wizards’ All-Star point guard and his representatives at Relativity Sports had been hammering through details – an agreed-upon base number, mostly – and progressing towards a new shoe deal extension that would link John Wall and his emerging signature adidas footwear business deep into his career, for many years to come.

After very nearly agreeing to the framework of a new deal in early July, just as John was unveiling his second JWall signature model and knocking out a cover shoot for SLAM’s KICKS Magazine, the negotiations soon came to a standoff.

12_28 John Wall adidas JWall 2 bBy mid-September, the deal was “falling apart,” according to an industry source.

How did things get to that point?

To start, we must first go back to the summer of 2010, when John Wall was drafted 1st overall to a struggling Washington Wizards franchise that he would soon revitalize, and when he also signed a reported 5-year, $ 25 Million shoe deal with (an equally struggling) Reebok.

The hope was that he would similarly revitalize the fledging Reebok Basketball category as well, but a lackluster Zig-based shoe series, all during a time when John was simply learning how to run a franchise as a 19 and 20 year-old, never quite translated into success for the brand.

According to several industry sources, the Reebok deal actually paid Wall an initial base salary of $ 2.5 Million, with the rest of the money to be made in on-court performance incentives and signature sales royalties. He was basically robbed of a Rookie of the Year bonus on a technicality, as 2009’s top overall pick Blake Griffin was awarded ROY, after being hurt in the final preseason game of his true rookie season a year prior.

Wall would go on to earn All-Star nods and playoff appearance incentives, but clearly fell short of the sales targets that could’ve earned him up to the $ 5 Million per year figure.

By the middle of his third NBA season, Wall was returning from a leg injury and on his way to sorting through the pace of the pro game, eventually evolving into the franchise point guard we’d all expected him to become.

The Washington Post, reporting on his upcoming sneaker free agency, characterized the Reebok to adidas transfer by saying that “the partnership was terminated in the third year when injuries hampered his early career. He then joined Adidas, which owns Reebok, for the remainder of the contract.”

That isn’t an entirely fair framing of the move, as adidas, Reebok’s parent company, was looking for ways in which to strengthen its basketball roster in the wake of Derrick Rose’s season-ending string of injuries. Reebok was also divesting away from hoops and the accompanying required design resources, while aggressively attacking the training and fitness category instead with its new CrossFit partnership.

The Three Stripes simply absorbed the existing terms of Wall’s initial Reebok endorsement deal, and on January 9th, 2013, announced that they’d added him to their growing roster of NBA endorsers. The following year, his debut adidas signature model, the JWall 1, launched to a modest reception, and it was just a year later that his 5-year rookie shoe deal was set to expire.

John Wall header

As both sides made progress towards a new extension this summer, the discussed number was hovering around a guaranteed base of $ 5 Million per year – a noted jump from his prior deal, and landing Wall in the same tier as fellow signature athletes Kyrie Irving and Damian Lillard.

Make no mistake about it, the relentlessly splashy $ 200 Million headlines surrounding James Harden’s sneaker free agency and eventual 13-year adidas deal most certainly became a factor in Wall’s negotiations as the summer progressed.

After appearing to be headed towards agreeing to terms with adidas, the Harden numbers clouded where Wall’s representatives felt his true market value should land.

“They wanted Harden money,” another source simply said.

John’s agents pushed hard towards the $ 10 Million mark, to no avail. Much like the NBA’s restricted free agency window, there was a “match clause” on Wall’s shoe deal, meaning his agents at Relativity Sports had the summer of 2015 to take pitches from other brands, and adidas could fully match any new offer Wall agreed to.

The problem was that John Wall simply had no other brands making a concrete offer. No other brand was offering the coveted trio of pure cash, marketing push and a signature line. The offers just weren’t there.

Nonetheless, adidas still stepped up to make what was considered a sizable direct offer of their own, eventually meeting halfway between their $ 5 Million starting offer and Wall’s $ 10 Million asking price, according to multiple sources.

Wall simply declined the extension offer.

12_30 John Wall Kobe XWhere does all of that leave John and adidas?

By not accepting adidas’ offer by that October 2nd deadline, just as several colorways of the JWall 2 were headed to retail stores, the two sides agreed for Wall to play out the season wearing the shoe on-court in games. He’s mostly worn the all red edition, making for a blur of color and little branding visibility for adidas.

Meanwhile, Wall and his agents can continue to hear offers from other brands during the season, with adidas retaining their right to match.

Adidas hasn’t promoted Wall on social media during that time, while the previously-paid-for banner ads and in-store displays at partners like Foot Locker serve as the only public association between the two.

Wall will be an unrestricted sneaker free agent this summer, after the season concludes. The adidas “match clause” will have expired, and Wall will be free to sign with any brand of his liking.

Unsurprisingly, Wall has been spotted literally never in adidas off-court this fall, even wearing Retro Jordans from time to time, and practicing in Kobe Xs. Tonight, for the first time, he wore the Nike Kobe X on court in a game, apparently citing “footwear issues” with his JWall 2 signature shoe.

“My main focus is just play basketball,” Wall said when asked by the Washington Post after shoot-around earlier this month. “I let my agents and marketing team and them negotiate and talk.”

While he’s an All-Star point guard in a major market, with an explosive and exciting game, his signature shoe track record of poor sales and his lackluster social media presence unfortunately makes it all but impossible for Wall to command a new deal in the $ 10 Million range that he was hoping for. His window for leverage towards “Harden money” was last summer, as it’s the restricted match clause that can spike the dollars so high.

Nike surely has no incentive to offer near eight figures, and is also fully invested in point guard Kyrie Irving’s signature line, making a Nike Wall signature shoe a long, longshot.

“I don’t even know what the back up option is,” says one source.

Wall could field a huge offer from a China-based brand. His agent Dan Fegan just negotiated a new deal for Dwight Howard with Peak, after Howard wore adidas for the entirety of his career to this point.

Of course, going that route entirely shifts a player’s marketing presence away from the US, as China brands haven’t looked to consistently promote their athletes stateside, where they have little national retail presence. For China’s top trio of brands – Anta, Peak and Li-Ning – more than 99% of their business comes from the Chinese market.

It’s also uncertain if either Jordan Brand or Under Armour would have serious interest in Wall, for a reduced price that would unlikely include a signature shoe, as they’re currently committed to major stars in Russell Westbrook and Stephen Curry.

As it stands, Wall and adidas are simply at a standstill, and expected to play out the remainder of the season before eventually parting ways this summer.

Once that time comes, and as more shoe deal offers are made to John Wall along the way, you can be certain to get every update and inside detail here at and on Twitter.

12_30 John Wall Kobe X 1


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Watch Audio Push Break Down Their ‘Shine’ Video

Audio Push are riding high into the New Year off the strength of their Come As You Are mixtape. Propelled by the standout single “Shine,” Pricetag and Oktane are getting a ton of light — not just because of their catchy tunes, but their brilliant music videos as well. Watch them break down the “Shine” video for MTV News in the video above.

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