Kanye West Calls Out Drake In Defense Of Kim Kardashian: ‘Don’t Speak On My Family’

Though Kanye West is busy working on not one, but two upcoming albums, he took a break from the studio on Thursday (September 20) to “express some things that were not sitting right with [his] spirit.” As it turns out, many of those things have to do with the way his wife, Kim Kardashian West, has been addressed in the media by certain famous dudes, like the 6 God himself, Drake.

Taking to Instagram, Kanye uploaded a series of videos in which he tells the Scorpion rapper, “Don’t speak on nobody from my family, nothing that could be even mentioned with my wife. Period. We don’t have to talk again, I’m giving no energy to that.”

Apparently, Kanye is having a tough time with Drake’s silence after a wild theory materialized about the possibility of an affair between Drake and Kim.

“The fact that there’s people making rumors or thinking you fucked my wife and you’re not saying nothing and you’re carrying it like that, that don’t sit well with my spirit,” Kanye said, pointing specifically to the rumor that Kim is the mysterious “Kiki” Drake sings about on his hit “In My Feelings.” Kanye continued, “If I had a girlfriend from Chicago and her name was Ranita, and then you was married to Rihanna, I wouldn’t make no song called ‘RiRi.’ … Don’t make no record with nothing that could be confused.”

‘Ye would’ve preferred that Drake reach out to him to clear the air, like he claims he did with Travis Scott about “XTCY,” a song that mentions Kim’s sister, Kylie Jenner. Kanye further chides Drizzy for mentioning Kylie and Kendall Jenner in a potentially “offensive” way in a song that was leaked by Future a while back.

But Drake wasn’t Kanye’s only target — the Chicago rapper also had words for Nick Cannon and model Tyson Beckford. Addressing Cannon, he said, “I understand that you used to date my wife, but you get in an interview, don’t mention my wife.”

It seems that being back in his hometown has resurrected Kanye’s fiery Chicago attitude. Hopefully we’ll get to hear more of those candid thoughts on that impending new music.

Nike React Element 55 Adorns Fall Tones

It is now beyond assumption that the Nike React Element 55 will be among the most popular sneakers of the fall/winter season. Previewed on multiple occasions in varying iterations, season-appropriate styles are beginning to surface including this rich brown pair.

Officially labeled “Particle Beige,” you won’t find the Element 87’s tech savvy translucent material here. Instead, a mesh and synthetic build champions this cool weather wear which is contrasted by a navy blue Swoosh with matching outsole tooling.

Priced at $ 130, expect this Nike React Element 55 “Particle Beige” later this fall.

Nike React Element 55 "Particle Beige"
Nike React Element 55 “Particle Beige”
Nike React Element 55 "Particle Beige"
Nike React Element 55 “Particle Beige”

Knox Fortune Tells Us How He Created Mini Universes For Joey Purp’s QUARTERTHING

Right before he launches into a relentless, spacious flow on his airy song “2012,” Chicago rapper Joey Purp acknowledges his producer. “Yo Knox,” he quickly slurs over a chiming sample, shouting out trusted collaborator Knox Fortune. To hear the 26-year-old producer and musician tell the story of how they assembled the tune, that brief salutation represented the energy the two captured in the room together.

“We were just sitting around. I think I started to play the sample-sounding thing, and from there, [Joey] just started rapping, maybe with no drums even,” Knox recently told MTV News over the phone, minutes after stepping off a plane in New York. “It just built really organically. It was nice because it was something we really didn’t have to think about at all.”

The proverbial sausage often gets made via much messier (and sometimes much sexier) methods. But when it’s among two musicians who’ve worked alongside each other for years, sometimes it really is that simple.

Knox and Joey first met through Vic Mensa and quickly began collaborating on Joey’s Leather Corduroys project with KAMI. In 2016, Joey got a boost from his impressive iiiDrops mixtape, executive produced by Knox, which included the infectious Chance the Rapper-aided “Girls @.” Joey returned the favor, helming Knox’s debut, Paradise, in 2017.

It only made sense, then, that Knox would have a hand in Joey’s proper debut, QUARTERTHING, which dropped on September 7. He worked with Joey on three songs — “2012,” “Aw Sh*t!,” and “QUARTERTHING” — building on sessions the duo had stashed away from recordings in Los Angeles and London. “I’d arrange them by most to least interesting, and then put them in potential places that they can work,” Knox said. “And if it doesn’t work, [we] just immediately removed it and just stuck to a set guideline of, ‘Do we like this? No, we don’t like this. OK, it’s gone.’ And then we never think about it again.”

That’s why, in listening to Knox tell stories of creating these songs with help from the Social Experiment’s Peter Cottontale, Nate Fox, and Nico Segal, who executive produced QUARTERTHING, it almost sounds accidental; as if they randomly stumbled upon great moments. But it’s not quite that, he said. It’s more like following a formula that definitely wouldn’t work for everyone but nearly always works for them.

“A lot of artists you work with, you’ll have a four-hour session with them, and they spend all four hours working on a song, trying to get it finished up,” Knox said. “Joey will sit and play [NBA]2K and listen to shit I’m making or just playing in the room for three and a half of those hours, and then in 30 minutes write the best verse you’ve ever heard.”

It’s easy to visualize this from one full listen through QUARTERTHING. Joey seems to morph with the music on each track, entering exultant and victorious on the album’s opening bars like a wrestler stomping down an entrance ramp. By the time the house-indebted “Elastic” hits, he’s gone icy to match the clubby vibes before dialing the charm back up to shout out Mike Jones a few songs later.

Of course, it pays to be prepared for these moments. Knox’s attention to detail is pristine, and he admitted that he’s “usually very in control” of his contributions. He added the sounds of shaken-up spray cans to “QUARTERTHING” along with selections from “Rick Rubin’s personal modular synthesizer.” To coalesce all these elements into a beat is tricky, especially when you’re creating music someone else has to meld with. That’s where Peter, Nate, and Nico come in — sprinkling a “Pop Goes the Weasel” soundbite at the end of “Aw Sh*t!” and recruiting DJ Taye’s low synth rumbles to finish it off.

As much as he likes being in the driver’s seat, Knox called it “super, super reassuring” to have the trio, plus Joey, as closers for QUARTERTHING: “It’s very nice to be able to take something where you’re kind of at a dead end with it and be like, ‘What do you guys think of it?’ Cause they’ll always have something for you.”

With projects from peers like Noname and Very Slight, as well as his own handiwork, out in the world — not to mention some new Knox Fortune originals potentially ready to drop as early as October — Knox feels like it’s Chicago season once again, a sentiment he amplified on Twitter. “It feels like one of those moments again of something special in Chicago, and that’s completely what it’s all about for me,” he said. “That’s why I enjoy doing it.”

Air Jordan 7 Low Pack Takes Flight Next Week

At first thought, an Air Jordan 7 Low doesn’t sound like the best idea. However, in execution, the shoe itself isn’t nearly as bad as the initial thought of it.

With the help of a classic Air Jordan 7 colorway and two other styles that ring true in the Jordan Brand lineage — Concord and Taxi — the rollout of the 7 Low couldn’t have been more strategic. This marks a more favorable outcome than when the shoe was first unveiled ten years ago, in 2008.

Only seen and not released back then, it took a full decade for this idea and subsequent execution to come into full view. Look for the Air Jordan 7 Low Pack featuring the “Bordeaux,” “Bright Concord” and “Taxi” on September 27 via Nike SNKRS at 10am EDT.

Air Jordan 7 Low NRG

Release Date: September 27, 2018
Price: $ 140

Air Jordan 7 Low "Bordeaux"
Air Jordan 7 Low “Bordeaux”
Air Jordan 7 Low "Taxi"
Air Jordan 7 Low “Taxi”
Air Jordan 7 Low "Bright Concord"
Air Jordan 7 Low “Bright Concord”

Cardi B Is The ‘Queen Of Talkin’ Shit’ In Pardison Fontaine’s New Video

We haven’t heard Cardi B on wax since her feature on Lil Yachty’s “Who Want the Smoke” in July, and a lot’s happened to the Bronx MC since then. Most notably, she and husband Offset welcomed a baby girl together in July, but she’s also found herself at the center of a heated, ugly feud with Nicki Minaj.

On Thursday (September 20), Cardi turned the focus back on music with a fresh feature on Pardison Fontaine’s new single, “Backin’ It Up.” Cardi and Pardi are longtime friends and collaborators — he wrote two of her biggest hits, “Bodak Yellow” and “Be Careful” — and Cardi recently shared a video of them partying together years before she blew up. She wrote of their new collab, “I’m really happy to be joining him on his next single BACKIN’ IT UP, which will be dropping later on! I did the song and shot the video while I was 5 and a half months pregnant! I was cranky as fuck but I knew that it was going to be a Hit! Hit! Hit!”

In the newly released video, Pardi and his crew post up in a pizza shop before taking over a dimly lit dance floor. That’s where Cardi joins the fun, rocking a big fur coat and spitting characteristically confident lyrics. “I’m the queen of talkin’ shit and I’m backin’ it up,” she proclaims, later asserting, “Bitches think they fuckin’ with me, must be sick in the head / Why don’t you chill with the beef and get some chicken instead?”

It’s unclear whether “Backin’ It Up” will appear on Cardi’s upcoming project, which she originally targeted for a September 1 release. That date has obviously come and gone, but no matter when her new material arrives, it’s good to see her back.

Kanye West Debuts YEEZY Basketball Shoe

After years of samples and speculation, it appears the YEEZY Basketball Shoe is officially here.

Debuted by none other than Kanye West himself, the man of many projects recently joined Instagram and just uploaded a pic of him wearing the new hardwood model.

Upon closer look, the shoe sees the same styling as the second model thought to be that of the YEEZY Basketball line. A weave upper is perhaps most compelling or apparent at first look with 3M hits on the heel and tongue also adding to the intrigue. Capping off all the wildness is a semi-translucent sole which extends onto the upper for a nice visual overlay.

YEEZY Basketball is said to debut in the NBA this season. Keep it locked to Nice Kicks for updates.

Chinatown Market is Making Bootleg Chuck Taylors & So Should You

lead image by @jpgutta_

The phrase “Just Do It” is back at the forefront of sports and pop culture, but perhaps it’s just as relevant in fashion and design.

For Mike Cherman, the mind behind the KITH logo, countless Nike Sportswear projects and the brand Chinatown Market, his JDI attitude toward creation is spreading with the intent of more DIY apparel and footwear on the market.

Teaming up with Converse, the Cali resident returned to his home of New York to disrupt the red carpets of Fashion Week to set up shop at the brand’s NY flagship to create bootleg Chucks with his team of experimenters and the people of the Big Apple.

From lacing LeBron with 1 of 1s to having Erykah Badu slide into his DMs, hear why his bootlegging brand is changing the laws of collaboration and shifting the perspective on Do It Yourself style.

Nice Kicks: First off, how’s it feel to be back in New York and tell us about the Converse event.

Mike Cherman: It’s really good to be back in New York and we’re excited to bring some of our customizations here for Fashion Week. We’ve got everything from airbrushing to rhinestones to glitter transfers to hand-painting to the printing gun. We brought almost our entire office out here, so I’m pretty much a little babysitter. [Laughs] We brought it all out so I’m super excited.

Nice Kicks: The bootleg Chucks have made a huge splash. How’d the idea first come about and how does this event see the next evolution of it?

Mike Cherman: You know, that whole thing came out of the idea of taking two of the most demanded things in pop culture and smashing them together. For us, constant experimentation takes place in our office and that experimentation led us to that. Obviously, that bootleg was such a strong idea but it’s really about us continuing to tell the story of customization and the idea that Chucks can change all the time.

As consumers of the Chuck we know it’s a longstanding staple that hasn’t changed in years, but it’s our job to show that they’re so much more. You can really go crazy with them as a canvas. They’re so perfect for us to play with.

Nice Kicks: Growing up in the 2000s whether it be gear or kicks, what was your relationship to both streetwear and bootleg gear?

Mike Cherman: From a young age, I used to go into New York City with my dad. We’d go to Chinatown after he got out of work and we’d go to dinner and buy toys. That left an impression on me as a kid.

But I think the bigger picture is that we’re trying to take the whole DIY nature of what bootlegging really is and that’s creating ideas that don’t already exist and allowing them to happen. It’s almost the idea of forced collaboration. It allows us to constantly create new ideas that maybe the powers that be don’t want to see, but the idea for us is to show the consumer that the ideas are constantly coming.

Converse Chuck Taylor Chinatown Market

Nice Kicks: The bootleg Chucks have been gifted and worn by the likes of LeBron James, Nigo and Erykah Badu. How did that interest come about and what’s it like to see them sport your creative work?

Mike Cherman: You know man, the beauty for us is about the idea and less about the credit. It’s beautiful when you see LeBron get those shoes and then Erykah Badu hops in your DM and says, ‘I need them!’ I’ve been growing up listening to her since I was a kid so it’s amazing to see something like that happen.

It’s the validation of the idea, you know? We’re not out here to say Chinatown Market did this. It’s more about can we inspire that DIY nature in the marketplace? After this event, you’re gonna see hundreds of kids who went and made their own Converse and activated it themselves to create their own bootleg. To me, that’s inspiring and our idea in the first place: DIY, make it yourself and go for it. That kind of spirit is what’s going to lead the next generation of creators.

Nice Kicks: Irony and humor are at the heart of the brand. Is it perfect time to be printing a Swoosh on shoes or branding product as Nike when others are doing crazy stuff like cutting the logo off their socks?

Mike Cherman: Exactly, man. We’d like to have that statement to know that we’re behind all those things [that Nike is doing]. We’re not on the other side.

Converse Chuck Taylor Chinatown Market

Nice Kicks: Lastly, what’s next from Chinatown Market on the footwear tip?

Mike Cherman: Constant innovation on how we approach footwear projects. I think you’re going to see some really interesting things from us over the next year. We look to just continue to build our relationship with Converse and try to make some interesting projects.

We want to shake up the industry in regards to how people look at collaborations and how they look at small brands and how they can shake up the bigger landscape of retail across the US and across the world.


Noah Cyrus And Lil Xan’s ‘Live Or Die’ Video Immortalizes Their Doomed Romance

Two weeks after Noah Cyrus and Lil Xan very publicly and messily announced their breakup, we’ve gotten an unexpected reminder of their fleeting summer fling.

See, brief as their romance was, the 18-year-old singer and 22-year-old rapper managed to be quite the productive couple, recording and releasing the mellow, synth-heavy collab “Live or Die” in August. And on Monday (September 17), they unceremoniously leaked the track’s accompanying video, which immortalizes their doomed love in one very shadowy clip.

Cyrus co-directed the vid alongside Tony Corella, and it finds Xoah in happier times; cuddling and kissing by a fireplace as a spotlight illuminates their moves. Meanwhile, they pledge their loyalty to one another by promising, “When you lay by my side / I see the whole world through your eyes / Ride or die, you and I.” Sure, it’s pretty awkward to watch now, but just pretend you’re seeing it *without* the prior knowledge of knowing these two might’ve broken up over an X-rated Charlie Puth meme.

In happier news, Noah is gearing up for the release of her debut EP, Good Cry, which arrives on September 21. Xan, meanwhile, may or may not be quitting music altogether, so cherish “Live or Die” while you can.

nonnative x Vans Old Skool Style 36 // Release Date

Just like their collaboration with Vans last fall, Japanese clothing label, nonnative has applied the same design approach onto the Old Skool Style 36.

Each silhouette is constructed with a hairy suede upper that swaps out the traditional laces for a zip-up application instead. That being said, the laces haven’t completely disappeared, as they’ve been converted into a tassel design, while the iconic checkerboard pattern lines the formation of the leather sock-liner. Additionally, each offering incorporates leather insoles for an elegant design and next level comfort.

nonnative x Vans Old Skool Style 36
nonnative x Vans Old Skool Style 36

The nonnative x Vans Old Skool Style 36 is expected to release at select retailers, like COVERCHORD on September 26.

nonnative x Vans Old Skool Style 36

Release Date: September 26, 2018

nonnative x Vans Old Skool Style 36
nonnative x Vans Old Skool Style 36
nonnative x Vans Old Skool Style 36
nonnative x Vans Old Skool Style 36

Kanye’s New YANDHI Project Looks A Lot Like Yeezus 2

Early Monday morning (September 17), Kanye West’s Twitter contained two very puzzling items: the word “YANDHI” (written on a Post-It note under Adam Driver’s name, suggesting the two would pair up for an upcoming Saturday Night Live episode), and an image of a bare MiniDisc without any context.

It wasn’t unlike when his 2013 album Yeezus dropped, complete with its artwork of a naked CD with a red sticker on it. Naturally, this caused people to begin speculating that Yeezus 2 was on its way. And then, the details came in — Kanye will indeed perform on SNL on September 29 (with Driver hosting), and that same day, he’ll also launch a project called YANDHI.

Kanye has also changed his social media avatars to a white screen, meaning he could be prepping the beginning of a new era. If YANDHI is indeed a full album, it would be Kanye’s third this year, after Ye, which debuted in June at Kanye’s star-studded Wyoming ranch blowout, and his Kid Cudi collaboaration, Kids See Ghosts. Two weeks ago, Kanye also dropped the new song “I Love It” with Lil Pump, complete with a music video that’s already been parodied for its ridiculousness.

But the news doesn’t stop there! Kanye also took the stage with Chance the Rapper on Monday night to confirm that yes, they are indeed making a joint album together — as they’ve been teasing for weeks now — and it’s called Good Ass Job (a title Kanye’s been teasing for years).

This is a lot to take in, so now’s might be a good time to throw on some music (maybe “Good Ass Intro” or “Ultralight Beam”) and mull it over for a while. And, you know, consider turning on notifications for Kanye’s and Chance’s tweets.

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