Eric Elms x Vans OTW Ludlow “Camo Rock”

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otw advocate eric elms 1 Eric Elms x Vans OTW Ludlow Camo Rock

Vans OTW advocate Eric Elms is once again the benefactor of his unique colorway. Portrayed in “Camo Rock,” the shoe features a re-interpretive camouflage on a simple upper. Aside from the release of the shoe, Elms was over in Iceland recently on the business of overseeing the print of his new &Press limited edition book release. This OffTheWall.TV video captures his visit and splices some of Reykjavik’s gorgeous scenery with informative glimpses into the New York artist’s work.

OTW Advocate: Eric Elms – Iceland from Vans OffTheWall.TV on Vimeo.

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