Fashion Girl of Today:Rising Sun

Rising Sun
by RuxandraIoana

Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series Recreated In LEGO®

Apparently, the Toyota Land Cruiser 40 Series is something of an icon in Australia. It represents a certain toughness and ruggedness found in the outback – and, of particular note, is one of the safest vehicles around – making the perfect starter car for one Matthew Inman. Some years after his first car came and went, Inman has immortalized the model in an excruciatingly detailed iteration for LEGO Ideas. Because of its enormous sentimental value to Inman, the build is extremely detailed and features representation of everything from the diesel engine to the model’s interior. Check out a shot of the build above and head here to support Inman’s dream becoming a reality.

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Tracing the Mysterious Path to…

Malaysia Airlines Flight 370: Tracing the Mysterious Path to Disappearance 

More than a year later, disturbing truths are emerging about Malaysia Airlines flight 370. Sean Flynn digs into the theories, the science, the conspiracies, and the cover-up. Read the full story here.

A Major Air Jordan Restock is Happening Right Now

Summer restock anyone? If your wallet isn’t already depleted from the gems released over the past few weeks, Finishline just uploaded a massive Air Jordan restock.

With options including the Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 11 “Legend Blue,” Air Jordan 13 Black/Red, Air Jordan 11Lab4 black and red releases and more, head over to Finishline now where (some) sizes are still available.

Image: Nike

These Are The Best Assists of the NBA 2014-15 Season

While there are dunk contests and scoring awards that many players in the league vie for, some of the richest moments in the NBA come from the assists. About halfway through the summer break, here the NBA recaps some of the best collaborative moments in the 2014-2015 season. Marquee players such as LeBron James, Stephen Curry and John Wall account for a large majority of the amazingly sneaky maneuvers, but also Lance Stephenson, Russell Westbrook and Marc Gasol surprise the audience with some defense-defying connections. Who had your favorite? Peep the highlight reel above and be sure to leave comments on any that were missed below.

You May Know Me from Such Roles as Terrorist #4You’ve…

You May Know Me from Such Roles as Terrorist #4

You’ve heard of actors getting typecast. But there is no group more slighted, more narrowly cast, than the Muslim-American actors who earn virtually their entire livings pretending to hijack planes and slaughter infidels. Jon Ronson embarks on a soul-searching odyssey with the bad guys of Homeland, American Sniper, and 24.

Photo by Peter Yang. 

adidas & Pac-12 Conference Announce Partnership

With 2015 being a banner year for the iconic footwear brand that is adidas, things just got even sweeter as news has recently broke of a groundbreaking partnership with the Pac-12 conference. The deal with make adidas the official athletic apparel and athletic footwear partner for the conference over the next three years. With various Pac-12 schools already carrying the brand as an endorser, such as Arizona State and UCLA, adidas has to be thrilled at the opportunity to collaborate with the iconic west coast power conference.

The Sr. Director of Sports Marketing for adidas America, Chris McGuire, provided a statement on the partnership, stating the following:

“It is an exciting day for adidas as the Pac-12 is one of the elite conferences in all of collegiate athletics. This new partnership continues to highlight our commitment to U.S. college sports and our focus on aligning with championship-level schools, teams and student-athletes. The Pac-12’s rich athletic and academic tradition and consistent success on and off the field make them a perfect fit for the adidas family. We look forward to our brand appearing on field and court, in stadium, across the Pac-12’s digital properties and on-air during Pac-12 Network broadcasts starting this season.”

With the integration of College Football into the upcoming season of Gridiron Kicks, this latest announcement certainly makes things interesting as the football season approaches.

Fashion Girl of Today:Velvet Pants and Sequined Jacket

Velvet Pants and Sequined Jacket
by fashioncoolture

Exploring TWA’s Abandoned Terminal at New York’s John F. Kennedy International

When you first step out of the terminal at John F. Kennedy International in New York City, one of your first impressions of the city is also one of its most solemn icons: the former Trans World Airlines Flight Center. Legendary Finnish-American architect Eero Saarinen designed the space between 1955 and 1962 – when the building was opened posthumously. At the time, the space was representative of the jet-set ideals of the time, a summary of the communal hopes and progressive dreams of a booming post-war economy. It’s interesting how history relates to now; the building in the context of 2015 looks a bit like a street photographer’s wet dream for its exaggerated symmetry, texture blocking and dramatic curves. Photographer Max Touhey delved inside the former structure on the eve of a recent 3D modeling session – conducted ahead of the terminal’s impending renovation into a boutique hotel. Check out the photo set above and be sure to leave thoughts on this sweeping structure below.

Jeffrey Tambor, the King of MomedyPhoto by Martin Schoeller.

Jeffrey Tambor, the King of Momedy

Photo by Martin Schoeller.

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